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The Angeball v3.0

After a shaky transition to FM24, some tinkering has brought stability to this fun attacking formation inspired by Ange Postecoglou.

By on Nov 01, 2023   19578 views   3 comments
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Football Manager 2024 Tactics - The Angeball v3.0
I transferred my save from FM23 over half way through the 41/42 season and, after some tinkering, I am ready to share this revised Angeball tactic.

After 13 years as Salford manager which culminated in becoming the PL champions for 4 consecutive seasons, I had moved to Juve where I implemented The Angeball. With Juve I reclaimed the scudetto from Napoli and won the Champions League in my third season, beating Pep's Salford in the final.

At this point I decided a real challenge was in order to finish off the save, so I took the vacant job at Montpellier with the goal of usurping PSG who had won 19 Ligue 1 title in a row. It took about 10 matches for the team to adapt to The Angeball, then we took off winning 9 in a row.

At this point FM24, was released so I transferred over and found the tactic was quite unstable, conceding too many chances and more goals, but I hung on while making adjustments to player instruction and took the title from PSG. I then continued to tinker during a second successful Ligue 1 season and now the tactic is ready to share.

Tactic Overview:

High-Pressure Play: Angeball emphasizes an unyielding press, reducing the opponent's time on the ball, quickly regaining possession, and transitioning rapidly from defense to offense​.

Short Passing and Swift Ball Movement: Once possession is regained, players are instructed to engage in short passing, moving the ball swiftly across the field. This tactic employs a high level of creative freedom, allowing players to switch positions and exploit spaces, creating numerous goal-scoring opportunities​​.

High Defensive Line: A high defensive line is maintained to ensure that the majority of gameplay occurs in the opponent's territory, applying continuous pressure and making it difficult for opponents to build attacks​.

Player Roles and Adjustments:

Inverted Wingbacks: Defensive midfielders are retrained as Inverted Wingbacks who push into midfield, dictating the tempo and controlling the game flow​.

Defensive Considerations:

Vulnerability to Counter-Attacks: This high-risk tactic can leave a team vulnerable to counter-attacks. Therefore, having pacy center-backs is essential to mitigate the threat posed by quick counter-attacking opponents​​.

The ultimate goal of employing the Angeball tactic is to relentlessly outgun the opposition in a thrilling goal fest, creating a spectacle of goals while keeping the game's tempo high and the action focused predominantly in the opponent's half​.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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Downloads: 2607 / Size: 42.9 kB / Added: 2023-11-01
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Discussion: The Angeball v3.0

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • lowerleagues's avatar
    Going away against big sides can leave you exposed and I often concede when they've only had a couple of chances. I've had some success switching to balanced and switching the IWBs to defensive but as you can see from the results you can get beaten heavily against a strong side. Most recently I have been switching to an school 451for big away days and I've had some success, getting to the CL final. I went for it in the final and lost 3-1!
  • Phleanix's avatar
    I think I'm going to "mix" this with another Angeball tactic I've been using.

    This would be perfect against the "lesser" teams as it has the two AMs.
    The RDF version uses 1DM and 2CMs which I think it a bit more solid for playing the "bigger" teams.

    I like the look of this though... love that I can now alternate as needed! :D
  • mali's avatar
    amazing , went from losing 3:0 to winning 6:4
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