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The Fernando Torres FM15 Tactic

A FM15 tactic focused on getting your lone striker to score some goals. Based on some pacey, direct football.

By on Mar 27, 2015   21376 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 3446 / Size: 40.1 kB / Added: 2015-03-27
FM 2015 Tactics - The Fernando Torres FM15 Tactic
Having problems with your strikers conversion rate? Here's the answer... :))

Actually it is a tactic focused on getting your lone striker to score some goals. Based on some pacey, direct football. The idea is to get your striker in an advantageous position in the front of the goal.

I chose the ”classic” 4-2-3-1 for my base formation, but when you are attacking it can transform in a 4-3-3.

To realise the transformation from the 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 I used a Fluid team shape(I tried the Very Fluid set up but it ended up with my CB's playing in an offensive midfield position), and the team mentality to Attacking, this way they are focused on getting the ball forward as quickly as possible.

The player roles are set up in a way suitable for the mentality and the shape (at least that's what I think)

To instructions are based on keeping things as simple as you can, like More Direct Passing or Hitting Early Crosses.

Finally to wow you that this thing really worked here are some pictures:

Shane Long stats for Southampton, season 2016-2017:

Alexandre Lacazette stats for Ajax, season 2016-2017:

Beating Arsenal with 3 goals to none, with Long on the score-sheet two times:

And my Champions League run with Ajax, same season:

Of course, please DO NOT expect serious result from the first game, but if you have some fast wingers and a pacey striker you should give it a try... :)

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Downloads: 3446 / Size: 40.1 kB / Added: 2015-03-27
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Discussion: The Fernando Torres FM15 Tactic

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • ddzed's avatar
    The player instructions are to do a ”fine calibration” of your own players, so you have to set them for your own players. For example if you have an AP with low numbers at shooting and finishing you will tell him to shoot less often, therefore I couldn't posiblly know what players you do have and how you want to use them...
  • JohnyBanik's avatar
    Some player instructions?
  • ddzed's avatar
    The most narrow one.
  • cardillogiovanni81's avatar
    measures of the field?
  • kiirsby's avatar
    This fucking works!!!!
    Jackson Martinez (43 games) 49 (!!!!) GOALS, he won every prize about Goal scoring, also won champions leuage first season whit porto!

  • ddzed's avatar
    Fitness on Very high with Tactics in Pre Season, and Balanced on High with Defensive Positioning during the season...
  • cardillogiovanni81's avatar
  • ddzed's avatar
    Feel free to share your experiences... :)
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