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CONCACAF Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.5 (with Coefficients)

Leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the CONCACAF (North and Central America). (for Official 24.3.0 Database only)

By Updated on May 24, 2024   19447 views   53 comments
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Downloads: 4185 / Size: 406.0 kB / Added: 2024-01-26
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - CONCACAF Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.5 (with Coefficients)
Hello everyone,

here is the league pack for all nations/federations in North America, Central Americ and the Caribbean.

From v24.5, there is the option to use 5 year coefficients for the continental cups (Caribbean & Central America only). The coefficients start being used after the 3rd year. So expect changes to the allocation of qualifying slots after that.
It was very hard to get this right for CONCACAF and I had to use a LOT of tricks to get it working at all. Please see the readme.html for more details.

! for Official 24.3.0 Update Database only !
Creating the world is a very time consuming task, and I do not have the time to support and test all databases. So I am going with the latest version only. The bright side is that it is for free. Tips are more than welcome though :-)

This file contains leagues and cups in real formats for all member federations of the CONCACAF.
I also added a file for the CONCACAF Continental Cups, which I strongly recommend to use because the original game rules have issues.

please see the readme.html for details.

- Added Coefficients to the continental competitions for Central America and Caribbean.
- Canada (CAN): fixed registrations in League1
- USA: fixed history of USL Championship and USL Division 1
- Bermuda (BER): fixed match rules for old/young players
- Aruba (ARU): fixed missing history and views of Gold/Silver League
- Mexico (MEX): fixed registration and dates for Liga Premier A
- US Virgin Islands (VIR): refactored to enable more than 2 teams qualifying for continental cups. Fixed missing history.
- Nicaragua (NCA): hide stage used for ranking (no impact on actual league format)
- Costa Rica (CRC): fixed double entry in history when grand final was not necessary
- CRC, NCA: fixed vanishing cup names after loading a save game
- CAY, DOM: optimizations of youth/reserve teams for better squads (by DaveIncid)
- All Nations & Continental Cups: Update to Database 24.3.0
- Continental: Fixed match rules for continental cups (previously all had the Canadian rules limitations)
- Continental: Leagues Cup now takes place every year (not every 2 years) - I changed update day for Continental Cups to Jun 30 to achieve this
- All Nations: Fixed registration issue causing teams to register only youth players (happened for competitions with groups/subcompetitions)
- Barbados (BRB): format for 2024 added: 2023 season transitions from 12 teams to 10 teams in 2024
- Cayman Islands (CAY): changed update day to june 30 (was august 31). This fixes Cayman Islands qualification to continental cup in same year
- Added tv money for Central American Nations
- added reserve teams where missing, this reduces the size of the senior squad: AIA, ATG, BAH, BRB, CAN, CAY, CRC, DOM, GUY, LCA, PAN, SMN, SXM, TCA, TRI, VGB and VIR
- Changed Panamu U-20 teams (in 2nd tier) type from B team to U20
- CONCACAF Central American Cup: added real prize money
- CONCACAF Champions Cup: prize money is set to increase 5 times, but details not available so I was creative and will update using the exact amounts when it is published

I would like to thank:
- Nuno from Portugal for research and testing
- Lars for testing and feedback
- DaveIncid for testing and advice

I wish you a lot of success in your managerial adventures in the Americas.

Master Igor.

(other packs: here is an overview)

Download Now
Downloads: 4185 / Size: 406.0 kB / Added: 2024-01-26
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Discussion: CONCACAF Leagues for FM24 by MasterIgor v24.5 (with Coefficients)

53 comments have been posted so far.

  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor Thank you for all those updates. If i use another USA file does that conflict with all the other CONCACAF files from you including the Concacaf file?
  • No Totti No Party's avatar
    Thank you for your work, it's nice to round off South Amerika!
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor You are absolutely right about your Turks and Caicos research. My bad!
    The 2023 CONCACAF Champions Cup winner is not Léon from Mexico but another team. In fact.. everytime i start a new career and try it again it has a different winner. Did i do something wrong?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @CieWolf1970: it is based on my research:

    5 teams only. No Beaches FC. I always try to consult multiple sources if available. If you have more accurate information please send me a link.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor Your Turks and Caicos Premier League has only 5 teams while in real as far as i know there are 6 teams. Beaches FC is missing or am i missing something?
  • asvpbrvn's avatar
    @MasterIgor that’s awesome glad it’s working. And the coefficients displaying isnt a big problem if it’s working
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @asvpbrvn: It seems to be working but I am currently doing a couple of large simulations to check if everything seems allright.
    The only thing I didn't manage to do, was that the coefficients are displayed somewhere. So it's a bit blind actually, but working.
  • asvpbrvn's avatar
    @MasterIgor how is the coefficients going for CONCACAF and OFC?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @CieWolf1970: I don't know it in detail, but I think it will work. From the description that changes data about players, and not competitions.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor I understand and thank you for clarifying. One last question for now.. are your leagues compatible wit Legends Of The Beautifil Game?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @CieWolf1970: they appear, and the stages are created and matches are played. If something is wrong, there will be no stages or matches.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor Thank you for responding. And by start you mean that they appear in the game when i search for them?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    CieWolf1970, sorry but I dont have the time to do such an investigation. But dont worry about it too much. If all the leagues and cups start and run then it is okay.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    I see. So it is a country issue and not a league or continent one? May i send you a list of my editor data to check if they might cause problems with yours?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    I sometimes had to add or remove a team from a league to reflect reality and the leagues have the correct number of teams, so problems might occur if other editor files also do this.

    Dave's realism pack is compatible, we do not touch the same areas or it has no impact. I am in touch with Dave regularly and he also is testing my files.

    I have not yet contact with Nik33 and I have not yet tried his files so I cant be sure, but from the descriptions of his packs it seems to me that we also touch different areas.
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    @MasterIgor Thank you for responding. With other editor files you mean cups and so on? Or also files from Daveincid and Nik33?
  • AsapeRocchio's avatar
    @MasterIgor Thank you very much for all these files! I'm gonna look forward to manage on every continent of the world. But I have one question. Are your files compatible with DaveIncid's Increase Realism Packs? Thank you
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @CieWolf1970: you can choose what you like. You dont need all.
    The only thing to be careful about is mixing my files with other editor files that change the database for those same countries. Might work, but might as well not
  • asvpbrvn's avatar
    @MasterIgor that is fine. if you can fix it then take your time :)
  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Do i need all the concaf leagues from you or can i use which ones i want together with other league mods?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    @McKripie and asvpbrvn, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will try to find a solution but i fear it wont be easy. I may experiment with using the coefficients, but at this moment I dont know if that will work.
  • asvpbrvn's avatar
    @MasterIgor That is true below. I was doing a 100 year simulation with only CONCACAF Leagues and the league reputations stayed static. I was planning on doing a build a nation in CONCACAF now it is impossible due to this.
  • McKripie's avatar
    hi @MasterIgor. First of all thank you for all your packs. I know how time consuming it is to research and make all of this leagues (sometimes with zero to none information to be found), but it really brings a lot of joy to the minion nation lovers like me.

    I believe that the CONCACAF and OFC files (the ones for the continental competitions) break the leagues' reputation. When using your files the reputation becomes static, and leagues will not improve or decrease on their reputation value. Which breaks the whole idea of having leagues being able to get more qualifying spots.

    Doing some research online I believe it is a know issue when creating new continental rules, but i could not find a way to fix it unfortunately.

    None the less, I rather have a nice working format than the vanilla competitions. But for those looking for a building a nation type of save in countries like the British Virgin Islands, it will not work as intended.

    If you have some ideas or need some help I can give you a hand with testing, just let me know!
  • Alexandar's avatar
    @Masterigor i already got the solution, you just need to add pickering fc on the league and it worked well for me, thanks yoda, just wondering have you planning to make europe expansion ?
  • MasterIgor's avatar
    Hello, at the moment I have some other priorities but I will check in a week or 2.

    @kalebENRH: did you use database 24.0 or 24.3? I remember that there was a team change in that league for the update. Please note my files only work with 24.3.
    If you delete my file you will be able to play with in game canada

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