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Unified Ireland Leagues for FM19

I've created a new league format for the Irish leagues, which combines teams from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. A 11-tier football pyramid for FM 2019.

By Updated on Jun 09, 2019   10266 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 789 / Size: 1.7 MB / Added: 2019-02-22
FM 2019 Fantasy Scenarios - Unified Ireland Leagues for FM19

New Irish League

I tried playing as my local team with an extended Irish database in it's current format and it pissed me off that you can't get teams promoted to the highest tier from the grassroots level.

So I made a new league system that allows you to progress from the lower leagues to the very top.

With a new format that includes 11 tiers and higher payouts for success as you go up the ladder, it creates a very competitive league format that ensures that the standard of Irish football improves.




Download Now
Downloads: 789 / Size: 1.7 MB / Added: 2019-02-22
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Discussion: Unified Ireland Leagues for FM19

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • jasonsingerling's avatar
    I tried downloading this but it doesn't work.
  • mykal's avatar
    @Renskay Like we discussed privately, I certainly wasn't knocking yer work thus far, the idea is grand. The problem using teams within the database is: Not one single bit of effort has been put in by Sega to actually be upta date on the lower league and amatuer teams, in some instances its as much as 10 yrs outta date, you've more teams with no pitch ta play on never mind a stadium than you have with and even teams where minor detail has been added, its either wrong or essential details missing. I love this game dont get me wrong but the effort or should I say "lack of" by sega is shocking, more interested in knocking out the next title than actually have a true football manager game. you realise how true this is when "like me" you add this information yerself, yes its time consuming and sometimes a little difficult to find out but 95% of the missing info from within the database can be found easily within one or two mouse clicks, does it help that I'm Irish and have a good grasp of our lower leagues both north and south? absolutely it does but if someone such as myself can add all this info easily IMO it should have already been in. I could go on and about Missing kits, longitude & latitude, stadiums, Defunct teams etc. but I'll be here all day. The only real issue that you yerself didnt address with this fantastic idea fer a league was you neglected ta add the sorting rules fer the ICC leagues so even though I was on the same points as the team above me with a superior goal difference (13 goals more) I was still below them in the league. other than that small issue all the other problems where kinda built in by Sega's sloppy work.
  • Renskay's avatar
    I created the very lowest division teams with teams that existed in the game already.
    I had an idea of going through local divisions and adding teams too but just to get the basis of the idea working, I wanted to use teams within the game already initially.
  • Renskay's avatar
    Hey guys I didn't realise this submission had been published at all so I haven't been able to correct any faults.

    Let me know any issues and i'll work to fix them.
  • mykal's avatar
    Actually a good few issues with this as is, league sorting in the ICC divisions is not done at all, teams that no longer exist or have re-branded reactivated alongside the re-branded teams. All a bit slap dash in truth, still a great idea though, slowly editing it meself ta bring it upta scratch
  • phnompenhandy's avatar
    My bad, I needed to 're-reverify it', but it's up and running now. What I've done is change the name of a L12 club to 'Craggy Island', the stadium being 'Father Ted's House'. Go on go on go on go on! :-)
  • phnompenhandy's avatar
    I'm using this, having a great time with Bayern Money, but I just tried to start a new save with the 19.3.0 update and it doesn't see the file. I verified it and all. Does the creator need to tweak something or is it me?
  • mykal's avatar
    Now were talkin' gotta give this a test out, A united Ireland, grand stuff
  • Kahuna399's avatar
    I tried to have a look at this database, but cant get passed the processing part

    (edited its working now, just took a long time)
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