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FM19 BenDKnee Attacking Possession

Old school 4-3-3 attacking and possession tactic for FM 2019. Tested with Liverpool. Wing backs are key to this tactic's success.

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Football Manager 2019 Tactics - FM19 BenDKnee Attacking Possession
I started playing football manager 20+ years ago. Always wanted my teams to play an attacking football reason for which I developed this tactic.

Basically I used this tactic starting with FM 2016 to win almost everything, having 30+ games won in a row and 90+ undefeated games in a row, simply destroying any opposition.

This is an adaptation of that tactic to FM 2019 - the WORST FM ever.

Tactic counts to attacking football and possession football as philosophies.

I tested the tactic with Liverpool only; I don't know if or how well it works with small teams.

The most important players are wing backs; they cover a lot of ground so if you want to compete for all trophies you need 4 of them.

Strikers are very strange in this FM. I tested Solanke as first team AF 2 seasons and despite being a 2.5* player he was top goal scorer every season.
Having pressing forwards is beneficial, I had none so I used Firmino, Salah, Mane and Origi all of them being average. The amount of goals scored by Salah and Mane with headers is just ridiculous. I use mixed crosses simply because even if I check low crosses wing backs to their thing anyway. This is a very old issue.

The ideal player for midfield positions is Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. BBM with playmaking abilities is nice to have.

In terms of players ppm just look at the best players for that position and try to get the same.

I always get play one-two for midfield and attackers. Attackers move into channels and midfield play through ball, wing backs hugs the line, gets forward, run with the ball down the flank.

Tactic Tips:

If you find a good trequartista attacker change the AF to T. Dybala was the best trequartista on other FM; i don't know if he still performs in FM 2019.

If you want a more defensive approach or you want to close the game just change wing backs from attack duty to support duty.

In term of players instructions game is limited or forces you to play in a particular way. The most annoying problem is gegen moronic pressing. This is caused by too many opponent players instruction. The easiest way to avoid it is to hire a coach with high tactical knowledge and let him do the opponent instruction. If your assistant manager has low tactical knowledge you can ignore most of the suggestions. I never changed my tactics based on assistant suggestions.

For corners and free kicks routines I downloaded from this site and made some changes.

In terms of performance is was very successful using this tactic. I managed to win premier league, carabao cup and champions league.

Things to keep in mind:

If your player misses a penalty instantly substitute him. Doesn't matter how good he is, he's performance will be terrible. Since this applies only to your players,it is a game bug from my point of view.

The game won't let you win forever. It's not that AI is so smart and finds a way to counter my tactic, in fact is dumb as funk but what will happen is certain hidden game "features" will trigger and there is nothing you can do. If you are lucky you just lose the game; I always lost and had as bonus of 2-5 players injured in the same game of within 2-3 days span. These are kind of games you would always win in normal conditions, against teams in bottom half having players with low or no morale and you'll lose because they have 1 shot and 1 goal or 2 shots and 2 goals.

Press conferences are important. You can get the edge if you know what to say. Again it works until a certain moment when you are destined to lose. For those who played other FM may have noticed that this FM game doesn't give you that "winning option" at press conference. You can play with reserves because will never win.

Pep talk again can give you some advantages. In 99% of the cases playing home after losing away game and using "we owe them" will win you the game. This is tested with Liverpool.

Good luck!!

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Downloads: 3899 / Size: 43.3 kB / Added: 2019-02-17
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