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SSD Gold V1.2 skin for FM21 by Sh@rk - FMSLife

Hi everyone, after last year success with my skin (SSD Gold) I've decided to adapt it from FM20 to FM21.

By Updated on Feb 23, 2021   96029 views   42 comments
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Downloads: 28398 / Size: 8.1 MB / Added: 2020-11-28
Football Manager 2021 Skins - SSD Gold V1.2 skin for FM21 by Sh@rk - FMSLife
This is the first release of the skin so feel free to contact me if you found some bugs or if you have suggestions.

Changelog V1.2:
- fonts and boxes edited to have more gold here and there
- new popup after using "instant result"
- added a new "hidden" tab on scout reports

Changelog V1.1:
- most expensive clubs bars fixed
- locks colour changed FM default (white-orange-red) -> SSD (gold-grey-red)
- checkbox-radio button white -> grey
- background selector added
- tactics screen fixed
- fixed issue where you weren't able to do a search in preferences
- tuto city pics added

Continuing my creation from last year (SSD'20 Skin for FM20). SSD Gold is back.


Skin is made for my resolution : 1920x1080 windowed mode with 100% zoom.

It's up to you to test zoom level according to your screen resolution.

SSD Gold Preview Screenshots

How to install my skin ?

- Download then extract the archive (using Winrar/Winzip/7zip or else)

- You'll get a file called "SSD 21". Move this file to the correct location :

Windows : Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/skins
Mac : Library/Application Support/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2021/skins

- Open the game, Go to preferences then choose my skin, don't forget to set up the correct zoom.

Additional information / Contact

Discord : Sh@rk#1717
Twitter : Shark Graph

Download Now
Downloads: 28398 / Size: 8.1 MB / Added: 2020-11-28
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Discussion: SSD Gold V1.2 skin for FM21 by Sh@rk - FMSLife

42 comments have been posted so far.

  • Rango's avatar
    @i_am_the_shark this is such a great skin! Any plans to do a version for FM22? Playing the beta now and it just feels wrong now having stars instead of dots haha!
  • RaPoZaUm's avatar
    Great skin! Would you mind trying to get it to show match sharpness and condition as percentage?
  • EnriqueIG8's avatar
    @i_am_the_shark thanks for this lovely skin. I think it's the best out there this year so far. Just a question; the home screen[home button on the left tab] is this adjustable? F.e. I want to have the standings on the left etc. but when I adjust them and hit continue, the next time I view it it is reset to your default setting again?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @zbidram: Just replace/delete png files here graphics\icons\custom\star rating
    @fredsennep82: You have to test by yourself. Just find the right setup for in-game zoom option.
  • zbidram's avatar
    Excellent skin! Is there a way to change dots for stars on the player scouting and teams rep? Thanks
  • fredsennep82's avatar
    can this Been ute to 1440x900 resolution?
  • OMassalia's avatar
    Hello I would like to enlarge Portrait picture player and jersey but i don't find how. (i already add jersey) Can someone help me please ?
  • cc43h's avatar
    Hi, i've downloaded this and have noticed 2 issues so far. one is the city pic shows in background instead of upper right corner, as screenshot suggests, the stadium pics appear in right position tho. second is national flag or logo in "nation" section only shows bottom half. Not sure if it's problem in my end
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @unitedarestillthebest: I thought this was in the update. Just add a transparent file called "fade" in skins/SSD/graphics/backgrounds. Reload skin.
    @warrenjdwells92: Read the tutorial I've added in last update.
    @mels: If you're speaking about the sidebar, just drag it back where it was before. If it is something else, could you get a screenshot of the problem ?
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    I’ve downloaded this and I can’t have full background photos only the top is this a problem on my end or don’t you have backgrounds
  • warrenjdwells92's avatar
    Okay where can I install the correct city pack I can't find it anywhere
  • rnels's avatar
    I accidentally removed one of the tabs on the left in game. How do I get that back?
  • clouston1's avatar
    Thank you for the update. I can use the skin no problem. Top work mate, thanks.
  • clouston1's avatar
    I love the skin, but I have two problems. I can't find instructions for the city pics (I've tried searching) and I can't open tactics instructions. The second one makes the skin unusable for the time being.
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    @jeanscott9 just copy this code and paste it at the bottom of the tactics icon info panel overview.xml

    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" />

    <!--pos/role/duty indicator-->
    <widget class="position_role_duty_suitability_pie" id="prdF" width="25" height="25">
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" inset="5"/>
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="25"/>
  • weethetniet18's avatar
    same here, tactic instructions won't open.
  • GoJ84's avatar
    Same problem here, cant open the tactic instructions
  • zhil98's avatar
    love the skin, thanks. only problem I'm having is that I can't seem to open the tactic instructions, so I can't change any of my instructions at all. When I click the sections, the screen doesn't change but the icon changes from 'change' to 'done' - as if the instruction screen is open.

  • omaurtorsac's avatar
    I couldn't find the city pics intruction in your last year skin.
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @everyone: To all wondering how city pics work, go check on my skin from last year (thank you @enes28 for the link) I will add this in the next update.
    @jeanscott9: It has been removed in FM21 because it's useless. And the one you can found isn't working properly. So I won't add it to my skin.
    @Bielsabub: This has been solved and will be in the next update.
    @DANDY: These are the default ones. I don't have custom flags.
  • DANDY's avatar
    Hello, very good skin.
    What pack of flags do you use? I could not find them.
  • ratedroses's avatar
    @i_am_the_shark just a question, which city pics pack do you use? Is it FLUT cities pack? Because the cities are all labeled after a unique ID
  • enes28's avatar
    Details to upload cities are on the link below.

    Also for easy changes in Notepad ++, (For those who don't know)
    Copy the "Background" part in the code line below.
    <record from = "1871" to = "graphics / pictures / club / 1871 / background" />

    After pressing the CRTL + H keys, paste the "background" in the "Find What" box in the "Replace" screen.
    Copy and paste "logo / background / left" into the "Replace With" box.
    Then click the "Replace All" button.

    The result should be as follows.

    <record from = "1871" to = "graphics / pictures / club / 1870 / logo / background / left" />

    The process is complete. Do this for each country separately.
  • Bielsabub's avatar
    Absolutely love this skin, might just be me, but I can't see to have more than one tactic loaded on the tactics page. If I click the '+' next to the active tactic and either create/load a new tactic, it overwrites slot 1 rather than adding it to a second slot
  • jeanscott9's avatar
    Beautiful skin, I would like to see the circles in the roles of the tactics

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