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Sweden Split-up FM15 Database

The Swedish league system is still intact but the national team split up into several new nations. A database for Football Manager 2015.

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FM 2015 Custom Scenarios - Sweden Split-up FM15 Database
And now for something completely different!

After some internal problems in the great nation of Sweden, the country decided to split up into local regions. The Swedish league system is still intact but the national team split up in to several new nations.

The new nations consists of:

Northen part of Sweden, large area with a small population

Östra Götaland (East Gothenland)
The east part of Gothenland (obviously), they have a historical hate towards the west side of Gothenland

Västra Götaland (West Gothenland)
West Gothenland has a large part of good players since it includes the city of Gothenburg, one of the larges cities in the former nation of Sweden. they have a historical hate towards the east side of Gothenland

The home nation of the great writer Astrid Lindgren and thus some of the characters in her books such as Emil i Lönneberga and to some extent Pippi Longstockings.

The country that has been part Danish and part Swedish finally got their own country and since Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born in Malmö (in Skåne) he's now part of their national team

No one thinks that the tiny island of Öland will gain anything from getting their own country, but they are out to prove their doubters wrong

Just like Öland, Gotland is a small Island, so they have a lot of doubters as well.

Värmland is just happy that they don't have to be in the same nations as those pesky notherners in Lappland

The country has the former nation of Sweden's capital in it, Stockholm. This means that they might have the biggest talent pool in the whole region.

So basically what I've done is divided Sweden into these countries for a bit of a laugh, really. I also made a cup competition between these new nations called Svea Rike Mästerskapet which roughly translates to "The Svea Kingdom Championships". "Svea Rike" is another phrasing for "Sweden" that I used to make it sound more historical. I made it for myself but I figured that someone else might want to use this database since it offers a fresh and new challenge


I also made custom flags for these new nations, some of them are historically accurate and the other ones are based on the current coat of arms in those regions. You can download these flags HERE.

And if you have any questions or thoughts on improvements, please feel free to comment.

How to install Sweden Split-Up database

Move the .fmf file to your editor data folder:
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > editor data

Start a new save:
A little window will pop up saying there is X enabled editor files.
Select custom from the editor data drop-down and choose the database.

Download Now
Downloads: 166 / Size: 340.0 kB / Added: 2015-09-25
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