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A good 4-3-1-2 tactic

This a tactic for special type of play.

By Updated on Nov 21, 2008   105052 views   5 comments
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Downloads: 22976 / Added: 2008-11-21
This is not exactly a basic tactic. This is a tactic you will need to tweak according to your team. Especially the personal instructions.
Your midfielders will also score a bit more with this tactic. Maybe even more than your strikers.

There are 3 different settings to it.
Defensive/counter attacking

With this tactic your mainly looking to push your fullbacks up more. 2 of your Cm's will be defensive so the other teams can't create much through the centre.
The CM in the middle will usually be the one who lurks outside the area(or arrives a bit late into the box etc)
The AM needs to a bit more freedomish type of player so he can 'fill up' up front.

To make it easier for you guys this is how you need your team to be:



The tactic looks like this(Making it labeled so i can explain)This mirrors the picture above:

GK: anyone

RB/LB: Quality full back who has good attacking qualities as well, such as crossing(Evra, Sagna are 2 good examples of fullbacks that are good attackingly and defensive.)

CB: Strong CB's that have good marking, tackling and positioning(Having too slow CB's isn't good)

Now you can see 3 CM's. There are 2 with arrows down.
Those 2 CM's are supposed to be DM's.

CM1= A midfielder who is good defensively, but mostly good at positioning as well. This CM1 should be a 'Carrick, Borowski' Type of midfielder. CM1 is the 'balancing defending midfielder'.

CM2==This is the one with an arrow forward. CM2 Should be a player that is a real CM but has a bit more attacking qualities, the one who has good shots and is really good off the ball. CM2 is a midfielder like Lampard or Scholes that make runs into the midfield and create danger.

CM3== CM3 is a real defensive midfielder. CM3 Should be a one like Hargreaves, Gattuso or De Rossi. He is the one to do the real defensive job in the midfield.

AM== The attacking midfielder, he should be on a "free role" so he can go a bit wide as well because u arent playing with wingers. This attacking midfielder should be a one with "flair". Someone who is good with the ball at his feet, who can create danger. The likes of Diego and zidane and such.

The strikers are your own choice, you can choose to play with 1 big striker(good on the head) when playing with the Counter Attacking(Defensive) play. And then also tick the target man thing. It will do so that the team can play the ball up fast to the target man to create chances fast.

Playmakers: All your CM's and the AM should be your playmakers.

And remember to change personal instructions and stuff according to your players to get the most out of your team.


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Downloads: 22976 / Added: 2008-11-21
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Discussion: A good 4-3-1-2 tactic

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • The !RedDevil!'s avatar
    also the whole point of playing fm is to do it yourself, not copy tactics, signings and training schedules from others.

    if this does'nt work make one of your own and share it, see if it's better
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    not every tactic works for everyone. there is no perfect tactic and i always state that u will need to tweak it for your own team/players.
  • arsenalmatt's avatar
    rubbish whoever sees this dont use it. it will get relegated also who is ZacTervit.tomydono told me he smells
  • ZacTervit's avatar
    ZacTervit15 years ago
    i use it with my darlington team, got prmoted to div 1 and i am 3rd in that, if i go up 2 years in a row i fink i will be a real hit the darlo fans :D i only use this formation for half my away game, it so my opertion dont no for deffent how i am going to play and also, i dont realli fink it works for away games againt the over top teams thnx tho :D
  • ZacTervit's avatar
    tomydono15 years ago
    quality, i use this as an away tactic for reading and its good
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