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FM21 Real Ajax Staff

A tool to repair AFC Ajax / Jong Ajax Staff

By Updated on May 09, 2021   25030 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 5992 / Added: 2020-11-25
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Real Ajax Staff
09.05 Update 21.4 patch

30/11 Data Update

The board of directors has been reduced with the staff really active, it was not possible with the editor to insert financial roles but the members will still have a weight in the decisions of the club

Added all the missing important staff characters such as Reiziger Heitinga Vanenburg etc

For every single person belonging to the staff, if available, player history, non-player history, palmares have been added in addition to the verification of some skills

In addition to the main team staff, three additional mini staffs have been created for Jong Ajax, Ajax U19, Ajax U18 respectively

The Ajax Database now contains over 4000 changes


A tool to repair AFC Ajax / Jong Ajax Staff

- Management staff added
- Technical staff added
- Added Players in Jong Ajax

NB. The current squad has been included in Jong Ajax, by default the game could move some players

The editor files must be copied in this path:
C: / Users / "username" / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2021 / editor data *
* if this folder does not exist, you must create it yourself, paying attention to the spaces and the small letters

All Credits reserved FM Fans ™

Download Now
Downloads: 5992 / Added: 2020-11-25
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Discussion: FM21 Real Ajax Staff

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • Arla2002's avatar
    Can you make a new version of this file for FM22?
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    sorry guys personal problems, now files are online ;)
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    they are part of the main team under "Development Center", the staff has been placed but like all youth teams they are not controllable
  • Gladio's avatar
    How do you get U19 as well as U18 team ??
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    A lot are reporting problems for the redirection of the download, we believe it is the button that creates this inconvenience, however to make things easier we have put the direct link to the download at the top of the topics. The pages are in English and the file to download is attached at the bottom of the page. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you all for the reports ;)
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    no one forces you to download it if you think it is useless, the download problems are related to the button and now we have made the direct link available. However, there is a beautiful completely free site called Steam, you can download the editor for free and proceed to create the files yourself so maybe you avoid free and misplaced insults. Good day
  • KreWL's avatar
    Why bother making this if the stats are absolute shit. Thx for the effort but no thx for the fucking waste of time for the download.
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    should be evaluated during the career if they have an impact, certainly on the budget ah ah XD
  • ThijsFrank's avatar
    Yeah, I get the lack of roles. But when I start a career, the overload of directors/scouts will not influence my actions in the save? Otherwise I think it would be better to remove some of them. And of course the changes from performance manager to trainer etc.
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    the problem is the lack of roles in football manager and sometimes they have to be interpreted. All the directors are part of the board of directors and there is no voice on the matter, as well as many of the youth observers as you said they do not have a voice on the matter. As well as others such as Witschge who does not have a position in football manager. The lack of roles is a big limitation of the game. The source I used is the transfermarkt organization chart
  • ThijsFrank's avatar
    Great addition to the game. Really appreciate it!

    I got some advice on the roles of some people:
    Michael Reiziger is missing, but he is the assistent-manager of Ajax
    Christian Poulsen is also an assistent-manager.
    Winston Bogarde is on Ajax B, but is an assistent-manager for the first team IRL
    Richard Witschge is a regular trainer
    Heino Otto is regular trainer for Ajax Youth
    Niels Wijne is Head of Medical Staff
    Bjorn Rekelhof is Head of Performance Analyst
    You've added 7 directors at Ajax. IRL, they are just people who look if everything goes alright, but have no power to do actions. Not sure if how their role is in the game. If they have an influencial role in the game, I would take them out personally.
    Menno Gielen is Chief Marketing
    Susan Lenderink (female) is Chief Finance
    Pim van Dord is retired
    Leo van Wijk is retired -> Replaced bij Frank Eijken.
    I'm not sure if Ajax actually has so many First Team scouts. I think you also added the Youth Scouts, as Peter van der Hengst, Co Jager, Marco van Haaften, Eric Tammer and Urbain Haesaert
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    unfortunately it is not possible to export only a part from the editor, from what I know
  • jaspergie's avatar
    Yes, I know. I think your file is great!

    But do you think it is possible to export all the ajax staff from the FM20 Editor (this will include their entire cotnract history, national games history etc) and then import it into the FM21 editor?
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    the Ajax staff have been completely ousted by football manager, I don't know why, it's a minimal attempt to reintegrate them into the game. I don't know the history of the society not living it so I limited myself to the sources that I find on the net about the composition (see on transfermarkt), without any kind of personal interpretation as I don't have the skills. It's a start and I understand very well what you mean, the problem lies in the licenses of the game, in addition to all the limits of the editor (some positions are not available and must be interpreted)
  • jaspergie's avatar
    Yeah, I have it now. Somehow I was redirected to the forum homepage before, weird!

    Another question: how did you make these additional changes and export it into one file that you can add via the path you mention and editor tool?

    The file is a great start, but lacking some information (club history etc, but also some good -19 staff such as John Heitinga as far as I can see). I would like to make more changes and then even maybe share it again?
  • Il Marchese del Grillo™'s avatar
    no need log in our forum ;)

  • jaspergie's avatar
    EDIT: Nevermind, after logging in I was redirected to the download page correctly!

    Where can I download the file? The button redirects to an italian forum, where I cannot find the ajax database file.
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