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TheSacrisant's Leagues Megapack for FM14

Multi-tiered leagues for 53 UEFA nations, plus 10 special international competitions. All national leagues include A-teams, reserves and U19 as well as national cups and super cups.

By on Jul 13, 2014   27366 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 3955 / Size: 239.0 MB / Added: 2014-07-13
FM 2014 New Leagues - TheSacrisant's Leagues Megapack for FM14
This file contains all my 63 dbc files for Football Manager 2014.

53 dbc files : Rules for every of the 53 UEFA Nations National Competitions
10 dbc files : Rules for all my international cups

This database adds all first teams, reserves and U19 competitions, all with relegation and promotion for 53 UEFA nations (518 leagues).

This file also includes 1st team, reserves and U19 national cups, league cups, super cups & youth cups.

National leagues:

Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
FYR Macedonia
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
San Marino

International leagues:

The NextGen Series And International European Club And Nations Cups
Plus qualification round (54 teams - this U19 champions league plays along the UEFA U19 CL which cannot be removed otherwise the other UEFA club competitions are disabled)
  • The NexGen U19 Champions League Qualification
  • The NexGen U19 Champions League Qualification Finals
  • British Youth Isle club championship (6 teams - England, Wales, Ireland Rep, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Gibraltar)
  • Balkan Nations championships [A-teams, U21 & U19] (Turkey, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, FYR M., Greece & Serbia)
  • European B-Nations championships [A-teams, U21 & U19] (Malta, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Andorra, Faroe Islands & San Marino)
International South American Club Championships
  • Copa Norairo Guara (club supercup - Uruguay & Paraguay)
  • Taça Confraternidad (club supercup - Argentina & Brazil)
  • Superclásico Del Andes (club supercup - Chile & Argentina)
International North-American Club Championships
  • Antias Hulandes club championship (Bonaire, Curaçao & Sint-Maarten)
  • Paraguana-Sipaliwini club supercup (Aruba & Surinam)
  • Kali'na club supercup (supercup between the latest winners of the 2 competitions above)
  • Copa Del Platanos (club supercup - El Salvador & Honduras)
  • Copa Azteca (club supercup - Mexico & Guatemala)
  • Copa Republica (club supercup - Cuba & Belize)
  • Copa Hispaniola (club supercup - Haiti & Dominican Republic)
  • West-Indies Ilse Supercup (Bahamas & Jamaica)
  • Curaçao-Surinam Tula club supercup
International European Club & Nation Championships
  • BeNeLeague club league Cup (32 teams - Belgium & Holland)
  • Balkan club leauge cup (8 teams - Bosnia-H, Greece, FYR M., Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro)
  • Yugoslavia club leage cup (32 teams - Slovenia, Bosnia-H, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, FYR M.)
  • Greek-Cypriot club league cup (16 team - Greece & Cyprus)
  • Czech-Slovak club league cup (16 teams - Czech & Slovakia)
  • German-Austrian club supercup
  • Greek-Turkish club Supercup
  • Turkish-Armenian club supercup
  • Armenian-Azeirbeidjan club supercup
  • Romanian-Moldova club supercup
  • Pohjola club supercup (Estonia & Finland)
  • Anglo-Scottish club supercup
  • Alpenpokal club league cup (32 teams - Switserland & Austria)
  • Iberia club supercup (Spain & Portugal)
  • Macedonia club supercup (Greece & FYR M.)
  • Caucascus club league cup (16 teams - Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan)
  • Baltic club league cup (16 teams - Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)
  • Alpine club league cup (16 teams - Austria & Switzerland)
  • Scandinavian club League Cup (32 teams - Faroe Isl, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland)
  • Coppa Regno di Corsica é Sardegna (CS Bastia vs Cagliari)
  • Austrian-Hungarian Monarchs club Supercup
  • Svensk-Norge Unionen club supercup
  • All-Ireland club league cup (16 teams - Ireland Rep & Northern Ireland)
  • Non UEFA club league cup (8 teams - Andorra, Faroe Isl, Gibraltar, Luxemburg, Malta, Kazakhstan, San Marino & Liechtenstein)
International Club & Nation Championships
  • Artemio Franchi Trophy (supercup between the latest winners of European and Arabic nation championship)
  • FIFA Youth Club World championship (supercup between the latest winners of the Copa Libertatores-20 and UEFA's U19 championship)
  • CCCP nations championship (all 15 former USSR members + Cuba)
  • Israel-Palestine club supercup
  • Simon Bolivar club championship (4 teams - Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador & Panama)
  • Asia-Europa club supercup
  • Oceania-Asia club supercup (supercup between the latest winners of the Oceania CL & Asian President's Cup)
  • Japan-South America club supercup (supercup between the latest winner of Japan's 1st league and Copa Sudamericana)
  • Kapuls Cup club supercup (Papua-New Guinea & East-Timor)
International Asian Club & Nation Championships
  • Iraq-Iran club Supercup
  • India-Pakistan club Supercup
  • Pakistan-Bangladesh club Supercup
  • Central-Asian club league Cup (16 teams - Uzbekistan, Kirghistan, Turkmenistan & Tajikistan)
  • North Korean-South Korean club league cup (32 teams - South & North Korea)
  • Chinese Rep-Taiwan club league cup (32 teams - China Rep & Taiwan)
  • Himayala club supercup (Bhutan & Nepal)
  • China-Japan club supercup
  • Jaziral al-Arab nations championship (championship between the nations of the Arab peninsula)
  • Arabic nations championship + qualification rounds (24 African + Asian nations)
International African Club & Nation Championships
  • Coupe Unité Congolaise club supercup (Congo Brazaville a DR Congo)
  • Witu club league cup (Togo,Cameroon,Kenia & Namibia)
  • Coupe De Ruanda-Urundi club supercup (Rwanda & Burundi)
  • Coupe d'Afrique Occidentale (8 West-African nations: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, Togo, plus Liberia and Sierra Leone)
Indian Ocean Island Games
  • Indian Ocean Nations Games (Comores, Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion, Zanzibar, Mayotte, Maldives and Mauritius)

Additional info
  • Liechtenstein first team, reserves and U19 leagues can be found among the Swiss competitions. Liechtenstein clubs play both the Swiss and Liechtenstein leagues.

  • Winners of all UEFA U19 competitions compete for the NetGen champions league.

  • Club super cups that have been played are not listed, but you can see that when you check the winners history. If you want to know who played and won every season, you need to check "played games". Don't know why it can't be listed in the winners history.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Extract the downloaded .zip file and move the extracted files in your Football Manager 2014 editor data folder:

Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/editor data/

Create the folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist.

Step 2

Start a new career game (won't work with classic mode).
A little pop-up window will come up with editor data files notice at the bottom. Click "Custom" to select the leagues you want to enable.

Step 3

Start Game.

Recommended set-up for your save game

We recommend taking the following steps when starting your save game to ensure you have all available real players in the database for lower leagues.

So when creating your new save, do the following:
  1. Select the Advanced Database Size option. You'll get the Customize the Database screen.
  2. Click on the Add button for Nations.
  3. Enable the options Players based in nation and Players of nationality for the countries you have chosen.

Download Now
Downloads: 3955 / Size: 239.0 MB / Added: 2014-07-13
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Discussion: TheSacrisant's Leagues Megapack for FM14

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • thesacrisant's avatar

    New link :

    Have fun !

    *Wonna play with new 10 UEFA nations + their own leagues etc. Send me a msg.
  • thesacrisant's avatar

    If the link is dead and if you still want to check it out what it looks like. Msg for a new link.

    *My latest creation : 10 new European nations + leauges and more has been uploaded to FMSCOUT around end october,hopefully it will be downloadable soon

    Kind regards,

    TheSacrisant ( Jeffrey )
  • thesacrisant's avatar
    Well i'm a Dutch Belgian,so most leagues are in dutch.
    It's easy,Belgische->BEL->BELGIUM ,Schotse->SC->SCOTTISH,...
  • jamesrfc90's avatar
    Hi. I have downloaded this and about to install it.. I am scottish and have been looking for a good database that allows the lower scottish leagues to be playable.. what my concern is that all this is in a different language.. Instead of it saying "Scottish Premier Division" it says "Schotse".. any way round this?
  • Stam's avatar
    @thesacrisant: It would be nice if you could send me a list of tiers/levels each nation includes.
  • thesacrisant's avatar

    If you wonna know how this looks like when all 518 competitions are runned in 1 game .
    Download here :
    You can check all 518 leagues and cups of all 53 nations,Liechtesntein comp you can find among the Swiss comps. I have runned the game until the season 21/22.

    Put the game here : C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\games

    Sincerely yours,
    Jeffrey (thesacrisant)
  • thesacrisant's avatar
    Go to the Belgian or other database you get this warning and try the 3 options below:

    1>You can remove the cup and start a game without the cup
    2>Remove and add the cup again with the listted leagues who competein this cup ,so it uses the right number of clubs in the leagues
    3>Add a team to the league or leagues the cups uses.

    Me,myself have no problems running all 53 national databes at once.
  • Orwellke's avatar
    Some db doesnt work for me just like england, germany, belgium and others.
    It says: just for an example:

    Warning: Could not process rule group setting in C:/...
    Belgische Cockerill Sambre Cup - Too many teams (90) requested from Belgische Lagere Divise (89)
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