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Von Elf's FM14 Tactics

If you are a fan of possession football combined with flowing attack movement, pin point set pieces and a reliable defense, this is a great tactic for you.

By on Mar 24, 2014   20216 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 4257 / Size: 931 B / Added: 2014-03-24
FM 2014 Tactics - Von Elf's FM14 Tactics
I have tried a lot of ready-made tactics, but none of them worked for me on long term. So I wondered what was I doing wrong especially in those big games or against deep defense teams. I noticed none of the tactics give me the ability to press all 90 minutes until I thought about a different sport: handball. In this sport it's pressure from one end to another. Players pass the ball from one side to another until one player finds an opening. So I tried this in football too.

I present to you my first tactics made from scratch for Football Manager 2014. An asymmetric control tactic with good possession, solid defense and lots of shots.

Works great for me, I hope it does the same for you. Main strength is the defense, I haven't allowed a goal in 5 consecutive games. If you don't give them the ball, they can't score. In away games I switch to control and if I need a goal I switch to attack again in the second half.

This tactic will allow you to dominate every match. The players press from the first minute till the end. If you don't manage to score from action you will get the goal from set pieces. And you will have lots of those.

You don't need big names but you need players with acceptable passing skills and a reliable finisher. This is a team tactic which avoids star names to depend on the result. Opposition Player Instructions is left to your assistant. I tweaked the player instructions a lot so you will be covered for most player types.

Try it and provide some feedback; suggestions are very welcomed. Have fun.

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Downloads: 4257 / Size: 931 B / Added: 2014-03-24
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Discussion: Von Elf's FM14 Tactics

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • calumwarren's avatar
    First of all thank you AdiVonElf, I have recently started a new save with Stoke City and loaded your tactics up because they seem to fit well with the old Stoke style of play but combined with the new style of Mark Hughes' Stoke, All I have done it made the Striker have the role of Target Man instead of Advanced Forward, though I could well change back depending on how it goes, reason being is Crouch scores more and assists more as a Target Man I am finding. I am going to update my progress on this post in order to give some feedback regarding the tactics.

  • AdiVonElf's avatar
    i tried SS for a few matches but AM is more reliable because he comes deep when is the case.SS tends to stay from half pitch to final third
  • lucassj90's avatar
    I've tried every tactic from FM Scout tactic section, and this one is the best so far. Good work mate!
  • exorcista's avatar
    Hello man no SS for any result???
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