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TangFu FM21 Skin [Middle or Left] (for 21.3) 02-26-21

By Updated on Feb 26, 2021   86921 views   19 comments
Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 20474 / Size: 7.5 MB / Added: 2020-12-23
Football Manager 2021 Skins - TangFu FM21 Skin [Middle or Left]  (for 21.3) 02-26-21

This is TangFu skin FM2021 Skin.

Have a good time!!

TangFu Skin / FM21 Preview


Clear the cache before using it!

Clear Cache!!! Clear Cache!!! Clear Cache!!!

If game crashed, please clean cache! and delete “Documents\Sports Interactive\crash dumps”

TangFun Skin Credits

Heffem skin(FM20)
Wannachup skin
YACS skin(FM20)
Tad Twenty skin(FM20)

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 20474 / Size: 7.5 MB / Added: 2020-12-23
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Discussion: TangFu FM21 Skin [Middle or Left] (for 21.3) 02-26-21

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • morde1606's avatar
    Hello ! Will there be prety prety please tangfu skin for fm 2022 ???? Got addicted to it in fm 2021 :D
  • CeskoN's avatar
    any update for 21.4 ? , it gives me black screen when i use it , but it is by far best skin for fm 21
  • Footmob's avatar
  • ALper_08's avatar

    I have encountered such an error, how can I solve it?
  • morde1606's avatar
    Best skin by far, not too much of info, not to less of info, just the right amount of it, great backgrounds and for me personally conditon and sharpness in percents, YAAAAAAAAY
  • Valkyrie's avatar
    Awesome job mate, awesome job. I don't know why it took so long for someone to come up with a "middle" type skin. Congratulations !!
  • morde1606's avatar
    so i again deleted cache, loaded the skin again, on squad page changed to tangfu view, but the condition and sharpness are still not in percentages, still in icons :S What could be wrong ??
  • morde1606's avatar
    I dont understand what do you mean :D How do I get percentages for condition and sharpness ? Can u explain in steps :p
  • BlackJesus's avatar

    U have to put it by urself by right click on the panel. And if u percentage in ur own skin, just go back to it and dont clear cache. I just went back to the original skin and there is percentage now :D
  • morde1606's avatar
    One more question, I cleared cache ingame but when I look the squad panel, condition and sharpness are still in icons, not in the numbers as screenshot shows ??
  • morde1606's avatar
    Hey, can u tell me which file is the condition/sharpness in numbers ? I want to copy it to my skin, I am using normal dark skin, would like to add the numbers for condition/sharpness. Thanks in advance !
  • berkayagan's avatar

    How can I remove this circles and numbers ?
  • BlackJesus's avatar
    Is it possible to see players best role is support,attack or defend?
  • TK59's avatar
    Hello ! Very nice skin. Thank you for your work !
    2 issues :
    - during a match, when there is a penalty, the penalty pop-up is plain ; it would be better to have it a little transparent so we can see through it and see the penalty kick
    - during a match, in the formation informations : if i play with players in all the lines : like a 4411 or a 41320 (strikerless), the players name are no more displayed
  • lembergman's avatar
  • NWSSJ's avatar
    Do you know where i can get the facepack?
  • BlackJesus's avatar
    Best skin and u can se percentage of fitness!
  • carR9's avatar
  • theonlyen's avatar
    Nice skin! works good witht the game, and doesnt make the game slow. Game is still fast witht the skin! great! Maybe make a dark mode ?
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