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Transfers Tips

By Updated on May 13, 2008   16708 views   4 comments
most of you surely know how to handle transfers in FM 08. BUT I still think there are a few that might learn a bit .

a few tips on how to buy players(cheaper).

know signing players isn't that hard as people think in FM. and you dont always need loads of money either.

the first thing that many I suppose do is make a massive shortlist before even pressing continue on a new game.

and you will probably have a really good look at your first team and the reserves, to see which players you need where to strengthen etc etc.

so if you need around 4-5 players, and they need to be quite so good then you should take time to sign your players.

the players you will get easily are the ones you have scouted and with the interest of signing for your club.

now there will be players chased by many clubs and when a player is chased by many clubs his asking price will be lowered.

and if you look at the team you are buying him from you might see that they have a small squad and really really need that player and will only sell him if you are too pay stupid amount of money.

so if you are too sign only 1-2 players then go for the best ones and get some cash out there.

but many need more than 3 players and its easier to go for those who really are interested in signing for your club. in that way you can show a bit of interest in him and he will be flattered and wanting to come. in that way the selling club will lower his price a bit because the player wants to leave. in that way you can get him for a cheaper price.

the most easiest players to get are the ones wanted by many clubs. their price will be lowered quite much. for an example if there is a player worth 7 million, he might otherwise have a asking price of 15+ million, but you don't want to pay more than 11 m. then if he is chased by many clubs and/or would "love" to come to your team, then after you have shown interest in him.

go for a bid of 10 m. they will most probably not accept. but the asking price will most probably be around 12-13 by now.

then you bid for 11 m, maybe a few clauses, the best clause is a for a player under 24, its the "percentage back after next sale", just take 50%, for the selling club it is something good, because u might sell him for 20 and they will get 10.
but you will probably not sell him anyway.

so your bid of 11 m will most surely be negotiated if not accepted. now negotiate simple as that. in the end you will get him for 11 m, maybe 11.5 or something. but still you can lower the prices really easily.

you don't have to always bid the price given in the scout or in the FMM, or in the game itself.

so this might help for a few newbies that might not take this transfer thing seriously .

by the way, the best thing about fm 08 is that if you go to the board room and make "budget adjustments", you can ask for more money, but your wage will be lowered. that's not a big problem at all. and in that way you can get more money and will most probably have the wages to pay for the players you are trying to buy.

this is really helpful for shit teams, and a average team with not that much money.

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Discussion: Transfers Tips

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  • micah's avatar
    nice one i always splash cash maybe get modric cheaper now
  • _dusan_'s avatar
    Good tips, but it looks pretty bad. Maybe some comma and first letter will do the trick... Also some bold and italic letter will make it look good... Laziness never made anyone do something good Red.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    yepp, im lazy alrite :)
  • Stam's avatar
    that's a great summary of tips =D
    you gotta work more on your formatting, add bold, italics, underline, use lists and such... make it look better. i have the same problem actually, i'm lazy to do it lol
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