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Something new: Legends, Youngsters and World XI

By Updated on Mar 23, 2009   5691 views   7 comments

As I wait for the new fm like everyone else and getting a bit bored with the same the game (Lower league team till they are best in the world), I have decided to test the Legends of the game against the youngsters and then the world xi.

Allot if thought went into how I would make this work, but have at last found a formula that works:
The Legends are the players that are over 30 and had the best potential (Done via Genie…) and I then turned their ages back to 18 years old. This way they can grow again and become the players they once were.
The Youngsters are the best potential players (again Genie…) with the max age of 20 years old.
The world xi, are the players between the ages of 21 and 29 (i.e. the non-Legends and non-Youngsters) with the best current ability.
The 3 clubs all play in the English Premiership, so that they play in the strongest league in the world and are all affiliates of each other. The squads will all be renewed each season, with new “Legends” (players over 30) that are better than the current Legends taking their place in the squad. Also if a Legend turns 21 and is better than the current World xi player, he will take his place in that squad. The same goes for new Youngsters and Youngsters turning 21. The squads are all handled with the FMRTE v2.0.0250-editor, using the “swap player” function, because buying these players could become problematic!

¬Season 1:

The Teams


Gk: Buffon, Toldo
CB: Maldini, Sol Campbell, Nesta
FB: Roberto Carlos, Zambrotta, Gallas
CM: Totti, Del Piero, Rivaldo
WG: Figo, Nedved, Giggs
Str: Shevchenko, Ronaldo, Henry
Extra Def: Walter Samuel
Extra Mid: Vieira
Extra Str: Raul


Gk: Vincenzo Fiorillo, Erros Coradini
CB: Micah Richards, N’Koulou, Tuia
FB: Sakho, Lorenzo de Silvestri, Mazzarani
CM: Marek Hamsik, Sergio Aguero, Toni Kroos
WG: Gabriel Oberton, Giovani Dos Santos, Theo Walcott
Str: Carlos Vela, Mario Balotelli, Karim Benzema
Extra Def: Sidnei
Extra Mid: Martin Galvan
Extra Str: Henri Saivet

World xi:

Gk: Casillas, Cech
CB: Ferdinand, Terry, Vidic
FB: Alves, Chielinni, Srna
CM: Gerrard, Kaka, Essien
WG: Ronaldo, Messi, Ribery
Str: Eto’o, Ibrahimovich, Villa
Extra Def: Sergio Ramos
Extra Mid: De Rossi
Extra Str: Rooney

To keep it fair, they all have the same formation. This is a 4-3-1-2 System, with 2 CB, 2 FB, 1 CM, 2 Wide Midfielders, 1 CAM and 2 Strikers.


I arranged a pre-season tournament for the first weekend of the pre-season with the 3 sides, plus Birmingham (Big sides were uninterested). As you can imagine, the World xi won this easily (They have all already reached their potential or are still close to it). They were unbeaten through the tournament and Legends and Youngsters both beat Birmingham, but drew against each other. The results were as follows:

World xi 3-0 Youngsters
Ronado (12)
Villa (59)
Rooney (89)

Legends 3-1 Birmingham
Henry (16) … Phillips (50)
Giggs (26)
Taylor (o.g. 43)

World xi 4-0 Birmingham
Rooney (2)
Ronlado (36)
Alves (66)
Eto’o (73)
Ibrahimovic (inj 66)

Legends 2-2 Youngsters
Giggs (25) … Walcott (34)
Del Piero (32) … Galvan (80)
Ronaldo (inj 90+4)

World xi 2-1 Legends
Rooney (41) … Shevchenko (88.)
Ibrahimovich (69)

Youngsters 4-0 Birmingham
Aguero (13)
Walcott (54)
Benzema (59)
Kelly (o.g.63)

Start of season
Fixtures week 1: Legends v World xi
Man Utd v Youngsters

Ironic that all the teams would get a very difficult draw for the first fixture. There were no surprises in the results either, with World xi remaining unbeaten, although the Legends made a good fist of things, through a double from Shevchenko.
Man Utd proved a bridge to far for the Young guns, in particular Berbatov who scored 2.

Results: Legends 2-3 World Xi
Shevchenko (19, 39) … Eto’o (31)
Essien (58.)
Villa (90+5)

Man Utd 4-2 Youngsters
Berbatov (9,21) … Vela (19)
Fletcher (37) … Benzema (76)
Scholes (81)

Fixtures week 2: World xi v Man Utd
Man City v Legends
Youngsters v Wigan

The second week’s fixtures saw the World xi’s toughest opponents getting swept aside, as they ran out easy winners.
The Legends had big spending Man City to deal with, but had no problem in taking them out, thanks to a hat-trick from Shevchenko.
The Youngsters faced an easier game than last week and played well before winning the match.

Results: World xi 3-0 Man Utd
Kaka (7,58.)
Ronaldo (25)

Man City 1-3 Legends
Robinho (31) … Shevchenko (23,42,90+3)

Youngsters 3-0 Wigan
Aguero (23)
Benzema (42,77)

League Cup- Round 2: World xi v Brighton
Norwich v Legends
Leeds Utd v Youngsters

Hat-trick from Messi saw World xi destroy Brighton.
Legends made life hard for themselves with Totti seeing red, before Raul saved them.
Youngsters started badly, but telling them nothing less than a win is acceptable, they come out fighting in the second half.

Results: World xi 8-0 Brighton
Messi (12,30,33)
Ronlado (21)
Kaka (44)
Ribery (56)
Ibrahimovic (60,90+3)

Norwich 0-1 Legends
Raul (85)
Totti (red. 84)

Leeds Utd 2-3 Youngsters
Howson (13) ... Saivet (22)
Delph (18.) ... Aguero (46)
Benzema (105+2)

Fixtures Wekk 3: Fullham v Youngsters
Legends v Bolton
Man City v World XI

Youngsters finally clicked and played breathless football.
Legends didn't look up for this one, and even a telling of at halftime wasn't enough to get them playing, came away with the win though.
World xi showed how Man City could have been playing, had they gotten al those January transfers...

Results: Fullham 1-5 Youngsters
Konchesky (12) ... Aguero (23)
Benzema (39)
Dos Santos (72)
Saivet (88, 90+5)

Legends 2-1 Bolton
Del Piero(2) ... Elmander (29)
Shevchenko (11)

Man City 1-6 World Xi
Fernandes (15) ... Ibrahimovic(6,9,66,70.)
Essien (46)
Ramos (89)

Fixtures Week 4: Youngsters v Liverpool
Chelsea v Legends
World XI v Wigan

Youngsters stole the game through 2 perfect freekicks from Balotelli.
Legends deserved more than a point against a luklaster Chelsea team.
World XI never had to get out of first gear to beat Wigan.

Results: Youngsters 2-0 Liverpool
Balotelli (18, 28.)

Chelsea 1-1 Legends
Drogba (78.) ... Henry (45+2)

World Xi 3-1 Wigan
Villa (22) ... Heskey(57)
Ibrahimovich (43)
Vidic (80)

Fixtures Round 5: Bolton v World XI
Totenham v Youngsters
Legends v Everton

World XI didn't play particularly well, as Bolton gave a hat-trick to Ibrahimovic through defensive mistakes.
As good a result as last week was, that bad was this weeks. Youngsters had all the chances but couldn't finish well enough and paid the price.
Another bad first half, but after a sillent halftime, they improved enough to take a hard thought victory out of it.

Results: Bolton 0-5 Worls Xi
Villa (4)
Ibrahimovic (10,25,61)
Rooney (57)

Totenham 3-1 Youngsters
Moderic (84) ... Walcott (74)
Bentley (90)
Campbell (90+4)

Legends 3-1 Everton
Henry (38,64) ... Cahill (9)
Samuel (75)

League Cup- Round 3: Legends v Man utd
New Castle v World XI
Liverpool v Youngsters

A terrible week for all 3 sides! Legends trailing 2-3 in the 88th minute got extra time through Henry. Totti than gave them the lead, before going to zero with a own goal. If that wasn't enough, he then missed his penalty in the shoot-out and Legends went out.
The own goal theme of the week continued with Terry putting one past Cech. It got worst for World XI as Ibrahimovic and De Rossi both got knocks in the first half and had to be substituted. Colocinni than pulled a Totti for New Castle, scoring in extra time, but being sent-off 5 min later. Villa got the Shoot-out for the World XI, which they dully took to book their place in the nxt round.
Liverpool showed some class to thump the Youngsters out of the cup.

Results: Legends (2) 4-4 (4) Man Utd
Carlos (25) ... Berbatov (7,11)
Totti (63,106) ... Tevez (48.)
Henry (88.) ... Totti (o.g.113)

New Castle (1) 2-2 (3) World XI
Terry (o.g.8.) ... Eto'o (31)
Colocinni (94) ... Villa (116)
Colocinni (red. 99) ... De Rossi (Inj.35)

Liverpool 3-1 Youngsters
Torres (9) ... Aguero (74)
Babel (39)
Kuyt (47)

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Discussion: Something new: Legends, Youngsters and World XI

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • lukebrew's avatar
    lukebrew15 years ago
    V.good idea but shud have put torres in the world xi team. He even scored against the youngsters does that not say something??
  • gooner4life's avatar
    i like it! will try if i have time :0
  • The !RedDevil!'s avatar
    nice! i think i need to experiment like this, i too have got bored of my current games
  • Gspot69's avatar
    Nice idea kid keep it coming
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    haha damn thats nice :)

    i used to these kinds of things before. but i havent had enough time to play FM 09 to do such things.

    its nice read though, i will do this kind of thing when i have the time.
  • HenriPage's avatar
    Thanks I will remember that! Next update will be over the weekend...
  • Fackman's avatar
    Very nice idea!
    Very Interesting and a great read.

    Watch out when you write down the minutes of when they've scored. It turns into a smiley when you have an 8 and ) together. Just put a space between.
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