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[FM20] Lithuania Complete Pyramid - 7 Levels Activated

This file fully activates the Lithuanian football league pyramid with the correct structure and rules from the 2019 season.

By Updated on Dec 05, 2019   6204 views   12 comments
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Downloads: 939 / Added: 2019-12-02
This file fully activates the Lithuanian football league pyramid with the correct structure and rules from the 2019 season. A Lyga to Sunday League Division C are playable for Football Manager 2020.

Leagues included are:

1. A Lyga
2. Pirma Lyga
3. II Lyga (South and West)
4. III Lyga (Alytus County, Kaunas County, Klaipeda County, Siauliai County and Vilnius Region)
5. Sunday Football League Ergo Division A
6. Sunday Football League Ergo Division B
7. Sunday Football League Ergo Division C

As well as: LFF Cup, LFF Super Cup and SFL Cup

FC Stumbras are still active in this file and in the A Lyga despite folding in real life because this is based off 2019 season.

I extended some of the III Lyga divisions’ number of rounds - in real life Alytus County clubs only played 6 matches because there’s only 4 clubs in the competition but in this file I made it so they play 18 matches purely to better the experience.

Stadiums and kits are all correct from the 2019 season (including the clubs that I added to the database)

I recommend adding players to playable teams at game start as there’s barely any real players outside of A Lyga and Pirma Lyga.

If you notice any errors or bugs with the database please message me and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

This database is fully compatible with my Estonia and Latvia Complete Pyramid Databases.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 939 / Added: 2019-12-02
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Discussion: [FM20] Lithuania Complete Pyramid - 7 Levels Activated

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • WigoFM's avatar
    and after last patch the league is not working :)
  • WigoFM's avatar
    me and my friend tested it properly, not just reading rules :) its hard but you have to catch situation when: Team "A" wins 1st place in regular season, but after playoffs they drop to 2nd... then youll see the problem, couse still Team A gonna be set as a winners of league :/ i deleted playoff from DB and then everything works perfect :/
  • Weiry1's avatar
    Are you sure? I've tried and the team that finishes 1st in playoff is going to Champions League for me. Have you tested the file or are you just reading off of the rules screen? If so ignore the rules I'm not sure why it shows twice.
  • WigoFM's avatar
    @weiry unfortunatly there is still a problem with this DB :/ and Playoff thing in general... its still if for example if team "A" wins regular season, but after playoff they finished the season in second position, they still go to champions league as a season winners :// as i said before, the europe places should be decided after plaoff and all games played but not after regular season :/
  • Weiry1's avatar
    Yes of course, you can private message on here if you'd like to help out :)
  • WigoFM's avatar
    jeeeeeeeesus thanks maaan!!! i will test it and post if everything is ok! THANK YOU!!! :) p.s. i can help with db info in the future if you need :)
  • Weiry1's avatar
    Update: Fixed squad rules and fixed continental qualification places (teams now qualify for Europe after the 33 games instead of the 28 games) - thanks to ratio1618 and Afro_Stud for assistance
  • WigoFM's avatar
    ill put some screen shot how it shows in the game...[/img]

    here you can see how it shows 2 times in the league rules :/ so its just need to be deleted from regular season... and teams sorting for now its not decided yet... but very possible that could be a 10 teams in upcoming season... ill post about it when it will be anounced :)
  • Weiry1's avatar
    Thanks to be honest I didn't even realise that it was deciding it after 28 games and not taking the split into account. The editor is really strange this year but I'll do my best to get fixed soon.

    Also if you have all the team/league placements for 2020 give me a message and I'll update all the leagues to the 2020 season.
  • WigoFM's avatar
    Yes! the final places and table is sorted after full season 33 games... then 1st goes to champions league and 2nd,3rd and 4th goes to europe league qualifications... (nothing is decided after 28 games!) thats the main issue! if you could fix that that could be the best DB of the year :)
  • Weiry1's avatar
    I'll look into it. So you mean teams qualify for Europe after the 33 games?
  • WigoFM's avatar
    That would be amazing database but can you fix couple of things??? 1) continental promotion rules... there is no promotion places after league (28 games) all 4 promotion places decided after full season when 33 games played 2) squad size of 25 player 3) squad selection rules - no more than 4 non european players in the squad 4) SQUAD but not a match rule is that SQUAD must have at least 4 players trained in nation before 21 year old... please 5) switch stumbras to DZIUGAS they will be in A league... please please please :)
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