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TheFMEditor Final FM17 Update

Brand new data update for Football Manager 2017, including world transfers, name fixes & unlocks the English Lower Leagues.

By Updated on Oct 04, 2017   209105 views   81 comments
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Downloads: 59496 / Size: 100.4 MB / Added: 2016-11-05
Football Manager 2017 Data Updates - TheFMEditor Final FM17 Update
Brand new FM17 data update plus England level 22

Summer update 2017-2018 PART 1.
Changes all around the world.
51/51 nations in Europe has 2017-2018 promotions and relegations. 3 in Asia. 1 in Africa 1 in South America. More will be changed when their season is done.
All new 2017-2018 Champions League and Europa League.
England has promotions and relegations down to level 10.
All other staff
Free Transfers
Retired players
1850 Non leagues transfers/changes in the UK (More to follow)
13 Created non league players and staff in the UK (More to follow)
3 Created youth players (More to follow)
136 (NEW) Future players Home and world reputation (More to follow)59 Clubs budget changes (More to follow)
Thank you for the support. Any problems or anything i have missed please let me know.–TheFMEditor


How to add TheFMEditor Updates in FM17

  1. Move the downloaded .fmf file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data\
  2. Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already.
  3. Run Football Manager 2017 and start new save with this database enabled.

  4. If you want to play in the English lower leagues, it's highly recommended to disable "Do not Add Key Staff" and enable "Add Players to Playable Teams" in advanced options. And also load all players from England using the Advanced... Database Size options.

Download Now
Downloads: 59496 / Size: 100.4 MB / Added: 2016-11-05
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About TheFMEditor

Hey all, I'm Steve. I run my own FM page on Facebook and I create databases for FM.

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Discussion: TheFMEditor Final FM17 Update

81 comments have been posted so far.

  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Stam - Thank you so much. Been trying to find my database on my computer
  • Stam's avatar
    I've uploaded the file to sendspace and updated the download link for those who might still want to have it.
  • Ivs's avatar
    Is it possible to reupload the file? Maybe someone who already downloaded it could repost the update, please?
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    CDeiner - Sadly not. No databases work on touch
  • CDeiner's avatar
    Hi. Dumb question. Does this update work on FM Touch?
  • Bluenosejak8's avatar
    On this new update did you manage to get Jeff Vetere as DOF at Birmingham?
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Kaerlekslemuren - I have no idea what so ever! Very strange. It has been fixed
  • Kaerlekslemuren's avatar
    Also, why is Pulisic at North Carolina in this update when he still plays for Dortmund?
  • Flash09's avatar
    Hi, i've got a previous database already, do i delete the entire contents of the "editor data" file and paste the new downloaded file?
  • Kaerlekslemuren's avatar
    Which clubs got their budgets updated?
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    MelihACM - I can't edit how much players are worth its the game at the start

    Jonesey_MFC - Edited databases don't work on FMTouch
  • Jonesey_MFC's avatar
    Why can't i get this update to load -
    Im on a mac book so have save the fmf file in the following location:
    User/documents/sports interactive/Football Manager Touch 2017/Editor Data

    But when i start a new game it only gives me database options of Football Manager 2017 or 17.3.0 update

    Any help?
  • MelihACM's avatar
    Nice update, but i have seen one mistake. Alejandro Gomez (Atalanta) is worth €900, that's obviously not right.
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Bluenosejak8 - Will be in the next update

    Flash09 - No packs just one big update

    richbell82 - Only need this part
  • richbell82's avatar
    hi, can i just download this file or do i require previous parts?
  • Flash09's avatar
    Hi, where do i find the initial pack? Is this just an update?
  • Bluenosejak8's avatar
    Did you get Jeff Vetere in part 5?
  • Spilulu's avatar
    I assume the new update will not be compatible with the "all 22 English leagues", because of the clubs that have promoted/relegated?
  • Bluenosejak8's avatar
    Could you not get Jeff Vetere in the game?
  • GDix79's avatar
    This isn't a complaint about your hard work in any way shape or form, but I was wondering why you're releasing staged updates. Would it not to easier for yourself to wait until the transfer window closes (say the English league) and release the update then ?
    Great work on the English lower leagues by the way, I am currently enjoying a Welwyn Garden City save.
  • joker red's avatar
    Not sure if someone has said this already but why is it that all the premiership teams kick off the FA Cup games in midweek and not at the weekend? also noticed you have Hartlepool still in the check-a -trade cup when they are now in the conference league.
  • Bluenosejak8's avatar
    Next part out soon?
  • Bluenosejak8's avatar
    Ignore I sorted it :)
  • Bluenosejak8's avatar
    Getting an error when starting a new game with this update saying too many teams? So majority of countries aren't playable
  • TheFMEditor's avatar
    Will have that done for the next part

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