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CONMEBOL Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.4

Leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the CONMEBOL (South America). (for Official 24.3.0 Database only)

By Updated on May 24, 2024   17916 views   30 comments
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Downloads: 4777 / Size: 99.5 kB / Added: 2023-12-08
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - CONMEBOL Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.4
Hello everyone,

here is the league pack for all nations/federations in South America.

! for Official 24.3.0 Update Database only !
Creating the world is a very time consuming task, and I do not have the time to support and test all databases. So I am going with the latest version only. The bright side is that it is for free. Tips are more than welcome though :-)

This file contains leagues and cups in real formats for (nearly) all member federations of the CONMEBOL.

please see the readme.html for details.

- Uruguay (URU): fixed registration in Primera Division Amateur.
- Venezuela (VEN): added format for Primera Division changes for 2024 onwards: Apertura / Clausura.
- Venezuela (VEN): added Copa Venezuela, starts in 2024.
- PAR, VEN: fixed disappearing Apertura and Clausura league names.
- Many Nations: set professional status for most top tiers to prevent teams going semi-professional
- Peru (PER): schedule fix for Liga 2 (2024 onwards). Previously calendar got clogged up because 2 stages used the same dates, now the 2 stages have seperate real date ranges.
- All Nations: updated to 24.3 database
- All Nations: fixed registration issue where teams would mostly register their youth players for competitions with groups/subcompetitions.
- Bolivia (BOL): added 2024 format.
- Chile (CHL): added 2024 format for Tercera Division A
- Peru (PER): added 2024 format for Liga 2

I wish you a lot of success in your managerial adventures in South America.

Master Igor.

(other packs: here is an overview)

Download Now
Downloads: 4777 / Size: 99.5 kB / Added: 2023-12-08
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Discussion: CONMEBOL Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.4

30 comments have been posted so far.

  • No Totti No Party's avatar
    Thank you! Excited to play in Ecuador
  • Cherni's avatar
    @Masterlgor: Hello, here you have the link to the format, , I left you another one there and thank you very much bro for the work
  • AiZaK's avatar
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @Cherni: thanks for pointing out. I will make an update to the league. As for Copa Venezuela, do you have a link? It seems to not have taken place since 2019.
  • Cherni's avatar
    Greetings for the next installation, you can modify the first division of Venezuela, reduce the team to 14 and add opening and closing to the first and the Venezuelan Cup, thank you and excellent work
  • Azrael's avatar
    @Tinchouru please read the readme.html file linked in the post for details.
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Minor update to CONMEBOL to fix disappearing Apertura and Clausura names for Paraguay and Venezuela.
    I also set professional status for some leagues to prevent teams from going semi-professional in those leagues.
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @FTorres_18: I can confirm, it's the same issue I had with cup names disappearing in CONCACAF pack. The reason is that the names disappear after saving and loading a game, for competitions that don't have a short name set. I can fix this, but will check all Apertura/Clausura competitions in case there are more missing short names.
  • Tinchouru's avatar
    Hola buenas tardes, la liga de Uruguay con todas sus divisiones está
  • FTorres_18's avatar
    Hi, thanks for this database. i sim 3 year and have several issue with the history and trophy for some league, the trophy just blank in club honours when they win open and closing stage, i hope you can check and fix it,

    - paraguay primera division
    - venezuela segunda division
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @AiZaK Thanks
  • AiZaK's avatar
    The archives are compatible, dont worry
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Maybe a stupid question but FM24 got updated to 24.4 recently. Does that mean that your leagues do not work anymore?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    yes, schedule was wrong. I used the same dates for both phases.. I fixed it now, first stage will be from april to july, 2nd stage from august until september. Looks much better now.
    Thanks for reporting. I will post a fix soon
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @akapawpaw, I will take a look at the schedule settings. As for tips, you can see a link in the readme :)
  • akapawpaw's avatar
    Hi MasterIgor. First of all thanks for your hard work doing this! I'm playing a Peruvian Liga 2 save right now and the scheduling of the phases is off.

    The First Phase (with North & South groups) starts in late April whereas IRL it started 2 weeks earlier. Also the duration of the First Phase is way bigger than needed for only 18 matchdays. The second phase then has 10 matchdays in less than one month, with teams playing literally every other day during this span of time. If the First Phase is shorter & the second phase is longer I think this issue could be fixed.

    Other than that this database is literally perfect and I'm so in love with it. Thanks for your hard work again! If you have a PayPal or account I'd love to throw a tip your way!
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    no, like I mentioned in the readme: Brazil D has different teams every season and they qualify from the State Championships. This would mean I would have to add 2 more tiers, 20+ leagues and teams. That would mean 1) too much effort and 2) compared to other countries, Brazil would be very large and disproportionate.
  • andrealves_10's avatar
    Thanks masterigor, no brazil serie D?
  • AiZaK's avatar
    MasterIgor are going to do all countries in the world???

    Thanks a lot!!
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Yes it will be updated to 24.3.
    Link is not working because my account got deleted. The update will again have a working link.
  • Azrael's avatar
    Link is not working.
  • BartySo's avatar

    will this be updated for FM 24.3?
  • tara's avatar
    This is great. thank you.
  • ScoRoss's avatar
    Link doesn't appear to be working
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Liga MX is already in the game. When I do CONCACAF, the plan is to have a look at it and use the real 2023 format. There seems to be no promotion/relegation between the Liga MX and the Liga Expansion and this is a temporary arrangement. So I am not yet sure what to do with it. Maybe I will make the reality, or maybe I will make 2 variants.

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