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FM21 Skin: TCS 2021 v1.1

The most popular skin in Football Manager history returns once again! 1920x1080.

By Updated on Dec 24, 2020   73938 views   46 comments
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Downloads: 24617 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2020-12-06
Football Manager 2021 Skins - FM21 Skin: TCS 2021 v1.1
TCS returns once again, and it is better than ever.

A moving, dynamic background and the ever popular TCS header returns, this time it's modernized. Instead of being a full background, it is limited to just the outline to give the skin a clean finish.

TCS 2021 Skin Preview

TCS 2021 Skin Features

  • New Player Overview Panel
  • New Club Overview Panel
  • New Tactics panel
  • More "Dark Mode" consistency (Scouting, Inbox, Processing).
  • New comparison screens
  • New match ibh
Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

I won't be providing any support for this skin apart from major issues, don't request features as they will not be considered.

Download Now
Downloads: 24617 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2020-12-06
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Discussion: FM21 Skin: TCS 2021 v1.1

46 comments have been posted so far.

  • jamiemca44's avatar
    Whatever doesnt work that worked in the old version, copying it from old to new version seems to work so far!
  • jamiemca44's avatar
    To fix the player overview screen I just took the player overview file from TCS 1.0 and replaced it in the TCS 1.1 folder, it worked for me!
  • Poma's avatar
    He wont support the skin he said on SI Forums
  • theonlyen's avatar
    Still waiting on a patch to fix the buggy skin :) :D
  • TheCed's avatar
    Yeah it's really bugged.
  • Prydz's avatar
    I absolutely love this skin as all the previous ones that I have been using, but this one is really bad mostly because of all the bugs and stuff that doesn't work. With this new version I cant see any clubs history and their previous managers.
    It can be great but obviously still need a lot of work.
  • berbat88's avatar
    Is there a fix to player screen panels switching bug?
  • TheCed's avatar
    what that regen pic pac
  • PimpMyPlayersOut's avatar
    Need update. You can't see how well players will play/how used they are to their position in tactics screen. Even default skin has that.
  • cyoung's avatar
    I too am having the same issue as the others below. All of the fields distort and I can only see the player face on 50% zoom as well.
  • AC3X1985's avatar
    Same issue as below for me too? I play with the 1st release at 85% zoom 1080p & the skin was absolutely superb so I hopefully this will be compatible said resloution soon
  • theonlyen's avatar
    found it out i need to put my screen to zoom out 50%....hope you fix this asap hahha :/
  • theonlyen's avatar
    you have taken away player pictures and u21 and first team caps at national team???
  • theonlyen's avatar
    why have you removed the pictures on the players??
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    @berbat88 if you check the Sports Interactive forum then skins and find this one there is an option to remove such animation. I get the same issue, but sorted after addressing it
  • berbat88's avatar
    This skin is the best but it is totally IMPOSSIBLE to use at the moment with a very big glitch. This skin directly spikes up the CPU Usage up to 40%'s even on idle, while doing nothing on the messages screen. So, it is impossible to use it currently and needs a very urgent patch.

    Is this problem possibly related to that animation on the background? I hope there will be a quick hotfix as soon as possible so i can keep on playing FM on this great skin.
  • xpottsterx's avatar
    Hey! I have a problem that I have never experienced before. My skin is not fitting the display and parts of it are missing. I'm on mac, but as said have never had this problem. Has anybody experienced this issue before or has it something to do with my mac? Thanks in advance!
  • CBP's avatar
    I second what theonlyen has said, its showing a double scoreline post match, other than that, still the best skin out there
  • theonlyen's avatar
    after the update 21.2 the skin has some bugs :/ double scoreline when checking post matches
  • Marbah's avatar
    great skin, however whenever I'm using it, my CPU usage spikes to not so cool levels during processing.

    only me?
  • joshr97's avatar
    What font do you use?
  • WHUkasin21's avatar
    Is there going to be light version?
    very weird thing no light skins for fm21 :(
  • theonlyen's avatar
    Bug: the moving bacground is also in the match...
  • jcp1417's avatar
    After using the TCS skin for the last two FM versions, I was anxiously waiting for the 2021 version to release. Here's my feedback. I don't like it. Gone are a a few things I really liked from past skins. The player screen is missing eligibility and the ability to select CA/PA. The Team info screen is missing the club value and a bigger box to view team finances. Those were little things that I always enjoyed. I've also clicked on those two links far too many times by accident. I'm just trying to advance the day, not exit the game to my web browser. I hope future updates will address these issues because I can't use this skin in it's current form. In any case, thanks for the previous year's skins.
  • L66GLN's avatar
    The best skin in my opinion...with one pretty major issue when playing a network game though.

    The 'Continue' button doesn't flash when people you are playing with have finished their matches.

    So you can be sitting there waiting for each other not realising that everyone is reading to continue.

    Other than that, incredible work and thank you for making this available to us all!!

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