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Retro Database 1980 for FM23

This FM 2023 database takes you back to the 1980s era. Relive & change history with some of the biggest legends of all time.

By Updated on Jun 21, 2023   25508 views   25 comments
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Downloads: 3473 / Size: 743.0 kB / Added: 2023-06-21
FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - Retro Database 1980 for FM23

Leagues included

100% Completed
  • English Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • Brazil National First Division
  • Argentine Premier Division
  • Italy Serie A
  • Spain's La Liga
  • French League One
2-6 Teams Completed
  • Uruguay First Division
  • Eredivisie, Netherlands
  • Portuguese Primera Liga
  • Colombia First League
  • Chile First League
  • Croatian First League
  • Serbian League
  • Peru First Division
  • Paraguay First Division
  • Bolivian First League
  • Scottish Premiership
  • Belgian State Fowler League
  • Romanian First League
  • Ukrainian Premier League

In total, there are 73 TEAMS completed and 1220 PLAYERS created.

How to play Season 1980 on FM23

1. Move the downloaded file to your "editor data" folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/editor data

2. Open Football Manager 2023 > Start a new career > Select this file from the top right drop down button with database version (23.4.0 or 23.3.0 or 23.0.0 Update is fine)

3. Click on the "Advanced Setup" button to select the leagues of choice and database size settings.

Download Now
Downloads: 3473 / Size: 743.0 kB / Added: 2023-06-21
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Discussion: Retro Database 1980 for FM23

25 comments have been posted so far.

  • matocr's avatar
    que es esto???
    mejor no opino,
  • diego papagno's avatar
    When downloading it does so in a word format file, how do I download the correct file? or can you send it by email?
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    @Sandbagger1 I'm sorry I let you down But I prefer the integrated version because I can use more players better Compared to other people, my database is lacking a lot But I want to build a better database You can't always hear good things from others I need someone like you who gives me key advice Thank you for any comments and I'll make a better database next time As much as you have high expectations, you might be disappointed I can't help it, but I do all this alone It's hard to go with my life, but I'll make it better next time If you have any other advice, please leave comment
  • Stam's avatar
    @Sandbagger1: I think more clarification is needed from Fusukasu. When most people think of a retro db, they don't expect to find mixed rosters with current players. If you want to go all retro, accuracy is important.

    @diego papagno: The download link had expired somehow. I've updated it with a working one.
  • Sandbagger1's avatar
    I'm sorry for the negativity but this database must be the biggest pile of rubbish ever published on this great site. Inaccurate rosters and 1980's players mixed in with 2023 players while also going with 2023 teams. NEWSFLASH! Hoffenheim did not exist in 1980. Take it down. When I think of the incredible work done by others like the MadScientist, icko1610, FMhistorical DB and others, this just poisons the entire pool of great retro databases that have come before and after it. Fusukasu, this db is just not worthy. Such a shame because I would have loved playing the game in the 1980 season. Major letdown.
  • diego papagno's avatar
    The download button does not work. Is the download option still active?
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    In this DB file, all current players are 14 years old and can be raised with 100CA It's not weird at all
  • Jim Fever's avatar
    There are either missing instructions to get this (promising !) DB get to work or something is wrong in the DB files :
    (tested with FM23 base DB , and 23.4.0 update, both give strange thiings :
    - i enabled only mentionned leagues as playable (onlly) (either "100%" ones or the ones with "2-6" teams, except bolivian league which doesnt even appear as a choice)
    - i tested both with a new carreer and taking a team, and unenployed
    - Current Leagues / Teams / players are mixed with 2022-23 ones
    (ie my fav team (Brest, Stade Brestois 29 is in league 1, with 2022-23 players, Juventus have Platini (great stats work btw !) but Adrien Rabiot (2022) is there too..
    What am i missing ?
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    sorry im play gamepass can't upload steamworkshop
  • lolmen38's avatar
    are you planning to release it in the steam workshop?
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    1980's all season bro
  • MrTini23's avatar
    What is this? Is it for the 1980 season? So many random issues
  • Gb199's avatar
  • Gb199's avatar
    So I guess this isn't actually supposed to be for 1980 but more 1980s in general? Ages and clubs are mostly incorrect for the 1980 season (Bergkamp would be 11 in 1980 not 26 lol).
  • lolmen38's avatar
    i have the same problem actual player are mixed with database's one
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    The current players appear as 120Ca/now pa 14
  • crevetzel's avatar
  • Fusukasu's avatar
  • barneyrubzz's avatar
    When i load the database it includes the current database too? Like Antony and Martinez at Man Utd
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    Only 1980s bro
  • Blackheart85's avatar
    Is this database only for the 1980 season or 1980 to present?
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    Download=db file
  • Fusukasu's avatar
    Not have facepack sorry
  • Paulotennis66's avatar
    hi there....the download file is only 743kb....isnt there a db file too ?
  • nestabest's avatar
    Do you have facepack?
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