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4-2-4 Goal Machine FM22 tactic

An offensive, vertical tiki-taka tactic for FM 2022 tested ONE season with Man United with incredible results. 140 league goals!

By on Nov 06, 2021   113574 views   6 comments
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Downloads: 40156 / Size: 42.2 kB / Added: 2021-11-06
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - 4-2-4 Goal Machine FM22 tactic
After having downloaded tactics from the brilliant Knap and others the past 3 or 4 FM versions due to less free time (family, work and other distractions from what is most important, FM), this year I decided to try making my own tactics again.

I always start every FM with a Man United save, simply because they are my favourite team and the team I perhaps know best, from A-team down to the youth players. Just to test the new game and maybe some tactics, see what's new, which wonderkids are new and so on.

As mentioned above I wanted to create my own tactic this time. I actually created two, but this one was so insanely effective that I never got to test the other one. I knew I wanted a back four. I wanted high wingers. And so it looked like becoming another 4-2-3-1 at first, but I always play with that formation.

Every save-game on FM21 was 4-2-3-1, and I was a bit tired of it. In addition I have always loved strikers. So I really wanted to see if I could make it work with two strikers in addition to the high wingers. I had my doubts..

I must admit I have never read anything on "how to make tactics in FM", or what works with what, what doesn't work with this and so on. I simply went through everything and made it the way I would want to watch a football team play football. In possession, in transition, out of possession. And I wanted to have an Attacking mentality.

Player roles were influenced by the incredible 4-2-3-1 Knap tactic I used for FM21, except for the extra striker role, which I made into a poacher simply because that was Cavani's best role and I didn't want two advanced forwards.

Only transfer in of any significance was Haaland, which the board bought for me. The results were incredible.
We won the Premier League, losing two matches and drawing one. Scoring 140 league goals and conceding 33.
We won the League Cup, we won the FA-cup, we won the Champions League (7-1 over Inter in the final), and we won the Club World Championships after the season was done.
I won manager of the month every month except October when Pep beat me to it. Haaland, Cavani and Fernandes won every individual trophy there is after the season. We also beat a lot of records. And before season 2 I have signed Mbappe on a free, and in Januar Moukoko arrives. Might get silly, this save..

Our offensive players had incredible seasons.
Haaland: 47 games played, 49 goals, 15 assists
Cavani: 46 games played, 51 goals, 7 assists
Ronaldo: 40 games, 28 goals, 20 assists
Sancho: 45 games, 13 goals, 21 assists
Greenwood: 42 games, 15 goals, 18 assists
Rashford: 22 games, 18 goals, 5 assists
Fernandes: 46 games, 19 goals, 27 assists
Pogba: 51 games, 11 goals, 16 assists

I thought we would be found out away against the best teams, but we beat Chelsea 6-3 away, lost only away at Juventus (still went through), Wolves and Leeds all season in all competitions. Drew at Wolfsburg with B-team and at Spurs in the league, other than that won every away game.

As mentioned above, this tactic has ONLY been tested ONE season and only with Man United. Might not work in other clubs for all I know, and United has such a strong FM-squad (and with Haaland added as well), but the results were way more than I could have dreamed of.

So, let me know if you decide to test it out, if it works for you. Or if it doesn't.

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Downloads: 40156 / Size: 42.2 kB / Added: 2021-11-06
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Discussion: 4-2-4 Goal Machine FM22 tactic

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • Bobby Dazzler's avatar
    I am currently at the start of S2 of a ManUtd save. Using these exact tactics, strangely. I needed to find a place for Haaland so switched as you did from standard tacs. Ended up 2nd with 90+ points, 2 points behind Liverpool. Ronaldo and Haaland scoring 60+ goals each and Ronaldo received every award under the sun. During the transfer window I have bought Rensch, Bastoni, Davies, Livramento, Pedri and have picked up Mbappe on a free. My finances are spot on too. I am never losing again!!!

    Only thing I won was the CL.
  • Oxxsr's avatar
    I used this tactic with man utd and won the treble on the first season lol
  • ivanisevic01's avatar
    Think I tinkered a bit with the role of one of the strikers as I changed players. Currently using two AF's, but at first I had one poacher, since my other striker had that as his strongest role.
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    the tactic downloaded is a DLF-AF combo
  • ivanisevic01's avatar
    Just finished my first season with Newcastle using this tactic. Ended up in fourth place, 24-6-8 (17-1-1 at home) and goal difference 89-42. Strikers Wilson and Saint-Maximin scored 22 and 23 league goals (27 and 33 matches played). Seems like the tactic is working fine here as well, will be interesting to see what happens when even better players join the team.
  • Eacerda23's avatar
    I thought I was the only one who used that tactic! lol I've used it with ManU in 2021 and destroyed everyone with it.
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