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Why is Football Manager so addicting?

The more you think about it the more complex seems the reason why, so I’ll try to break it down in this section.

By Updated on May 02, 2012   9115 views   3 comments

Why is football Manager so addicting

Football manager is known to the world as quite possible one of the most addicting games of our generation, (some people take days off work due to it, cite it as the reason for divorce, a relationship wrecker, and possibly even grade deterrent) now like many of you wondering how it is so god dam addicting. The more you think about it the more complex seems the reason why, so I’ll try to break it down in this section:

1) Due to football manager being such a large and overwhelming area, the perfectionist element to get that team to the top is a large factor

2) The eventual connection with the players after a few seasons - even though they are virtual I am sure like myself you have established some emotional connection with the club and players

3) The related nature - As most people take such a large interest in football it become part of the passion of football in general

4) The accuracy and detail of the game – therefore makes it realistic and taps into the "can-do-better" psyche of most football fans.

"Anyone who's into football -- male or female -- probably thinks they can do a better job than the manager of their club and we give them the chance to find out," Jacobson told CNN.

The absorbing game is loved by many, and personally it I find it addictive because of the bond it creates with the gamer at times.


Just thought I’d keep everyone in the loop. It is basically confirmed that I will be moving university from Sunderland to Melbourne for a year on exchange. Now regarding football I will hope to make a comparison between the style of football, to all those that are unaware. Hopefully I will be able to visit and support such teams as Melbourne Heart. Exciting times and should be like a great experience, as I have never lived in a place that big. Does anyone know what it’s like to live in a big city? Much differences between them and small towns?


I am considering creating a number of videos to help inFM matters as well as doing a few lets-play playthrough’s. Was wondering if there were any suggestions for either, or even if you would prefer me to write 5 options as set a poll or something, any opinions guys?

The maker of FMscout bring you…..

Ok so recently the founder of fmscout has had the idea to create two fan sites for Fifa and PES, personally I don’t think the current fansites in the market are good enough, as shown when I looked for fixes to bugs among other things. Also I guess it gives people the opportunity to shar various dimensions of the game, tactics to possible database changes? Anyway I suggest you get involved with the project as it is in the development stage at the moment:



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Discussion: Why is Football Manager so addicting?

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    don't worry during the next year I have large periods of time to do both your suggestions and lets plays :P
  • Stam's avatar
    Regarding your thoughts of becoming a video author, I'm happy you're considering it and I definitely have suggestions about what you could do, but it doesn't involve any let's play playthroughs :P
  • Stam's avatar
    I'll add Miles Jacobson opinion on the matter as stated in a recent interview.

    "I think it’s the fact that we allow the player to create their own universe. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. Choose any path you want. Be any kind of person you want – our choices are not just about being good or evil.

    It’s something we’ve improved for this latest version by adding the ability to choose the tone in which your manager interacts with players. It allows you to treat somebody like Paul Scholes a bit differently from the likes of Balotelli.

    It all helps allow the person playing the game to create their own universe and their own story and that’s why people get so absorbed into it. I know people who put suits on when they’re in cup finals. I know people who do press conferences in the mirror – looking at themselves and pretending that the press are there.
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