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4-3-3 Vincenzo Italiano Fiorentina / FM22 Tactic

Replicating Vincenzo Italiano's tactics at Fiorentina on Football Manager 2022. Few instructions but all aimed at faithfully reproducing the tactical creed and playing style of this emerging Italian technician.

By on Dec 03, 2021   16790 views   2 comments
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Football Manager 2022 Tactics - 4-3-3 Vincenzo Italiano Fiorentina / FM22 Tactic
Vincenzo Italiano is an emerging technician on the Italian scene with his second experience in our major league.

In his first season in Serie A, his Spezia had conquered everyone thanks to a proactive style of play devoted to pure entertainment and a verticality that closely resembled Zeman (who not at home appointed Italian as his heir).

This year with Fiorentina he is proving to be a strong coach, winning a large slice of admirers among professionals and fans and enhancing the entire squad at his disposal (just think of Duncan who was considered boiled up to a few months does).

His is a style of play based on rhythm, on the speed of his players and on the search for a continuous attack on the opponent.

In the possession phase, the search is above all for the side lanes, where winger and full-back must combine and then develop crosses in the area for Vlahovic, the team's star.

In the non-possession phase, on the other hand, the team performs a high pressure on the bearers with all its members, in order not to leave the opposing team free to maneuver and to try to recover balls, and activate their attackers and take advantage of their speed.


The team begins the action with the search for the game from below, with the two central defenders, the two wide backs and with the halfback who is lowered to give a solution to the maneuver.

However, the search for building from below is not exaggerated. The goal is to look for an outlet and then verticalize the action either on the two midfielders or directly on the attackers.

If the opposing team, on the other hand, already pressing high on the return from the back of the Tuscan team, does not allow even one round of the ball, the goalkeeper immediately sets up a long vertical game in search of the tip, which represents the fulcrum of the offensive maneuver.

The action is mainly developed through external channels through the full-back-midfielder-winger collaboration.

The fundamental characteristic for the Italian team is to work on the rhythm, on the speed of the external players, without wasting too much time in a sterile ball round, but to arrive as soon as possible or to isolate the external players and allow them to vent their speed, or to wait for the overlapping of the full backs, to then put in the middle cross for the center forward, for the opposite winger and for the opposite half-winger who must necessarily fill the penalty area.

A fundamental role is that of the midfielder, Torreira, who is concerned with starting the action, triggering the quality men on the outside, but, above all, must necessarily keep his position as a midfielder and give cover to the numerous teammates who, in order to will of the coach, accompany the offensive phase.

Fiorentina's attacking game is a direct game, also given the characteristics of the two midfielders whose task is to fill the opposing area and go to the shooting on the crosses of his teammates (Duncan on the left, however, tends to stay a little further out. area compared to Bonaventura who often acts almost as an added attacker).

The finalization, as already anticipated, is centered on a player, the fulcrum of the game, very strong both technically and physically.

The offensive transition is a fundamental weapon in the Italian game. In fact, the high pressure brought, is aimed precisely at this: reconquest and counterattack.

Once the ball has been recovered, the idea is to play it vertically, or directly on the very fast flanks, or take advantage of a Vlahovic side and then open to the outside and go to the shot.

This way of playing, at a very high pace and with continuous pressure, leads to a high exhaustion of energy and difficulty consequent to maintaining such a competitive level for 90 minutes.


Fiorentina brings strong pressure on the opposing players already with the forwards, as the pressure and the immediate restart are one of the main characteristics of the team.

In addition to the three forwards, one of the midfielders in turn gets up to press in order not to allow a fluid construction to the opponents and, if possible, to recover the ball and prepare an immediate attacking transition.

In general the whole team stands up to bring strong pressure on the bearer. When the team is forced to defend in the central area, the two midfiels huddle together to support the midfielder Torreira.

His, as already mentioned, is a key role, as he must always guard the central area of ​​the pitch, shielding the two central defenders and, if necessary, double up on his teammates in difficulty.

When, on the other hand, the team is attacked externally, the doubling on the attacked side-back takes place mainly by the midfielder, to avoid lowering the two attacking wingers too much, which would complicate the lightning-fast restart of the purple team.


Few instructions but all aimed at faithfully reproducing the tactical creed and playing style of the technician.

The instructions are a consequence of the tactical analysis made previously and trying them in-game best reproduce the tactical style (possession, non-possession and transitions) of the Italian.

The roles are also very basic and a direct consequence of what was said previously, two full-backs attacking, a midfielder who is the median, on the left a midfielder who plays a lot on the chain with full-back and reversed winger in support (the Florentine in fact tends to build more on the left while finalizing on the right) moving in the half spaces and staying many times just outside the area, on the right a midfielder who will practically act as a second striker and an inverted winger who will always be ready to enter the area when he sees the opportunity.

The attacker is a fulcrum who comes to play the ball a lot, thus favoring the insertions of midfielder and wingers and then throw himself into the area for the finalization.

I tried this tactic for a long time, with Napoli I won Scudetto and Coppa Italia in the first year, Scudetto with Fiorentina always in the first year as well as treble with Barcelona and City.

Now it's up to you to try it and maybe modify it to your liking if you think there is some instruction or role to change to better replicate the tactics of the coach Vincenzo Italiano.

Good game.

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Downloads: 2135 / Size: 43.8 kB / Added: 2021-12-03
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Discussion: 4-3-3 Vincenzo Italiano Fiorentina / FM22 Tactic

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    Thank you for the tactic and the information. Could you do in the future Sarri's lazio. Much appreciated.
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    scusa potresti postare le e istruzioni dei singoli? comunque la tattica sembra interessante.
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