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Barca's 4-5-1

Fluid Possession Based Football

By Updated on Apr 05, 2011   41633 views   1 comments
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Hello everyone,
I like different approaches to the game and use 2 or 3 tactics in a season. At first, I generally make my tactic considering best players available to me. Then I go on shaping my squad. I have been using this tactic for almost 2 years. Looking its name, one must not think that this is an uber tactic because I personally do not like unrealistic formations, which you can not apply present football, too, and this tactic does not guarantee every match a win of course. However, my teams like possession and I improved this tactic to reflect the gameplay of barca's beautiful football. Lastly, I must say that I did not create this tactic but found on the net last year and worked on it, specifically on set pieces and player roles a bit.

Well, lets look at what are player roles. Firstly, this tactic requires some creativity spread through all players, not much in defense but some in MF and good in attackers. Wingers are inside forwards and it'd be great both of them have good shooting ability. There will be a lot of through balls and some passing ability increases the effectiveness of this tactic. I prefer a pacey striker with good technique because I have seen my striker challenged the keeper many times.

Secondly, MFs with good passing and work rate will suit very nice to this tactic. The right MF plays the role of deep lying playmaker and the left MF is advanced playmaker or much like attacking MF. The left MF is especially effective on creating chances for himself or his attacking partners. You can think of him as iniesta of your team. The defensive MF aims mainly through balls to forward teammates and operates between defense, MF and AMC. He has some freedom to move in the MF.

The DCs are classical DCs responsible for defending duties. Again, my right DC has the PM ''Tires Long Range Passes'' which is good for my team. The right fullback is rather stays behind and waits for the chance to go forward. The left fullback plays more like an offensive wingback supporting the left inside forward.

The goalkeeper... Yes he is sweeping goalkeeper:) This may not be surprising because many players will roam from their positions and there will be space for rivals to exploit. Thus keeper sometimes must go out of his area to sweep through balls. Of course, he will benefit from high ratings of concentration and decisions, physically acceleration and a bit of pace and agility are welcomed, too.

The tactic, in fact, includes three sets, defensive, offensive and standard play or control play. the main difference between each other is time wasting rate. All three utilizes counter attacking game considering the amount of long balls from defensive players.

All in all, I suggest you make some changes on the tactic according to your own squad. The tactic may turn into 4-2-3-1 asymmetrical as I did sometimes when my left winger is injured in a match and I did not have an adequate backup. Corners are random because I put DCs different positions and striker in a different position. Also I used a player with short option and sometimes my AMC crossed a nice ball and one of my DCs scored. It may not be a bad game if rival team gets the possession because the tactic also uses counter attacking game and it'd be just better to make sure your defensive players are not on their bad days. Generally, I replied with good counter attacks when the rival team has more possession.

I used this tactic with my galatasary and got good results against higher teams. I may not reply fast because I study chem and it takes sometime but I will be here 2-3 times in a week to check out new threads.

Hope you enjoy.

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Downloads: 582 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2011-04-05
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Discussion: Barca's 4-5-1

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