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6 Great Tips For Successful Football Betting

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Football Views - 6 Great Tips For Successful Football Betting
Football is the most popular sport in Europe and in recent years, football betting has become a huge market almost all over the world. Many websites and tipsters would try to convince you that their advice and systems would help you win every single time.

While such an idea does sound attractive, it is simply unrealistic and would only make you lose a lot of money. Betting on football is just like betting on any other sport – it requires knowledge and experience. Sports wagering is not gambling; it is actually based on skill. And in order to be successful, bettors should try to be patient, willing to learn new things and to be persistent. In this article, we have compiled a list of 6 great tips for successful football betting.

Learn a Few Markets and Leagues and Stick to Them

There are tens of markets in football betting. Along with the various types of bets, there are also a huge number of local leagues and international championships offered by online sportsbooks. Knowing them all in detail is impossible even for pros so it might be a good idea to specialize in a market you have a keen interest in. You can focus on the most common bet in football, the 1x2 bet, where you bet on of one three possible outcomes – a win for the first team, a win for the other team, or a draw.

Once you have a deep understanding of these bets and the teams in a particular league, you may proceed with a second market. Try to be systematic and organized in your bets and stick to one or two markets. In addition, following more than two or three leagues may be extremely difficult and time-consuming, especially for less experienced football betting fans.

Manage Your Bankroll

One of the first things successful football bettors learn to do is to manage their bankroll. Many punters think of betting as spending but the two things have nothing in common. The correct approach is very different – you should be as serious about betting as you would be with financial planning. You need to place bets that are small enough to not impose a threat to your bankroll, while big enough to bring you a decent profit. Another important thing bettors should remember is to never try to win back the money they have just lost.

Make Your Own Research

Punters who are serious about betting on football should ignore sites that offer them “guaranteed win”, “best predictions”, etc. Before placing a wager, bettors should make their own research about the match because the general information every sports fan knows would not be sufficient. Instead, you should study statistics, the scoreboards, any news about the two teams – injuries, transfers, potential substitutes, a player’s total number of goals, schedules, etc. Every little piece of information may prove helpful for correctly predicting the outcome of the match.

The Only Bets Worth Making

Those who are not new to the world of sports betting should be quite familiar with the term “value”. Although most experts and guides constantly point out the importance of value, the majority of punters seem to not realize that value bets are the only bets worth making. If you have not heard this term before, you should know that it simply indicates the bet where you think the real chances of a particular outcome are higher than the odds suggest.

Shop for the Best Odds

This is yet another piece of advice most punters should have heard many times. Still, a lot of people choose not to follow it because using the services of a single, familiar bookmaker is usually very convenient, easy and even comforting. It could be very monotonous and more importantly, less profitable, on the other hand.

Some sportsbooks really do try to offer great odds for most of the time. Other operators focus on certain sports, championships, and leagues. And the best way to find value and really good odds is to simply compare the prices at different sports betting sites. Note that the odds would often be dynamic and you may need to adjust your bets accordingly.

Keep a Record of Your Bets

All successful football bettors keep track of their bets in order to be able to identify their mistakes and change their strategy whenever needed. This includes a detailed record of each and every bet over a long period of time – try to write down the date and the specific league or tournament, the type of the bet and any additional details about it, the amount of your stake, the specific odds at the time, and the bookmaker. Of course, do not forget to add to the outcome of the bet – profit or loss, as well as any other details you consider important.

Keeping a record of your activity can be extremely helpful, whether you consider yourself a pro or you are completely new to the world of football betting. Eventually, you will be able to see whether your hobby is, indeed, profitable or just gets you rid of your hard-earned money.

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