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Super Bladesman's English National League System Update

Taking FM10 to Level 11

By Updated on Mar 11, 2010   25001 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 1568 / Size: 562.2 kB / Added: 2009-11-01
Updated on 5 March 2010 with build 097!

What is this?

Manage any club from the top 11 levels in England. The initial release version adds:
-39 new league competitions
-75 new real-life England-based cup competitions, including the FA Vase.
-A revamped FA Cup, to include 6 qualifying rounds (which aren’t named correctly by the game… yet)
-207 new stadiums
-135 new cities
-879 new clubs (includes some already in the game, but with no nation set, some purely historical, and others not in playable divisions)

For a much more detailed explanation about what comes with this download, please check out the original thread @ SI forums.


EXTENDED, FULL and LITE versions available

These files are ONLY compatible with FM10.3. Older versions of FM are not supported. Link at the top is full version, build 097!

Extended edition - Download from MediaFire - build 097
Extends English National League system to Level 11, and has a total of 109 playable cups. For all Level 11 teams to show up, you must start a new game with all players based in England loaded.

Full edition - Download from MediaFire - build 097
Extends English National League system to Level 10, and has a total of 93 playable cups.

Lite edition - Download from MediaFire - build 097
Extends English National League system to Level 8, and has a total of 52 playable cups.

Previous available download links (courtesy of DeadZone @ SI forums)
FULL version, Build 045 (311KB)
LITE version, Build 045 (305KB)



You'll need to unzip the file to start off with.

1. Copy the file to the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\editor data folder in your My Documents folder.
2. Load FM2010
3. Select ‘Preferences’ and go to the ‘Display/Sound’ tab. UNTICK use skin cache. TICK ‘Always Reload Skin on Confirm’
4. When completed, leave preferences and ‘Start A New Game’
5. In the dialog window that pops up, TICK the change box.
6. Select the file in the list, if not already.
7. Start a new game as normal, selecting the lowest level that you want to have active.

If you have any issues, make sure you've read the FAQ thread.

When starting a new game, it's recommended you tick 'Add key staff'. That way the players generated in the bottom tiers will be a mixture of ages, rather than all being 16 or so



As more things come up, I will continue to update this with further/improved information. This has been an epic project, and I hope you can all forgive me for my decisions when I've had to make calls for what makes the best gameplay (both in Season 1 and beyond). Enjoy, and any questions – fire away. I'll be the one with the bleeding fingers sobbing quietly in the corner!

Nik - Super Bladesman



A number of other people have already helped in the creation of this file, and I would like to warmly thank them and acknowledge their input: Scoham, KUBI, pompeyboyz, DanGLiverpool, crouchaldinho amongst many others (testing), chelsea_pumas (donated many of the competition histories), gw79 (NCE competitions)

Thanks to all involved at Sports Interactive for giving us the editor in the first place, and to anyone else who has made particular contributions or has given feedback.


What you can do to help, and how to do it

I’m very receptive to implementing further changes and tweaking what is in the file. I am also keen to make this into *the* definitive England xml file. If you have anything to contribute, here’s how to do it. I’m sorry for making this so draconian and specific, but the file is really rather large, and I can foresee adding in all the extra stuff will be quite a task. Also, bear in mind that issues with the file may actually be representative of bugs or limitations in FM10.

*For general submissions/corrections etc:
Please email me at (replace AT with @). I will need as many details as it is humanly possible to give!

*If you want to submit staff or players for addition to the file, probably the best thing to do is discuss it with me first. This is probably the most simple way to produce data that I can merge into the main file:

1. Load the FM10 editor
2. Load the database
3. Make your changes
4. Save the file.
5. Email it to me at (replace AT with @). Please include evidence for the inclusions (i.e. a link to a squad list on a website etc.)

DON'T make these sort of edits to main file if you’re going to submit them to me, as it will be impossible for me to identify the code in the xml file and copy it over. If the players/staff are at a club which does not feature in the original SI database, just leave that blank, send me the custom xml and tell me the club (and what division they are in) and I will assign them manually.

Also - if you want more accurate data at this level, have you considered becoming a researcher for SI? This is the best route to getting data added tbh...


For Changelist see this post on the official SI forums.

Download Now
Downloads: 1568 / Size: 562.2 kB / Added: 2009-11-01
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Discussion: Super Bladesman's English National League System Update

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
  • bozzboy's avatar
    apologies, works on version 10.3, i deleted all my old files and redownloaded it and renamed it.
    thanks :beer
  • bozzboy's avatar
    Have d'led the update but get same error, as a test i d'led the scottish lower leagues and started a new game and that has worked.
  • Stam's avatar
    Hi mate, I've updated the page with newest version. compatible with patch 10.3. Please try it and let me know.
  • bozzboy's avatar
    i installed a different one 1st and when i got a warning i installed this one, still get same warning, have followed all is the warning-
    COULD NOT PROCESS RULE GROUP SETTINGS IN Jon-Pc/c:/Users/Jon/Documents/Sportsinteractive/Football Manager 2010/Editor Data/England_to_level10_super-bladesmand_build045.xml.xml.
    English FA cup- too many teams(21) requested from english northern premier league premier division(20 teams)
    Please help if you know what i am doing wrong! have just bought the game and updated it using links on fmscout and also had no probs dl'ing fmassistantmanager and fmrte editor.
  • slax's avatar
    Hi stam,

    i am using this skin:

    i have seen the wiki page... its way too confusing... since you have made the XML file... you might have formatted the teams in some systematic manner, so if i can get that in text format, it would be great...

    cos i just want to make graphics for ur patch for now... not for all leagues.

    - slax
  • Stam's avatar
    Hi slax,

    That would be great!

    Check this page to find list of teams and competitions:

    By the way what is that skin you are using as seen on the screenshot?
  • slax's avatar
    Hi stam,

    Great update for English football... thanks :)

    just started playing using this patch :)

    i was wondering if you can give the list of all the names of teams & competitions which you included in this update [in a text/excel file]... i was planning to make graphics for all of them.

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