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Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Quicksta Gegenpress V2.0

Great FM21 Gegenpress Tactic that worked wonders with Dortmund.

By Updated on Nov 23, 2020   506137 views   51 comments
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Downloads: 159940 / Size: 43.1 kB / Added: 2020-11-18
Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Quicksta Gegenpress V2.0

This is my 4-2-3-1 Wide tactic for Football Manager 2021 that I have used with Dortmund.

This tactic has given me great results.

It's not a possession based tactic but allowed me to the the best defensive and offensive team in the league.

1st season we won the league, 2nd we won the league, domestic cup and champions league. Beating PSG, Liverpool, Juventus and Bayern.

The 2 MC are on support so you are not exposed in the midfield. They also interchange with each other.

When you don't have the ball the AML will mark WBL, AMR will mark WBR and the AMC will mark DMC.
This is why you lose possession but keep a good defensive record.

Here are my 2nd year player and team stats:

A closer look at the tactics.

Corner routines I used.

Throw In routines I used.

I hope you enjoy.

Download Now
Downloads: 159940 / Size: 43.1 kB / Added: 2020-11-18
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Discussion: Attacking 4-2-3-1 - Quicksta Gegenpress V2.0

51 comments have been posted so far.

  • werogatda's avatar
    Hey guys there is a tactic review video on Youtube. Evidence Based Football Manager
  • saintrainhard's avatar
    This tactic working really great, but one thing I found that AML sometimes have a very2 low rating. Anyone know how to tweak this condition
  • noaf's avatar
    21.4 sürümünde deneyen var mı?

    Has anyone tried the 21.4 version?
  • Lebhaicim's avatar
  • Judge's avatar
    @Quicksta thanks for this. Are you able to provide screenshots of your training schedule to go along with the tactic please?
  • MasterMindPT's avatar
    Hello everyone!
    Could you help a Xbox Edition user? Since we can't load the tatics the old fashion way, could anyone give the individual positions instructions and all the details needed to use the tactic properly?

    Thank you!!
  • Quicksta's avatar
    @RaizerX - I really enjoy hearing how people are getting on with the tactic.

    This tactic is not meant to break the game. It has the flexibility to people to change things to suit how they want to play and the players they have.

    If anyone else wants to share how they are going i would love to hear from you.
  • RaizerX's avatar
    Thanks for the tactics. I try this on Man Utd. Pretty ok for small team at home but struggle to win for away game especially big team. I try to tweak the tactics game by game. After half a season I just conceded 6goals. Below is my tweak based on this tactics:

    Higher Line of Engagement
    Use Tighter Marking
    Stay on Feet (Get stuck in will cause you more yellow cards)
    Tempo Higher
    Final Third- Mixed Crosses
    Work Ball into Box or Shot on Sight (Depends on opponents, usually I will go for shot on sight for 20-30 mins, if the stat not good I will switch to work ball into box)
    Play for Set Piece
    Be more Disciplined
    Distribute to Centre Back

    AMR change to IF (S)
    AF change to Poacher Attack
  • Huguitch's avatar
    So far, so good... I'm trying it with Sporting Clube de Portugal (my heart team) and the results are great, BUT (yes there's always a but) in away games looks like team as trouble to win, especially against bigger teams. For example, against Benfica away I lost 3-0! And lost again against them away 2-1! And even against Braga (which isn't a team like Benfica or Porto, but they still have a good team) I lost 3-1!
    Do you make any change against bigger teams or something? Please help...
  • Quicksta's avatar
    @Bfan8475 - Train your players to look for the pass than shoot. So when they are outside the box they will only shoot when they have a good shot. It can take a season to get it done but works a charm.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    I don't change anything when playing away or at home. I personally have not tried the F9 position but the aim of this tactic and most tactics is to mould it to what suits your players best.

    I don't use time wasting as I always find you concede more when you use it.

    Work into the box does not work to well against smaller teams as the chances just dry up.
  • bfan8475's avatar
    How important is "shoot on sight" for this tactic? I feel like I'm taking a lot of wasteful shots because my players are shooting from outside of the box. Would it still work if I used "work into box"?
  • lecgallimore's avatar
    What do you do when you want to waste time with this tactic?
  • Tjtrev89's avatar
    Hi, I'm playing on xbox so can't download, does anyone have the individual position instructions? Thanks!
  • Tyrell2Trill's avatar
    I find this tactic works very well with big teams. I'm currently unbeaten with Man City whilst using it. However, with Leicester it its a bit hit and miss. Especially in away games. Do you change anything when playing away and also do you make any changes when versing the bigger teams? @Quicksta
  • SolaceSounds's avatar
    Tactic look brilliant. I will try in Arsenal but i need Player instruction. Someone help?
  • Nanox7's avatar
    Yeah i can confirm that F9 creates a lot of spaces for SS and IF and get more chances to score.
  • raduu's avatar
    A little update:
    I changed the AMR from winger to Inside forward and the ST from AF to F9. I noticed the F9 creates a lot of space for the SS and the IF and the tactic is working really well on attack, getting lots of chances during the game even when playing very defensive and compact teams.

    I didn't really like how my central defenders were working and changed them to BPD on a defense duty and the team appears to be more solid at the back.

    Overall I think it's a good tactic and you might need to make some minor modifications depending on what attributes your players have.

    Thanks @Quicksta :)
  • raduu's avatar

    What other role would work for the AMC? Would Enganche or Trequartista with a ST on AF do the job?

  • Quicksta's avatar
    @Justsaiyan91 - Sorry it has not worked for you but no tactic is perfect. There are plenty out there so keep trying until you find one that works for how you want to play.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    @Fyzhard - Yes the tactic still works for 2 inside forwards.

    I have actually used that formation in my journey man save that i'm currently doing.
  • Justsaiyan91's avatar
    No offence but this tactic is really bad, at least in my save. Playing Man utd and after implementing this ive lost 10 games in a row. My wide players average 6.5 and shadow striker has 0 goals or assists

    Im also averaging 1 sending of every other game and have given away 4 penalty's

    Not sure if an update to the match engine has broken your tactic but currently its unusable for me
  • Fyzhard's avatar
    Hi ! Is it possible to play with 2 inside forwards ? Why do you prefer to play with a winger on the right ?

    Thanks !
  • Shybqi's avatar
    Who can send me player instructions? because i use xbox and i can't download the file.
  • Quicksta's avatar
    @CMASONW - I find that holding shape is better when defending so this is why I install it in all my tactics.

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