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4-3-2-1 ForeChecking FM17 Tactic

Not a simple tactic. Forechecking is a complete game system with a very unique philosophy. First used on 1999-2000 Euro League & Super Cup Winner Galatasaray.

By on Apr 14, 2017   44942 views   16 comments
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Football Manager 2017 Tactics - 4-3-2-1 ForeChecking FM17 Tactic
Let me introduce myself before I start explaining the Forechecking tactic. I'm a Pro B Licence football coach since 2002. New to, but very experienced and Football Manager player for many years. My own unique tactics have been used by FM players for a long time. It's my first time sharing on

What is the Forechecking game system?

Forechecking is a very unique FM17 tactic with a very unique game philosophy. People who remember 1996-2002 years should be familiar with the legendary Galatasaray team. That team won UEFA Cup 2000 and UEFA Super Cup 2001. There was a very special tactic created by current Turkey national team coach Fatih Terim. That tactic was the Forechecking tactic.

Many years later we know a tactic called "gegenpressing" in our football terminology. Gegenpressing tactic by Jurgen Klopp is a small version of Forechecking tactic.
The philosophy behind this tactic is "pressure starts at the point where you lose the ball". It has no certain position on the pitch to take and start pressing the opposite team. Your team should shape on the pitch according to the position where you lose the ball. This is the shortest summary of Forechecking tactic.

When you lose the ball, you should start pressing to regain the ball from that point. If you do not do that and come back to take position, you spend more energy. Playing the game on the 3rd part of the pitch is more economic and more dangerous for the rival team. That's why Forechecking did an amazing job for the 1999-2002 Galatasaray team. They dominated European football for a long time and took 1st position on best clubs world ranking for 2 years.

I tried to adapt this tactic to Football Manager 2017 and I failed like 50 times before I did a perfect version for %100 success guarantee.

Forechecking tactic tested on 2 teams from 2 different countries;
  • Galatasaray - Turkish Premier League ( 3 years )
  • Torquay United - English Vanarama National League ( 3 years )

Here is my success;

2 Turkish Premier League championship
1 Turkish Federation Cup
2 Turkish Super Cup
1 Quarter Final on Champions League

Torquay United
Championship and promotion from Vanarama National League to Sky Bet League 2
Championship and promotion from Sky bet league 2 to Sky bet league 1

Last Season Results;

Tactical Instructions;

A few screenshots from stats;

Torquay United League Table

Some screenshots from Galatasaray;

How my team will take action with Forechecking tactic?
- Ultra high possession dominance. You will have like %65 ball possession every single game.
- Super strong team defence.
- You will play the game on enemy field.
- Your will have a very strong passing pattern on enemy field.
- Enjoyable, fun game play.

Team Formation

4-3-2-1 Formation;


Right and Left backs will take complete responsibility of your wings. So you will need solid right and left back with good stamina and passing skills.
Using "complete backs" is highly recommended. Don't forget: your right and left backs has %100 control on your wings. Pick them wisely.

Center Defenders; 1 of them should have high pace, acceleration and anticipation against long balls behind your defence line. Most of the time you will play on enemy field so 1 super fast defender is must.

These 3 mid fielders should be "ball winning" midfielders with high stamina, tackling, determination, passing and team work.
Important note: These 3 mid fielders are engines of your team. They will control the game.
Important note: MC should be a aggressive player, use someone like "gattuso, or de jong.

This guy should be solid playmaker. Good vision, decision making and passing abilities are must. Some flair and finishing abilities will result fine as well.

This one is your hidden weapon. "Shadow striker". Your goals mostly will come from this guy. Pick him wisely.

Deep lying forward. This guy is not only a typical striker. He will be your offensive passing station as well. So good phisical abilities, good ball control, and passing abilities needed.

When your team starts to get some familiarity with this tactic you will start to enjoy your teams general progress. Feel free to ask questions about player selections or anything.


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Downloads: 4806 / Size: 39.8 kB / Added: 2017-04-14
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Discussion: 4-3-2-1 ForeChecking FM17 Tactic

16 comments have been posted so far.

  • Dejan_a's avatar
    How can we download this tactic?
  • mtmdude's avatar
    Nice tactic! Do you have any OI's? Please share them. And set pieces?
  • Adrianight's avatar
    No, rarely using closing down in OI's vs high level teams.
  • mcd9a's avatar
    adrianight, do you use closing down always for all players in opposition instructions ?
  • midnite12's avatar
    @Adrianight that does help or at the very least give me something to research and try to work out how to implement. cheers for the insight
  • Adrianight's avatar
    Hi midnite12,
    To be honest, there are better FM players then me. Im counting myself only as a decent player. Creating a successful tactic depends on 3-4 critic factors. My real game knowledge giving me some advantages while creating tactics but there is no any certain corelation between football knowledge and creating successful tactic in game. My personal advice is; if you want to create a successful tactic in the game, you should setup your tactic around a philosophy. Your tactic should have an evident identitiy. For example, i created a successful 4-4-2 tactic for Rosenborg. My philosopy and id for the tactic was "aggressive and well disciplined team defence. I though norway is a country with players who has good phisical qualities and tactical discipline but low creativity and flair. So setup my tactic around "strong aggresive defence, well disciplined team shape and philosophy. I setup my 4 ppl defence line with completly "defensive mentality. 2 fighter mid fielder. 2 sided (defensive-offensive) wing players and 2 defensive strikers with good phisical quality and who can put high press on enemy defence line and it worked. Please feel free to ask anything you wondering. İ hope this example can help you to understand how to create successfull tactic.
  • midnite12's avatar
    @adrianight I'm wondering any advice on how to go about creating a successful tactic in the game. I've read guides etc and seen good players of the game give there 2 cents but I wonder if its football knowledge ie your pro b or knowledge of the game engine that makes certain people consistent over the years. I've struggled to make my own and have it work since fm2006
  • midnite12's avatar
    playing as preston so money is tight to say the least atm but cheers for the info. At least I know where the focus for transfers needs to be
  • Adrianight's avatar
    By the way, you can try to improve 3 center midfielders quality to get optimal performance. Ball winning midfielders are so crucial for tactics performance. If you have enough cash to have 3 ball winning midfielder with good passing, first touch and decision skills, you can get maximum performance.
  • Adrianight's avatar
    Depends on situtation sometimes i replace one of the attackers to a deffensive midfielder, but usually i dont change things a lot because tactic's team defence pretty strong.
    Also i dont have any special training plan, Sometimes using defensive match preparation before super difficult games.
  • midnite12's avatar
    @Adrianight just wondering do you ever change anything if ahead comfortably to prevent come backs? and do you have a preference with training? (most hated and in need of a upgrade part of the game)
  • Lephyrexian's avatar
    Thanks Adrianight for the Tactic game. Can you tell me what you use for the general Training and the Match preparation ?
    And during the Match what is the consign use ?
  • SkruxTR's avatar
    As a Gala fan I am actually surprised with this tactic. I'll give it a go and are there any OI please ?
  • Adrianight's avatar
    I hope i will be :) thanks for comments.
  • midnite12's avatar
    this is so good for keeping the ball. Hope your going to be around for fm18 as struggle to make anything consistent myself.
  • Taranci's avatar
    excellent job mate!
    conceded 3 goals in last 14 games :) and scored 25
    can you make 4-4-2 version of ths tactic pretty please?
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