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WTCS Gold 24 by TCSSkin and WorkTheSpace | v1.3.1 Out 08/04/2024

The famous WTCS combination links up for the Football Manager 2024 skin!

By Updated on Apr 08, 2024   439413 views   89 comments
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Downloads: 207492 / Size: 34.7 MB / Added: 2023-10-19
Football Manager 2024 Skins - WTCS Gold 24 by TCSSkin and WorkTheSpace | v1.3.1 Out 08/04/2024
The TCS Gold Skin for Football Manager offers a visually stunning and customizable experience, making your managerial journey more immersive and enjoyable.

With improved accessibility, enhanced match screens, and comprehensive player profiles, it's the perfect companion for any Football Manager enthusiast.

Follow the installation instructions to unlock a whole new level of managerial satisfaction.

Download TCS Gold Skin now and elevate your Football Manager experience to the next level!

Changelist in Download Link

WTCS Gold Features

  • An evolution of the popular TCS Club and Player screens
  • Tweaks to the tactic screen
  • A custom news tablet
  • Overhauled Match screens
  • New Processing Panel
  • Pre-Match and during match Instant Result

The mods from WTCS 5 return too! Featuring:
  • Round Status Icons
  • Removing Instant Result
  • Adding Player Faces to Squad Lists
  • Alternate Captains badge icons
  • Re-adding the Kit Colour Graphic
  • Content Creator Match UI Layout
  • Option to view hidden attributes

WTCS5 Screenshots

More Screenshots


As always, a massive thank you and credit towards people in this community who have helped me grow and develop as both skinners and a person.

@Wozzie @GIMN @wkdsoul @michaeltmurrayuk and many more!

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.


Download Now
Downloads: 207492 / Size: 34.7 MB / Added: 2023-10-19
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Discussion: WTCS Gold 24 by TCSSkin and WorkTheSpace | v1.3.1 Out 08/04/2024

89 comments have been posted so far.

  • zulu9812's avatar
    With 1.3.1, I cannot view subs in the Tactics screen. Could see them on 1.2
  • nickrufc's avatar
    Hi I'm currently on fm24 using the 98 99 database and I want to use a skin that doesn't show any player or staff faces as it's too much hassle changing the IDs an picture for this dB an then the new dB
  • zbidram's avatar
    Hello. Staff hidden attributes not showing. Is it possible to change it, please?
  • act's avatar
    Hi, love this skin.
    I don't think the mod "Alternate Club Overview Staff Icons" is working. The uniform kit does not disappear.
  • anybigideas's avatar
    Hello! Does anyone understand how to install the attributes bar mod? Every time I try moving the files the skin always stays attributeless. No bars show
  • zbidram's avatar
    Hello. Need some help, please. How can I change the score bar to this ?
  • Kad38's avatar
    hello just to point out that the club's profile page is missing "young management"
  • sregor79's avatar
    love this skin, since the V1.3 update when hovering over a player i seem to be missing information in the scout tab
  • squad's avatar
    realy good skin thanx
  • Poma's avatar
  • reddich's avatar
    Is it possible to add the attributes to a scouting report?
  • MWear2309's avatar
    Having some issues downloading this, do I need to download the WTCS Gold Zip as well as the source code zip and add them to the graphics folder?
  • galati's avatar
    great skin, but i can't see a player's media handling personality. it would be a great addition to a superb skin
  • Kaylan's avatar
    I don't know if it's just me, but the skin doesn't show which club the player trained at.
  • sirjack's avatar
    great skin! Thx for sharing
  • Dfektor's avatar
    Just wanted to say the absolute best skin and Ive tried ever single one on this site, superb work!!!
    How do I donate?
  • RonaldoR9's avatar
    Hey! Love this skin!

    Is there any way for me to add the league table during the matchscreen?
  • FM_Flop290's avatar
    Any attributeless skin incoming? Or option to change it? I know you can change the RGB, but love circles or bars instead of number..
  • MicroGR's avatar
    I'd recommend making the tab about a player's strong foot adjustable,so you can reduce it's size or turn it off completely,since some attributes get cropped because of it.Talking about a laptop screen,able to handle 1920x1080,on 95% zoom.
  • bobo87's avatar
    @karansagar - go to your club profile page, and the history tab
  • bitzutherock's avatar
    Hi ! How can I remove the commentary text bar during the match ? Thanks!
  • karansagar's avatar
    Hi, How do you see a club's rivals? Can't seem to figure out where that is
  • Fmnova's avatar
    Hi guys, how do i disable the players week and strong foot ratings and icons on the tactics panel?
  • eastc93's avatar
  • eastc93's avatar
    Am I supposed to just download either the zip or rar file and im ready to go? As I've tried to do so and its not appearing when I try to find it in preferences. The last uploaded version just downloaded a folder, so unsure how to properly get this downloaded and to appear

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