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10 signs you are a Football Manager addict

By on Nov 15, 2019   7752 views   5 comments
Opinion - 10 signs you are a Football Manager addict
We all love and enjoy Football Manager, whether you're playing some of the newer Football Manager releases or some of the older Championship Managers sometimes - and by sometimes I mean a lot of the times - we cross the line and can't handle ourselves. If YOU are suffering from some of the symptoms mentioned in this article, know that you're not alone.

This is MY 10 most common signs you are addicted to a Football Manager game, and if you have any more suggestions, make sure you leave them down in the comments!


1. You know clubs and players none of your friends have ever heard of

We all know that feeling when you have finally come out of your room, finally took an hour long break from FM and decided to go out with your friends. When you meet with them, you already mix up the name of your bald friend with 25 bald regens from your FM save, you all have a seat and talk begins. Everyone is talking about some real life stuff, everyone is having a great time, instead of you, you really want to tell them a story of how you've managed to get a 7th tier Polish side to the Champions League final, and then lost on penalties to Real Madrid. Silence suddenly appears and you feel like this is the right moment to tell them the story... as soon as you say the name of your side the questions begin... ''What?!'', ''What's their name?!'', ''Wait what's the name of the game?!'', ''What are you on about?!'' and etc. You finish your story and realise everyone's worried about the state of your life, silence continues for the next couple of minutes, and you wonder if you really needed this in your life, and count the number of games you could've played instead of going outside to socialise.

2.You mix regens with real life players

You've finished your twenty-year-long save, you've won everything, had a great time and feel like it's time to start off a new Football Manager save. You load a new save, and start making your tactic and going through your team. You found the weak links, you've listed the players you don't want to use and it's time to sign someone. You need a striker, you can't think of many good signings and boom, you've come up with a great name, you're excited, you know he's got a €500,000 release clause, you're searching his name... - nothing. You're checking if you've made a typo... - nothing. You're checking if you've loaded the nation to the save... - still everything is perfect. And then a light from above hits you in the head, he's NOT A REAL PLAYER. You're now thinking of whether you actually want to continue your save but then... you remember... there's a great ''Wonderkid'' list on FMScout ;) .

3. You skip school/work/gym just to play Football Manager

We've all been there ladies and gentleman. The story goes like this... It's late in the evening, you're entering the January transfer window... you're fighting for that top spot in the league, you've already shortlisted the players you want to buy... but there's a problem... you're a human being and there's stuff you have to do - or is there hehe ;) ?
Yep, you guessed it, you suddenly have a bad headache, sore throat and an awful flu. You're ringing your boss and you've already planned everything you're gonna say like this is the board meeting and you need extra cash for that ONE player you really need. Everything has gone great, you're free of work for tomorrow, you continue playing because... you can sleep whenever you like.

4. You suit up to play Football Manager

Only true businessmans will know this one. You've finally reached that Champions League Final, it's a special day - and what's a special day if you're not wearing a suit and tie right? I've even heard if you suit up, you have a greater chance of winning, but - don't tell anyone ;).

5. ''Just one more game and I'm off to sleep''

This one is pretty self-explanatory, isn't it guys? ;)

6. All of a sudden you are the biggest 'Svetkavitsa Targoviste'' supporter

You had an amazing save with a random club, you've spent 20 years as their manager, won domestic cups, titles, you even won the most prestigious continental title. You feel connected to the club. You've set them as the ''Favourite'' on football results apps. Then one morning you get woken up by a notification... still half asleep you check and you're angry but proud. You're angry at the fact that you've just been woken up and in 2 hours you have to go to work, but deep down, you're proud because your ''beloved'' club has won a league match.

7. You change your opinion on players/coaches depending on your Football Manager relationships with them

We all did this, and we're still doing this. If the other manager is talking bad about you, you're going to change your view about them in real life. If a player constantly wants a new contract, wants a move to a bigger club, moans about training... or basically anything, you're gonna think they're acting like that in real life. We, managers, take Football Manager very seriously (like it's meant to be taken), but sometimes, we forget it's not actually real life :P .

8. ''I've signed him before any of you knew him''

Bragging... we're the experts at it. We absolutely admire it. We've all signed that ''next thing'' wonderkid, from Argentina, made him a world-beater won everything with him, and then sold him for big money... but we kept it to ourselves. Now that player (in real life) has gone to a big club, started to show the world how good he really is and all of a sudden ''weaklings'' are talking about him. That's where we come in play... ''I've signed him before you even known him'', ''he was my best player 3 years ago on Football Manager'' etc. Are these lines familiar to you, managers? :P

9. The terms ''Regista'', ''Libero'', and ''Trequartista'' are perfectly normal to you

Other people flex with money, clothes, watches, cars, girls... but we... we love the knowledge. If someone mentions Thomas Muller be sure we're trying our hardest to pronounce ''Raumdeuter'', if someone mentions Pirlo, be sure we're hitting that 80 yard ''Regista'' diagonal, if someone mentions Beckenbauer, be sure we're making that two foot ''Libero'' slide tackle. We are people of great knowledge, and we love that. At that moment, we're the proudest man in the room (we're not only IF - our Football Manager addict dad is in the same room looking at his son dropping knowledge bombs :P )

10. You're writing/reading this blog

I'll leave it at that :P

Few end words:

If you've reached the end of this article, I would like to thank you for reading this. If you have any other suggestions, you can leave them in the comments and make sure you share it with your FM addict friends :P . Let them know they're not alone.

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Discussion: 10 signs you are a Football Manager addict

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • Raymond_Calderon's avatar
    I wonder when they begin to appear in beginners?
  • aghoribaba's avatar
    Played to much single game after some times or days we start analyzing in real life same as its. Nice article.
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  • WesleySneijder's avatar
    Most of these apply to myself and the older games, however, I do recall a while ago when a group (whether it was SI or not I don't know) set up a hotline intended for people who were so distraught about losing in FM they just needed someone to talk to.

    We've also seen examples of people getting jobs at small football clubs just for sending in their FM profile.
  • Eoin97's avatar
    You know you've played too much FM when you start analysing real life games as you do in FM
  • TheLFCFan's avatar
    When you know you have played too much of the beta already and are scared to look at the number of hours played.
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