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The Future of FM Graphic Packs

By on Nov 09, 2019   38469 views   28 comments
News - The Future of FM Graphic Packs
We feel obliged to our community to announce that due to licensing reasons we had to take down all graphical addons containing official club logos and player faces.

These graphics are trademarked and/or copyrighted material owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Despite not hosting nor having control over the vast majority of such packs shared by community members, we do not want to risk getting into trouble.

We are sincerely sorry for this unfortunate development, but our love for the Football Manager game series is not above the laws of Intellectual Property.

I am sure the community will find a way to produce graphic packs in a lawful way in the near future, and FM Scout shall be a pioneer in doing so.

Until the dust settles, we will prepare the next day in safety.

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Discussion: The Future of FM Graphic Packs

28 comments have been posted so far.

  • bicake's avatar
  • Ludox's avatar
    Fortunately, I downloaded it before this news
  • bruno08's avatar
    where is the dowload button?
  • gastofu's avatar
    Anyone have links to download the patch?
  • thaiza001's avatar
  • Stam's avatar
    @jordanmillward: That is why we decided to stop packs that contained copyrighted images. I'm not sure exactly how IP laws are with facepacks, if a face picture belongs to the club or only to the player. But until there's a safe path to follow, it's best to disable them too.
  • jordanmillward_1's avatar
    @Frognastie + @Stam - Unfortunately, not only does "Fair Use" not apply in many countries (the UK for one, there's no fair use exemption to copyright here other than for things like research, studying, etc), but in any case it likely wouldn't apply to the logo packs, as the site not selling the packs doesn't automatically make it fair use, and given the number of logos included in the packs, would likely be seen by (at least a English court) to be too substantial and negatively impact the ability of the businesses to licence their copyrighted logos to an extent that fair use cannot be used as a defence.

    This sucks, hard, because the logos and face packs make a big difference in-game, but such is intellectual property law.
  • Motyl's avatar
    can anyone help me and send me a link to the logos??
  • Osadebe's avatar
  • whitef2iday's avatar
  • chelsea1954's avatar
    I cant find the download button for facepack....please help
  • Blottski's avatar
    do we think that Sega/SI will eventually put an official block of these graphics packs etc into the game eventually? Seems odd that they would come after Fan sites and not just go straight to the publisher....
  • Stam's avatar
    @Frognastie: We have always offered downloadables free for all, and we don't even have premium memberships to make a connection with profiting from those packs.
    I realize this is an extreme measure, and if there's a safe way to allow community members to keep sharing graphic packs, we might reconsider. But honestly, this doesn't look promising at all. The best we can do is work on copyright-free packs.
  • Frognastie's avatar
    The Graphic content provided by the fanbase communities are covered under the "Fare Use" clause -

    Example -
    "So you head to the manufacturer’s website and right-click that image and save it to upload to your site. A photo will not substitute for the actual product, so the owner’s rights should be very minimally affected. Therefore, your right to use the copyrighted image would likely be permitted under fair use."

    Where if people creating these graphic pack etc and selling/profiting would be infringing on the owners copyright.
  • LLovely's avatar
    Ist this even illegal? You are creating your own style. I could not find a law against this O.o
  • jcp1417's avatar
    don't these idiots know that it's mutually beneficial to have their product represented in FM? I literally developed my football passion by playing FM. and I only really got into it when I figured out how get real kits, player faces, and logos in my game
  • Den1s's avatar
    Pathetic attempt, we will always be able to download them from other sites or torrents, this move just shows how greedy the corporations are and how little they care for people.
  • culturedleftpeg's avatar
    Bet its a big club....£££££

    remember this happening earlier this year
    those Panini Cheapskates images were/are hilarious and not actual images of the players either

    modern times aye
  • RotDob's avatar
    So sad to hear this. This really affects every FM player. Without logos and faces it won't be the same. Luckly it doesn't have an effect on the real names fix because that would be devastating. Fortunately, I downloaded the latest versions of both of them. Don't know where the complaints come from but they are just looking for money but without football fans they would be nobodies.

    It is definitely a heavy blow for Sports Interactive, Football Manager and the gaming commmunity. Hope we are able to find an alternative.
  • Abob's avatar
    Name and Shame them.

    My moneys on ManUtd they already put a block on Panini Cheapskates.

    Its about time IP laws had some common sense applied. If the logo is supplied without modificiation, there should be no case to answer.
  • SortitoutsiVP's avatar
    Where has the complaint come from?
  • Lio's avatar
    I cannot believe this, such greedy people! It's revolting!
  • Stam's avatar
    @Astou: Would still be procure and assist though, and intent can be as bad.
    @LLovely: FM Scout doesn't rely on graphic packs to stay alive.
  • ASTOU's avatar
    Re-upload them and just give the magnet link. It's not illegal to just provide a link and it's up to the user if they will download or not.
  • handyfernandy's avatar
    very sad :(

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