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OFC Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.3 (with Coefficients)

Leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the OFC (Oceania). (for Official 24.3.0 Database only)

By Updated on May 24, 2024   12133 views   14 comments
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Downloads: 3048 / Size: 218.4 kB / Added: 2024-01-03
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - OFC Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.3 (with Coefficients)
Hello everyone,

here is the league pack for all nations/federations in Oceania.

Starting from v24.3, there is the option to use coefficients for the continental cups, so changes to the nation slots may occur over time.

! for Official 24.3.0 Update Database only !
Creating the world is a very time consuming task, and I do not have the time to support and test all databases. So I am going with the latest version only. The bright side is that it is for free. Tips are more than welcome though :-)

This file contains leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the OFC.

please see the readme.html for details.

- Continental Cups: now using 5 year coefficients (starts after 3rd year)
- New Zealand (NZL): refactored into 1 file, eliminated 3rd tier because of chance that leagues can become depleted
- Tuvalu (TUV): fixed qualification for Independence Cup (was random)
- Vanuatu (VAN): minor changes how National League is displayed
- all Nations: Update to 24.3 database
- all Nations: Fixed registration issue causing teams to register only youth players (happened for competitions with groups/subcompetitions)
- all Nations: refactored qualification to the OFC Champions League
- OFC / OFC_ALL : refactored qualifications to the OFC Champions League
- OFC / OFC_ALL : in 2023 the real life teams play in the OFC Champions League (with the exception of Sia-Raga from Vanuatu because that team is by default disabled in the game)
- New Zealand: split into 3 files to avoid rare anomalies with promotions in regional subdivisions, please only use 1 file and read the readme.html
- New Zealand: National League no longer runs as parent competition, this enables a better view of all subleagues
- New Zealand: better handling of Wellington Phoenix Reserves, they will not end up in another league
- New Zealand: removed foreigner rule for Wellington Phoenix Reserves (because main team is in Australia, all players were otherwise listed as foreigners)

I wish you lots of success in your managerial adventures in Oceania.

Master Igor.

(other packs: here is an overview)

Download Now
Downloads: 3048 / Size: 218.4 kB / Added: 2024-01-03
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Discussion: OFC Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.3 (with Coefficients)

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • AiZaK's avatar
    MasterIgor you are amazing!!
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    by popular demand, here are my plans for Europe:
    - a first release which will add only new countries which are not yet in the game. These are about 20 countries. I started yesterday.
    - a second release which will expand a few leagues. Not all, because if there are already a lot of tiers in the game itself I see not much value in adding more. (it would also consume a lot of time)

    I can not say how long it will take me because I have not researched all of them yet. But it will certainly be a few weeks until release #1.
    The advantage is that european leagues are well documented on internet, but they also have a lot of competitions, and rules, etc.
    And of course I aim to be as realistic and tested as much as possible because quality is important to me.

    That's it. best regards. Igor.
  • AiZaK's avatar
    Yes, I think he is working on that
  • ThePawnStarRick's avatar
    @[email protected] they never released that and that's the last continent they're doing and is in the works
  •'s avatar

    Is there a chance that the European leagues will be updated to 24.3 anytime soon ?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Aizak, it is possible to edit that I think, but it is not something I plan to do because my focus is adding national leagues. I don't make international competitions and continental only when the formats are incorrect. I simply dont have time.
  • AiZaK's avatar
    MasterIgor, would be possible that Russian teams can play again in Champions League, Europa League, Conference,...??? And Russia (the country) can play again in World Cup, Eurocup,...???
  • AiZaK's avatar
    Igor, your work is amazing, I am waiting you finish Europe and I will start a new career, THANKS A LOT!!
  • ThePawnStarRick's avatar
    Get your needed rest. I'll be waiting patiently for when the rest of Europe is playable. Your work is appreciated
  • ThePawnStarRick's avatar
    @MastorIgor it worked fine for me I saw that there were 3 NZL files in your readme and picked which one to use
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    hello I have heard multiple times now that NZL does not load. I am totally puzzled because it works fine on my end, and also my test person has not reported such a problem.
    Do you load any other files (from other editors) by any chance? Or anything which may hint as to why this problem occurs? Do other files from OFC load?
    Unfortunately I cannot really debug FM because I am not part of SI, so I am not sure how to help with this one :-(
  • pelayitokitkat's avatar
    New Zealand doesnt load and i hope you add africa thanks
  • Alexcab10's avatar
    Hi! I can't load New Zealand! How can I solve?
  • Alexcab10's avatar
    Hi! Thanks for the file. Now you make Europe?
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