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Whizzkids Official FM15 Skin

We have teamed up with Paul from FM Central and with permission used Darrell Sykes base skin to turn it into something special and unique to our very own brand.

By on Mar 12, 2015   51928 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 10864 / Size: 35.8 MB / Added: 2015-03-12
FM 2015 Skins - Whizzkids Official FM15 Skin
This may have extra appeal to Newcastle United, Manchester United and Liverpoo fans as those clubs have extra images. To change the default image, we have a few which can be selected using the top bar it the game.

This main menu image you can see is one of 6 that can be chosen, so try not to judge to early and have a look at the rest.


How to add these in your FM

Step 1

Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

Step 2

Cut and paste the extracted folder to:
Win Vista/Win 7/Win 8: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins
Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins
Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins\
Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins

Create folder "skins" if it doesn't exist already.

Step 3

Start the game and go to Preferences screen and Interface tab.
You should see "Whizzkids Skin" as option in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
Use the Clear Cache button, then hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

Download Now
Downloads: 10864 / Size: 35.8 MB / Added: 2015-03-12
jamesbeedie17's avatar
About jamesbeedie17

Co-owner of "The Football Manager Whizzkids" social media channels. Lifelong Newcastle United fan.

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Discussion: Whizzkids Official FM15 Skin

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • axelswe's avatar
    Hello! I want to change the signature font (for my own use), but when I load up the game it doesn't even show me some text where the signature should be. Do you think you help me by telling what files I need to edit? Really nice skin btw.
  • eleester's avatar
    Cheers @DAZS8 for the explanation...and the great skin!
  • DAZS8's avatar
    To get the Commentary bar back do the following....
    Go to the skins panels folder and delete these 2 panels.....match commentary and match time slider,
    I made the no commentary mod by the way and the base of the skin.
    For a more complete up to date skin I recommend our new one from our Facebook Group page here..
  • eleester's avatar
    It appears that I have the same problem as @ashleygratton. The commentary during matches is missing.
  • magpies07's avatar
    loves the skin! but is there anyway to add the instant results button?
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    I will give you my honest answer, the questions you have i can not give you an answer as i dont know what to do with skins, this was created for us, with some ideas from us, not by us. I can ask Paul to answer them if you wish.
  • ashleygratton's avatar
    Love the skin only problem i have is the commentary has been removed any solutions
  • Bartdude's avatar
    I don't have a problem with that at all mate as you've credited the originator,I'm just pointing out the issue with the said font. Apart from that it's a good skin.
  • jamesbeedie17's avatar
    This is the work of DS8, with additions etc from FM Central to make it the FM Whizzkids skin. It is not brand new, it has just been altered.
  • Bartdude's avatar
    It's identical to the DS v10 group skin apart from the ProximaNova font but you need to substitute this font as it has been in the genuine DS v10 skin because it's too large for the 15.3 update and if used will fail to show all scorers on the post-match results screen.
  • jorginio's avatar
    Great skin!!!
    I've tried every skin out there and i must say that this one is the best alternative to the DS8 Group skin.
    And i also happened to be a Newcastle manager which came as a real treat ^_^
    Thank you
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