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Quicksta's Unbeatable 4-1-2-2-1 - Over 4 Goals per game avg.

This is the best tactic i have ever created. It can be a 4-1-2-2-1 or 3-2-2-2-1 See pictures below.

By on Feb 04, 2019   27392 views   28 comments
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Downloads: 9050 / Added: 2019-02-04
I used this tactic with Man Utd and Lazio and found it to be amazing.

The Box to Box mid is very important and both wings need to be inside forwards.

I scored 158 Goals with Man Utd in the Premier League at an avg of 4.15 goals a game.
Playing the 4-1-2-2-1

The first season we won everything so easy.

The with Lazio the squad was not a strong so i focused on the league and won it easily and without Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.
Playing the 3-2-2-2-1

I have created many tactics and never had results like these.

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Downloads: 9050 / Added: 2019-02-04
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Discussion: Quicksta's Unbeatable 4-1-2-2-1 - Over 4 Goals per game avg.

28 comments have been posted so far.

  • StojC's avatar
    This tactic is insane. Playing it with Liverpool. In the Champions League i've beaten Dortmund twice 5-0 and 0-4, won twice against Juventus 0-2 and 5-1, the last one with my B-squad since I already won the groupstage with 23 goals and conceed only 1.
    In the league i am unbeaten in first place, 16 played 14 wins and 2 draws when I took some risks with rotation of players. I've scores 47 goals and conceeded 11.
    Great tactic.
    Good on ya! Thumbs up!
  • Medyashka's avatar
    Hey,and where preset for Lazio? Or you just change positions and left all settings like was in MU?
  • rbmaster's avatar
    Guys , this tactic is amazing !
    I made two teams with RB Leipzig , I bought some wonderkids , and I conquer everything in the first year , won the bundesliga , europa league with amazing 10-0 on Marseille , and the cup.

    I use 3 on back , 2 wb , and the monster Timo Werner
  • RoyUlliott's avatar
    this tactic is brilliant maybe a bit to brilliant though, First season with aston villa we won the championship and also the f a cup shockingly beating man city and chelsea. the 2nd season and first season in the premier league we won the premier league, league cup, Europa league. I did make some very good signings after gaining promotion but im not sure if we should win all that we did, so like I said maybe the tactic is too good.
  • gazpotts's avatar
    Been using this tactic with Wrexham in the Conference....started in 19th in October and now up to 4th with 7 games to best performance came against Braintree where I only won 7-0 but I had 50 shots and 25 on target....
  • sotiroski's avatar
    For which update? I'm playing on 19.1.1 and it's going too bad.
  • FSC29's avatar
    Works brilliant! Won the Dutch league in my first season with newly promoted Fortuna Sittard and got knocked out in the cup in the quarter finals on pens. Hit the woodwork 5 times that game. Those games happen but overal, the throw ins and corners seem to work exceptional. I put my Advanced playmaker as receiver of the short corner, since he has a decent enough vision and passing ability to move the ball in a good area. My main striker went on to score 28 league goals. Tweaking with the DLP from time to time, switching between defensive and support. The wingers were outstanding as well, one of them bagged 12 goals and 6 assists. Even though the tactic states that playing with IF's is a must, I tried for the second half of the season with a W (s) and a IF (s) and they just kept performing. Although a lot of goals came from corners and such, I scored a fair amount of goals from open play. At the back I'm still quite vulnareble, but I believe this has to do with the poor stats of my defenders, rahter than the tactic. Agains topteams such as Ajax and PSV managed a few draws and wins. Overall very, very pleased with this tactic. My guess is, just let the tactic play out itself and if results aren't going your way, try to tweak with the attacking roles, mainly to put the opposition on the wrong foot.
  • i_am_a_God's avatar
    so I tried this tactic with Bordeaux, had a ligue 1 game against Monaco, I switched to an alternate tactic for the start of the game to play with caution. I was down 2-0 at half time. half time I switch back to this tactic and won the game 3-2!! this tactic works, and if you have problems with short corners? add a second routine that involves mixed corners. its not a big deal.
  • OohAhCantona's avatar
    @franklpool1 - Not sure what you are talking about, I gave this tactic a run and found the corners profoundly disappointing. I dislike short corners in reality, and they were impotent at best. I didn't get a single scoring chance, the ball never made it into the box despite getting quite a few corners.
  • Xr0y's avatar
    win the league with galatasaray without no lose and knocked out in semi by city
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    hello this tactic works with any team or only big team ?
  • franklpool1's avatar
    By all means tho if want win the game by cheating go for it !!!
  • franklpool1's avatar
    For starters the tactic is not good. It exploits a bug that the match engine has!! How many times you score from throw ins an corners is ridiculous an unrealistic. If you watch 3D match like I do on just key highlights you will see. Rarely do you score from open play!! In my eyes that is not how to play the game, I want to win games by playing football not a set piece cheat. Read forums an you will see 2019 match engine is terrible!! All goals come from crosses an set plays very unrealistic!! Just like this tactic in real life teams would pick up on these set plays an throw ins but they don’t at all. Try taking the set plays off an playing for set play doesn’t work at all. Bk to 2018 for me terrible game an unrealistic!!!!
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    amazing <3
  • Quicksta's avatar
    No OI.
  • SGibson194's avatar
    Tactic is fantastic, half way through the season with united and unbeaten so far.
  • Poma's avatar
    Any Oi's and training?
  • Quicksta's avatar
    At the end of your seasons can people post a picture of what they have won?
  • daquasty's avatar
    I'm using this tactic with AC Milan so far and is moving perfectly!!!
  • RasmusBolin's avatar
    Have used this tactic in my second season with Sunderland. 7 games played and won them all. Scored 24 and conceeded only 3. Amazing tactic, good job!
  • apollobrooks's avatar
    any OI's ?
  • Ebube1214's avatar
    15 games unbeaten, 51 goals scored, 7 goals conceded. Dished out 6 goals in a row. tough teams are hard to score 4 goals tho.
  • frane199648's avatar
    Conquering Croatian league with Hajduk Split using this perfect for them :)
  • Xr0y's avatar
    Best tactic so far
  • RoMbA's avatar
    6 games 6 wins 21 scored 3 against :D

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