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Zdenek Zeman 4-3-3 / 72 Striker Goals

Emulating the tactics of Zdenek Zeman on FM 2023. Tested with AS Roma.

By on Nov 24, 2022   16155 views   1 comments
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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Zdenek Zeman 4-3-3 / 72 Striker Goals
good morning guys

magicomonta is back with a new emulation and it is master Zeman.

Premise: the external attackers are not external forwards for a simple reason, if you remember Insigne Pescara due to his characteristics he rarely entered the penalty area, cutting more often horizontally from the left towards the center of the field to try the shot or cross at the far post. because in FM the role of external attacking midfielder is more congenial.

From the studies done (source ideacalcio. net and italiansoccerschool.webnode. it) Zeman's 433 is structured as follows:

The ball possession or offensive phase

The Zemanian 4-3-3 is an "exasperated" game system in the offensive phase: the movements are standardized and repeated at very high speed (Balzaretti for example has an average of 25 overlaps per game for a total of 14.6 km per match); all players must actively participate in the construction phase of the game, proposing themselves with continuous movements of unmarking in order to receive the ball, and execute passes especially vertically between one department and another.

This module allows you to make the most of the principles of the offensive phase, in particular breadth, depth and unpredictability.

In the 4-3-3 system, width is guaranteed by the two outside defenders who, as soon as the team gains possession of the ball, spread out on the touchline and try to gain space.

The real strong point of Zeman's formation are the lateral flanks where triads of players are created (what Zeman calls "terziglie") formed by lateral defender-midfielder-external forward who systematically exploit a numerical superiority (against 4-based teams -4-2) thanks to the full-back's overlap.

The presence of 3 constant reference points beyond the line of the ball guarantees depth and unpredictability at the same time.

The non-possession phase or defensive phase

For the Bohemian coach, the defensive phase represents the moment in which the team must actively recover possession of the ball.

The first defensive tactic applied by Zeman's teams is offensive pressing (the pressing start line is in midfield) or ultra-offensive (the pressing start line is the opponent's penalty area).

On the one hand, this defense module guarantees enormous advantages in tactical and psychological terms, as it allows a very fast recovery of the ball and prevents the opposing team from building up the game; on the other hand, this type of pressing can only be implemented in limited periods of time and requires a high expenditure of energy.

Let's get to tactics.

The peculiarity are the two attacking wingers who, to ensure that they came to play a lot in the middle of the field, I set them as wingers with settings stay tight, cut inside, cross more often and from a distance and two central midfielders who are two classic midfielders attack with forward settings as soon as possible and stay wide to ensure that they widen out to play with the full-back and the winger who tightens and at the same time that he enters the central spaces. the rest are complete full-backs the full-backs with settings stay wide and go forward as soon as possible and crossed from the baseline then 2 classic dc and a reg back in front of the defence.

I tested the tactic with Roma, his favorite team. You can find the results in the video, I anticipate only Abraham's 72 goals.


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Download Now
Downloads: 2934 / Size: 43.2 kB / Added: 2022-11-24
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