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3-4-3 Xabi Alonso's Leverkusen 2023/24

Faithfully reproduced tactical emulation of Xabi Alonso's Bayer Leverkusen 2023-24 on FM 2024. Tactic by Magicomonta.

By on Nov 10, 2023   27391 views   10 comments
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Football Manager 2024 Tactics - 3-4-3 Xabi Alonso's Leverkusen 2023/24

Xabi Alonso arrived at Bayer Leverkusen in a precarious ranking situation to say the least and thanks to an amazing comeback in the Bundesliga he managed to win the Europa League. Precisely in that competition last season he gave his best, wonderfully despite the elimination in the semi-final against Roma.

This season the work of the Basques is dragging the aspirins into the fight for the Meisterschale, which at the moment sees them in the lead, despite the difficulties they could encounter given the departure of players like Demirbay and Diaby who are fundamental in his tactical board, but the former Liverpool footballer was able to demonstrate that game ideas are more important than individuals.


Basic 3-4-3 system

In possession 3-4-1-2

In the non-possession phase 4-3-3 or 5-3-2


Bayer Leverkusen builds essentially in two ways: if the opposing team is very high, the first ball is handled by one of two defenders while the central defender breaks away and rises slightly from the defensive line, in this case both the two full-backs and one of the two midfielders who are involved are involved. they lower themselves to give the two defenders a passing option.

If, however, the opposing team does not opt ​​for high pressing, all three defenders are involved in the build-up and, while dribbling, look for a direct pass to the midfielders. In this case the first idea is to look for the two full-backs who in this situation are wider and taller than in the previous one.


In the development phase, Bayer Leverkusen tries to crush the opposing team in their own half by keeping practically all the players beyond the midfield line. The two defenders spread wide both to continue the dribble and to promote superiority in the lateral areas while one of the two midfielders lowers himself both to receive the ball and, in the event of a loss of possession, to cover the spaces left by the two defenders.

With patience and always after a series of passes we try to go to the side chains, more towards the right one where we find the full-back wide and towards the center the winger, they often look for dialogue through one-twos to get to the back and try his teammates via cross.

If they don't find space on the wings, another option is to look for Wirtz in the area between midfield and defense where the German playmaker can invent by trying to dialogue with the midfielder and the attacker or try a personal action.


They are the two offensive players that we mostly find in this area of ​​the pitch. Among these, the most dangerous player is certainly Wirtz, an unpredictable player who, thanks to his technique, often attempts one-on-ones or triangulations in tight spaces with the striker or midfielder. The other winger is also a player who, if he manages to find space in the finishing area, makes the most of his speed which often allows him to beat his direct opponent.

Both playing very close to the striker, leaving the lane free for the two wingers who are systematically served via triangulations or direct balls deep.


The team, not having a real number "9", seeks more dialogue with their teammates than diving deep or playing inside the opponent's area.

Si affida molto alle giocate dei singoli da parte dei due esterni che riescono spesso a creare superiorità numerica con le loro giocate. Importanti sono anche le continue sovrapposizioni e inserimenti di due esterni prevalentemente di Frimpong giocatore dotato di ottima tecnica e di ottima corsa che gli permettono spesso di arrivare sul fondo per effettuare traversoni o addirittura inserirsi nella zona centrale del campo. In caso di spazi molto chiusi un'altra soluzione è quella del tiro da fuori, che il Leverkusen sfrutta al meglio.


Bayer Leverkusen adopts a very high pressing, the wingers are in charge of attacking the two central defenders who build from below, while the striker is marking the opponent's playmaker, the two full-backs based on where the opponent's construction takes place come out strong on the full-back preventing it from setting. By directing the ball outwards, the German team tries to create density by bringing 3-4 players into the ball area.


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Downloads: 7112 / Size: 41.3 kB / Added: 2023-11-10
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Discussion: 3-4-3 Xabi Alonso's Leverkusen 2023/24

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • apoooooo's avatar
    I didn't want to do tactics and wanted to use a 3-stoppers tactic, I downloaded it, and it might be the shittiest tactic I've ever used in my life. i spent 2 hours trying to fix this shitty tactic of not being able to attack and not being able to defend. Don't even do tactics again. If Xabi Alonso used such a tactic, he would be relegated.
  • Goemon's avatar
    [moderated for breaching’s Terms of Use]
  • Magicomonta's avatar
    Fai bene Arrigo Sacchi tanto non vale la pena prendersela. Grazie mille delle correzioni, uso spesso il traduttore e si sa spesso spara fesserie. Prendere le tue indicazioni grazie davvero
  • arrigosacchi's avatar
    Magico, guarda e non ti curar di loro perchè non sanno quello che fanno (e dicono)
    Però se mi permetti alcune piccole correzioni vorrei farle negli screenshot punta in inglese si dice striker, non tip, tip è la punta del dito, o della matita, etc. E per la fase di finalizzazione degli esterni, direi wingers oppure wing-backs's finishing nel caso siano i terzini.
    squadra corta: tight, compact .
    pressing sugli esterni del campo: pressing on the wings oppure on the flanks
    In ogni caso, una grande tattica appena posso la provo.
    Anch'io cerco sempre di emulare le tattiche degli allenatori così come sono e lo specifico pure, che nel gioco potrebbero non essere così vincenti. Poi però mi trovo i video di tactic testing di gente che prova le mie tattiche con squadre di serie C inglese e in modalità vacanza, e si lamentano se vengono licenziati e sparano insulti sulla mia tattica che non vale niente ecc. ecc. Cioè, se l'avevo pure scritto che la mia tattica andava bene per il Barcelona ma non per altri club, come possono pensare di vincere tutto con le squadrette dilettanti? Sta cosa mi è successa 1 anno fa, e me l'ero anche presa tanto che avevo cancellato la tattica e il video, adesso me ne frego
  • Magicomonta's avatar
    detroitrex, I thank you and now after years I have learned to let it go. Unfortunately, people don't understand the difference between tactical emulation and performance tactics. Emulation aims to recreate the real game and therefore does not necessarily have to be high-performance. Having said that, I challenge myself to have results like this without full management such as the transfer market, training sessions, etc
  • Magicomonta's avatar
    Geomon with all due respect, I write in English and watch English videos with subtitles. You can do it too.
  • Saiyan's avatar the tactic any good?..
  • Goemon's avatar
    I was not born in anglophone country either what you say its lame. How can we know or think a tactic can work, if he explains it in italian? Perhaps your inteligent is minimum. I follow this site more than 10 years so far I am sure its based in english language. Use your brain i didnt say anything bad. If i start post tactics here in greek you think u gonna understand anything if u dont know the language? use ur brain pls
  • detroitrex's avatar
    man, leave the guy alone. either the tactic's good or it's not. don't bag on him simply because he wasn't "blessed" to have been born in an anglophone country.

    what we need are more clever tacticians and fewer gatekeepers. don't drive people away for really stupid reasons. smh.
  • Goemon's avatar
    No offense but you post a tactic in an english site. The video you have its not in english. Either use english or dont post it in enlish site. From the pictures looks promising. Keep the good work
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