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Yugoslavian League for FM23: Maintaining National Identities

Ex-Yugoslavian league with 16 leagues, 6 ranks, and 20 teams each. National identities of players maintained. Top 2 teams get promoted, bottom 2 get relegated.

By on Mar 27, 2023   1594 views   1 comments
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FM 2022 Fantasy Scenarios - Yugoslavian League for FM23: Maintaining National Identities
Hello, this is my first attempt at modding a league in Football Manager.

I wanted to create an Ex-Yugoslavian league but keep the national identities of players and national teams. So instead of changing all players to Yugoslavian, i let them stay Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian and so on.

Clubs will spawn regens based on previous leagues although here and there some clubs spawn some Yugoslavian players, but not really relevant since Yugoslavia can't compete as a nation in a World cup or Euro championship, since I wanted to leave it that way deliberately.

The league structure is as following.

Every single league has 20 teams. There are 6 ranks of football leagues, total of 16 leagues. In first league there are 3 relegation spots. In the 2nd division out of last 6, 2 are relegated instantly, and other four have playoffs with the 2nd and 3rd team from 3. League east and west.

When it comes to regional leagues, top 2 get promoted, bottom 2 get relegated.

Now the way I chose which club is going to play in which is league is based on in-game reputation. Although I didn’t always hold by it 100%, just to give some countries representation in higher leagues than it usually would be.

However I’m open to suggestions, if you think I should perhaps add a club to a league, or put it somewhere higher just leave a comment, and I’ll try to do it for the next update.

There are three cups. Supercup, Kup Maršala Josipa Tita and Regionalni Kup

Supercup is self-explanatory. Kup Maršala Josipa Tita takes clubs from top 3 divisions and gives a place for qualifications for European competitions, while Regionalni Kup takes clubs from bottom 12 leagues. (Regional ones).

I made sure to give money for going through the cup, to make it more important for lower leagues who already struggle with the money.

Here are the clubs for top three divisions.

Nation Club Coefficients have been calculated by counting the coefficients of all ex-Yugoslavian nations, and dividing by the numbers of nations. Currently Yugoslavia sits around 30th place, but usually it quickly climbs up.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 152 / Size: 80.0 kB / Added: 2023-03-27
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Discussion: Yugoslavian League for FM23: Maintaining National Identities

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    Love the concept, but unfortunately broken. According to the Steam Link this is for FM22 - would love to see it updated for FM23.4!
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