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3-4-3 New Attacking

This is a tactic I am testing now, it's an attempt to recreate a great tactic I used on FM 2018.

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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - 3-4-3 New Attacking
This is a 3-4-3 formation with an attacking mentality I already used with great results in FM 2018.

I decided to create it again for FM 23 obviously with some changes due to the difference in some instructions between the two games (FM 2018 did not have the instructions Stop crosses and trap inside).

I've tested this tactic with Manchester City and achieved incredible results, including 95 goals from Haaland and a treble win (Premier League, Champions League, and Cup). I also tested the tactic with Milan on holiday mode (who finished 4th in Serie A) and Hamburg (who finished 7th in Bundesliga).

This tactic is still only a test, I made some adjustments later, for example, with Manchester City in the last few games I put Rodri as DM support instead of BPD Cover, and the tactic worked better, more fluid, with Rodri stepping back to help the two defenders when the opponent was in possession.

The player positions are as follows:

Goalkeeper: normal GK, defend (to avoid too risky passes and movements, since we already have too many attacking players in this tactic), short pass, take less risk

Defensive line: 3 defenders set to BPD, right and left BPD on defense (pass shorter, close down more, mark tighter, tackle harder) and central BPD on cover (pass shorter, mark tighter) who will be more cautious of the other 2 BPD

Right wing back: attack, pass shorter, cross more often, sit narrower. (when the team has the ball, he will sit narrow to help the defenders), dribble more, close down more.mark tighter

Left wing back: inverted back, attack, pass it shortter, close down more, mark tighter. the inverted wing back will stay narrow and play in the central area to support midfielders but he will also overlap if the left forward moves towards the centre of the pitch leaving space for the wing back

Midfielders: only 2 midfielders, yes, it may look like too risky but actually it worked well with Man City because we had the second best defense. Besides, the two wing backs also sit narrow when the opponent has the ball and help the defenders (I am trying to create a 4 players defensive line like that even if the two wing backs stay a bit higher even if they sit narrow) in

Right midfielder: ball winning midfielder, defend, pass shorter, mark tighter, run wide with the ball, the only defensive player in our midfield, he must have good fitness stats so it's better you have a good backup too

Left midfielder: mezzala attacking, close down more , pass shorter, mark tigther and cross more often, a very offensive player who must had good crossing skills and passing too, he is the core of our team (in Manchester City, I used Kevin De Bruyine in that position and he did really well)

Forwards: 3 Complete Forwards on attack, left and right forwards instructions set on short pass, close down more, shoot less often and mark tighter, but the center forward has only 2 instructions, pass it shorter and close down more because he will be the one who shoots more.

Mentality : attacking

In possession: narrow width, pass into space, overlap left and right, shorter pass, standard tempo, mixed crosses (change according to your forwards skills)

In transition: counter-press, counter, roll it out, distribute to center defenders

Non in possession: high press, lower defensive line, slight more often press, prevent short GK distribution, stay up more, trap inside, stop crosses

This is my new tactic, hope you like it!

Please comment and tell me if you have some advice.

In the pack you can find also the tactic with a defensive midfielder support.

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Downloads: 1043 / Size: 88.9 kB / Added: 2023-04-24
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