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Looking for FM 2010

By Updated on Mar 28, 2009   42767 views   13 comments
It's still quite early but we thought it could create remarkable interest to begin a talk in the forums about FM 2010. And so we initiated a new forum for the forthcoming Football Manager 2010. At the moment there's only one section where you can post your ideas and suggestions about the future FM version.

Make sure to register and post your opinion :wink

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Discussion: Looking for FM 2010

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • svs's avatar
    re: harjohn
    'maybe it's cool if there is a real accident,...
    so the player could dead.... hahahaha...'

    it's happened!! when playing cm 01-02 some years ago Altay team had an accident and some players died!!
  • apoel's avatar
    Cypriot league.........
  • kraex's avatar
    re: candela costigan

    Those are some great comments. Don't agree with all of them, but particularly the one about setting OIs. So annoying having to redo them from scratch every match.

    It would be nice to have options about how the assistant manager controls the reserves/U18s aside from "use current squad tactics" If you could advise him to try to win in the U18 cup, but focus on fitness for reserves and U18 group games, for example.

    I'd definitely like to have the ability to change the kit. This is a basic option in nearly every football console game, yet it's not possible without an external editor in FM, really a shame.

    Not sure how they'd do team photos, but something more significant than a couple media messages when you win a big cup would be nice. If I lead Ipswich to the Champions League in my fifth season, that should count for something.
  • candela costigan's avatar
    candela costigan15 years ago
    9. Young players should be given less natural talent and can be developed more with training and good form in reserve / under-18 matches. Ive tried to develop young talented 16yr olds with maximum efforts for 3 seasons without any of them becoming wonderkids. Training should show its rewards more often or become redundant.

    10. Motivational words should have more variety (depth) and also more logical. Players also should approach u more often so u know whats going on. Hence making you more psychologically in touch with the players. Maybe during halftime they can make suggestions to u.

    11. Going into the details:
    - one thing id like to see is a proper celebration for winning a trophy instead of just a chockfull of texts of praises. Maybe a team photo every season to put in your office along with a trophy cabinet.
    -Testimonials are also really awesome for legendary players. It gives us the reminder and motivation to play them even when theyre old instead of letting them rot and die in the bench.
    -If we can also have more players staying in the game after they retire as staffs it will also be great.
    -customising the football shirt every season will also work well along with the introduction of 3d view.

    12. As to the sliders, tactics and getting rid of the messy multi directional player movement arrows is actuallly doing a wonderful job and is an improvement as far as im concerned and I wouldnt want the SI team to waste more time on it as there are other far more pressing. I think though, more descriptions need to be made on the functions of some of the complicated and less used tactical options, ie. when u highlight target man, the pop up message just says "tick to use target man", which is stating the obvious and ridiculous for someone who does not know football vocab.
  • candela costigan's avatar
    candela costigan15 years ago
    5. I dont know if I want FM to start getting out of the scope of football game and introducing girlfriends and offsprings like some new, offbeat football manager simulator does. But at the same time I really think that a reward system for us the managers should be made available, i'e unlocking legendaries for just for fun matches, imagine looking at the FM statistics of garrincha or maradona!! and maybe like someone said above, use the money to build ur own football academy and eventually manage ur own football club.

    6. If I can be so optimistic as to ask for voice commentaries when playing the match in real time? Naming pronounciation problems can be addressed with calling out shirt numbers instead just like Pro-evolution soccer.

    7. Staff recruitment is too easy for human players and often I would control a major club and readily pay $1,000,000 for a real madrid staff to break their contract and join the club. In real life the chairman would not let you pay so much for just a coach!

    8. Assistant Managers should be smarter in controlling the reserve team and should always pick the team according with, the goal, of keeping the squad in full fitness and not necessarily winning every game. Assistant managers should also suggest the best tactic that you can play in with your current squad.
  • candela costigan's avatar
    candela costigan15 years ago
    1. I dont know how come nobody mentioned the opponent instructions bit, i hope the fm09 haters know about this function before commenting anything because this makes a whole world of difference. I think there should be an automated function according to what your ass man tell u about opponent instructions as i spend a gazillion hours setting up opponent instructions. Feels like an unreasonable cause for carpal tunnel syndrome!

    2. The Virtual striker 3d is a brilliant start but is quite annoying if you cant move the cameras around. 3d facial structure is also useless if you cant zoom in to look at their faces. I understand that compromise needs to be made to the operation requirements but i think at the end of the day it is worth it for the amount of hours we all spend playing this game.

    3. totally agree on commentaries, i think that they (at SI) realised that its a pandoras box when they introduced this and (just like the 3d view). Because with restrictions of content and the limited ability to recycle comments, users will feel annoyed rather than appreciating the new function. But I believe that the database of comments is a matter of effort and can slowly grow in size with time.

    4. For a game whose fun factor lies almost largely on the excitement of developing new talents I think that the match engine needs to realise the strength of the team (if its playing second strings) and apply it to the match analysis and odds. I dont know if its just me or the league cup (in the EPL) is easier to win if u play second strings of players, esp when u use the big clubs. This goes on to show that there is an ability for the match engine to recognise second string players and should be switched on for every matches in every competition.
  • Fackman's avatar
    I think there should be more tactical and interaction option available.

    Also I would like to see more control in the training area. I mean that you could adjust the type of training and so different styles of play so you can prepare for your next match.
    Example: Being a small club one week you want to focus on the attacking side as you are playing against a weaker team, the next week you need to play against the champions and want to focus on defending and possibly counter attack.

    Maybe you could also attend a training session pnce in a while to see who is performing and give individual instruction to certain players to work on finishing more...

    This would make the game even more interesting and addictive =D
  • candela costigan's avatar
    el garange15 years ago
    for manager mode,they should add difficulties.all the other games become too easy after 4 seasons or so.
  • ibrahiy's avatar
    yep....also how about when we get offered national team manager position why don't we get paid for it...
  • itch-e's avatar
    being able to buy the club would be good. Manager wages are a bit pointless cause u cant spend them.
  • candela costigan's avatar
    harjohn15 years ago

    maybe it's cool if there is a real accident,...
    so the player could dead.... hahahaha...
  • The !RedDevil!'s avatar
    haha it would be a boring game though! unless you have 2 players, one as owner, one as manager.

    i think maybe a design your own stadium
  • candela costigan's avatar
    whitechocolate715 years ago
    What i like to see on FM 2010 are some new feature
    I would like they add play as a president.
    It would be fun to do coches transfer as i would like to see Milan being handed by Arsene Wenger.
    It can be added 3 difficulty like:
    1. play as an EMIR from gulf for easy mode.
    2. play as an entrepreneur for normal mode.
    3. play as malcolm glazer for hard mode.
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