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3-5-2 of Antonio Conte for FM14

Iron winning tactics of Antonio Conte for being able to win everywhere and everyone in Football Manager 2014.

By on Nov 30, 2013   107310 views   20 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - 3-5-2 of Antonio Conte for FM14
Prophetic words of Antonio Conte right after the disastrous pre-season games:
We will continue exactly where we were last season, the hunger is still there you must see it in our eyes soon, as long as we have this hunger I will remain here...

I will do the same, I will continue where we were here last season... Just remember this.

"It's not a matter of dignity, it's a matter of credibility". Antonio Conte has no problem to admit his mistake, but tell me honestly, how is it possible one day Conte to be credible and the very next day not? These words reflect the personality of Antonio Conte. He told them very after his initial punishment which was fixed due to the hunger for Juve destabilization.

I keep his words very firm in my mind because they are coming from the mouth of a person who had just been humiliated. But ladies and gentlemen, like it or not THIS IS ANTONIO CONTE. The man who is iron willed and thanks to his determination Juve won the Serie A on the pitch after several years and thanks to HIM Juve still is unbeaten in all the competitions.

Conte was punished, accused and despite he admitted publicly all of his mistakes nobody said, "Bravo Antonio". He carried out all these months an endless crucifying torment without having at least the right to support himself as he should. Banned from the press conference, banned from being able to talk as a Juve coach on TV, banned from every public sport activity. All of these of course with the warm greetings of all the silly protestant hierarchy: UEFA, FIFA, Foreign Football FAs and so on. The same people who trust justice when they heard Conte's initial ban said "Ten months were little but fair", the very same people who declared after the new decision of TNS "We misjudged the situation". Hypocrisy and ridiculous protest-antic parodies in the widest range. So who is not here credible?

For sure not Antonio Conte, because he was punished in both cases. More or less.

This tactic is a lesson for the young coaches. For those guys who think that smooth management, opinion making policy and transfers it's the biggest case. Nonsense, absolutely bollocks. The teams are shaped in the training fields, they are winning trophies in the finals and they give interviews in the press conferences. The pitch is the only mirror which shows what you can or can't do. Only the pitch is showing if one game is fixed or not. And not in any case, sold out pseudo-prosecutors like Palazzi, Ifantino and Co.

An unrelated parenthesis

"We don't celebrate now in October, we never celebrate before the end of the season, now it's too early to think winning of Scudetto"

His response after the celebrations of lifestyle AS Roma celebrations in the middle of

Higuain is like Maradona, another one fake lifestyle impression against Juve.

Where are they now?

Gazzetta is advertising Roma like they've beaten Real in Bernabeu...

Roma leads, bring them in the end of November a package of champagnes to celebrate.

You know obviously what kind of posters these newspapers will have in May, "Tanta Juve",
"Super Campione" etc, etc.

I posted some unrelated images because some smart and objective readers will accuse me
later for empathy, despite that all of these words in newspapers are not mine...

The FM14 Tactic

I include you a unique package of 6 tactics based on 3-5-2 of Conte. It's the most flexible tactic in modern football probably for some simple reasons :
  • Zonal marking is using constantly, no man-to-man and limitations in space
  • Vertical and diagonal game are advocated because of 3-5-2 diagonal assymetries
  • Whole team is moving in block, mostly in 3 competitive well-built blocks

It's not a tactic which is like 3-5-2 of Rehhagel or Ramalho. It combines Italian elegance with solid and brutal counter attacks based on "Space Coverage". Which means the team should remain balanced for 90 mins. Also if you make all these tactics into 5-3-2 by making the DMC as MC - you have in total 12 tactics - without downloading around any kind
of other stuff.

In the screens below, you can see every possible information considering the tactics.

All Rights Reserved

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Downloads: 19842 / Size: 3.8 kB / Added: 2013-11-30
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Discussion: 3-5-2 of Antonio Conte for FM14

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  • Tapred's avatar
    Tyrome: "Good luck with winning the Champions League with Massimiliano Allegri as your coach"

    Roberto.Mancini: "Good luck to juve fans for a new fiasco season .Bad guy ,demanding Conte is out .Now get ready to see the destroyment of the empire in 6 months"

    (Both statements were made 11 months ago. Now Juve made it to the champions league final and dominated the league this season. This just made my day... :D )
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Ofcourse it works ,it works even for FM 2015.
  • Arrigo.Sacchi's avatar
    Does this tactic works on 14.3.1?thanks
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    I am not a Juve fan ...Conte did the right thing ,by ignoring the threats of Agnelli and the blackmailing of Marrotta .Masi has not win a single derby the last two seasons as AC Milan coach .He is not ashamed to have interference in his job even from Barbara Berlusconi .At least Barbara has a relaxing interference in many cases ...Good luck to juve fans for a new fiasco season .Bad guy ,demanding Conte is out .Now get ready to see the destroyment of the empire in 6 months .
  • Tyrome's avatar
    Good luck with winning the Champions League with Massimiliano Allegri as your coach. (Antonio Conte left Juve) BTW i think it would be 6 awesome tactics but i cant download these specific ones....
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Hvala unapred kolega za postovanja u ovom taktiku ;) Vidimo se u neku kaficu u beogradu ,pozdrav .
  • boccia's avatar
    This is the state of the art of tactics. Instantly became my No. 1 tactic. Works perfect for me with my Juve save. Grazie mille for tactic. Salute from Serbia
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    You said the best word :squad .Its very important how you define football .Its not a matter of collecting individuals ,its a matter of collectivity which helps the individual to find himself in the highest level .Conte made the team to be superior because his philosophy is over pragmatistic and serious :we build a team to win and then to win with Juve style .Finally he did that by applying these basic principles that I have write so many times .I support Milan ,I love Antonio Conte .I know to respect ,I pay respect Antonio because he transformed failed players who were 2 consecutive seasons in 7th position .He made changes but the most important one was the change of mentality .We play to win ,our duty ,sacrifice and sweat must payed ."We demand victory ,we have desire for it ,we must try for it ,we must go for it" .I have in my eyes ,in my ears the face of Conte who shouts with tremmling voice such instructions .Contrary opposite than Prandelli who is a born all around looser .Cesare when he coaches he makes up again his costume and his hairs ,he avoids to touch sweated players ,he avoid to give his hand and to touch the ball in the touch line ,he afraids to shout and to be passionate .Generally he afraids ,he transmit you this negative insecurity ,the fear of loose .Conte makes the opposite ,he makes you a fanatic warrior .Just listen his voice and you know what he does .Rudy is an average coach for top level and a below average for clubs like Juventus and Milan .Small sized personality ,empty words ,cold person ,very limited mind and narrow tounel thoughts .He tries to impose "musts and opinion" which actually doesnt exist .Instead of being more serious and pragmatist and to realise what does wrong ,he insists to barcelonise a roma side which is relatively slow for top level .Without agression ,without fire ,without nerves ,without passion .An empty glass of water .Conte is the opposite ,you think that you watch 11 Antonio Conte in the pitch .Arrigo Sacchi admitted publicly that maybe Antonio plays with 3 defenders in the center ,but at the same time he plays always with 5 in midfield ,maybe with 6 or with 4 when one back is moving up so that makes his Juve team ,dynamic ,modern and flexible .His Juve team seems to be fast ,attacking and always dangerous in attack because in midfield he has a super power line .Maybe in the wings there is theoretically one player less ,but this can be easily covered from a striker who becomes winger ,from a wide player which becomes back and even from a stopper who can help in the side .These are not my words ,simply Rudy is massively exposed from his lack of realism and flexibility .My tactics are great for strikers because I give them space to breath ,to attack more ,to express themselves and to play football .I never restrict my players ,generally I am not restrictive person or coach .Simply the scheme and its use is more important than the individuals .Mix and match accordingly .
  • Richard Lenti's avatar
    Great tactic btw (as always). I don't really know what you are doing but your tactics are absolutely amazing for strikers.
  • Richard Lenti's avatar
    Garcia still managed to rebuild Roma into a champion's league side. Obviously he "failed" in winning the league title but like I said, he got the squad to overperform. The Juve squad is much better than his.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Conte broke the record of points ,rudy broke the record of excuses ...wake up .
  • Richard Lenti's avatar
    You are forgetting that Roma was 6th last season and Garcia did wonders with the team without big money. I think winning the Scudetto was not expected of them and they had all the rights to celebrate their revival
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    The life style fake football of Roma got a hard paid response in Olympico .0-1 for Juve by forcing roma into zero chances .Antonio has make me to admire him like a legend despite that I am a passionate AC Milan fan .Respect to the opponent is the greatest assed that this sport can give .You must respect the one who tries very hard and with dignity no matter who is he .Simeone lost today in extra time 4-1 but he made a team of 1 billion euros to run like pussycats for 93 minutes .Antonio ,Tutti Siamo Con Te ;)

    Antonio ,we are all of us with You .

    Very soon I will make a ceremonial 3-5-2 reloaded of this 4 years work ...

    Because next season Juve will take the Champions League in emphatic manner .

    God sees better than us ,Antonio deserves such pride .
  • Jat's avatar
    This post really shows Antonio Conte's brilliance. Many people was so amazed by Garcia and Roma, but Juventus was focused the whole season, not like Roma(See picture above).
    Everybody just forgot Conte's well oiled army... And which team won the Serie A this season? JUVENTUS. You can't celebrate in mid-season like Roma did...
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Ratings are not related to the tactic however if you use the fastest players as possible you overcome every space coverage or passing accuracy difficulty .
  • glenjamin's avatar
    Love this tactic. However can't seem to get my centre midfielders to regularly get high ratings. Constant ratings under 7. What attributes should I look for in my midfielders and wingers?

    Also any set piece tactics available?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    You make plenty of fitness training ,you use as well teamwork and then you pass into

    def,positioning>att.movement>def s.pieces>att.s.pieces .

    After fitness ,you work - defense ,tactics,attack,ball control .its a matter of coaching philosophy.

    Always use high or very high intensity of workload in order to achieve respectable results of

    memorised mechanised play .On the beggining of the season match prep must be intense ,

    then has to be lower ,however you need to take care the fitness level of the players .

    I have big willingness to explain you plenty of stuff simply its about "your" coaching philosophy.

    I have my ideas ,my beliefs ,my way of thinking etc .Despite I love 3-5-2 like my kid ,I have develop here several tactics like 4-3-1-2 ,4-4-2 etc .

    Because I strongly believe that you need to be always innovated and not self-repeated .
  • mateusz7's avatar
    because I would like to know the workout so the pre-season if I add more conditioning or team cohesiveness, and during the season or some other balanced workout understand?

    if u can then have to send me some of their previous tactics page where u explain that? grateful
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    It depends exclusively on you because you know better the needs and the working habits of your team so simply its about you and your staff what kind of training and how intense it would be .Thats why the clubs have so many assistan and coaches .I cannot make more comments here because I will need a totally new topic ,something which is unfair of the space here .However ,if you read my previous article here you will learn a lot on how I work during whole season .Everything that I post is a continuity so pretty much all the responses are already given to my previous topics .Thanks for the respect ,interest and time on commenting my tactics .Ciao
  • mateusz7's avatar
    I am Brazilian, and a fan of this tactic antonio conte, however I would like you to inform me the workout I use during the pre-season and during official games
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