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4-2-3-1 Unstoppable

By Updated on May 17, 2010   110376 views   14 comments
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Downloads: 19741 / Added: 2010-05-17
I've used this tactic with my Umeå FC side, it's brought me 5 straight leaugetitles, 2 CL and some other smaller trophies... anyway, hoping that some of you will try it out, maby you get the same kind of sucess ? tell me how it goes :D

I've found it especially effective against superior teams. As far as playertypes go the wingers scores a shedload aswell as the striker, the OMC is my prime playmaker. I play with 2 DMC istead of MC, one of them just needs to be an oldschool destroyer such as Roy Keane (i play Sandro from Internacional, works great), the other one is more of a passingplayer, but he still needs to take on a big workload in the defence... just regular, strong pacy defenders (one of them is set a skilled atm, this is not needed, if none of your cb's are gifted with the ball, just change to normal).
A sweeperkeeper at the back , will probabley make a couple of misstakes for you, ecspecially if your a LLM, but don't worry, he will prevent more chanses then he creates.

As i said before, let me know how it goes !

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Downloads: 19741 / Added: 2010-05-17
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Discussion: 4-2-3-1 Unstoppable

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • Imarion's avatar
    Very nice article.I agree with this tactic i found it especially clever and effective against superior teams.
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  • Imarion's avatar
    Very nice article.I agree with this tactic i found it especially clever and effective against superior teams.
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  • Toutuasse's avatar
    Toutuasse14 years ago
    мы с Алеш - ей сегодня на иксбоксе рубились, потом в маке поели, потом ему новый телефон купили и два часа с горок
    в нескучном с - аду на жопах катались.
    у Алеш - и завтра день р - ождения
    он мой д - ед. ему будет 81 год
  • Toutuasse's avatar
    Deardygriergy14 years ago
    Прикольно, а вы играли в - онлайн игры для девочек барби?
  • Toutuasse's avatar
    narfendalia14 years ago
    Один товарищ рассказывал: шел он с работы, нес в сумке баллончик с золотой краской - оформлял стенд на работе. И вот подходит к нему цыганка и нагло требует: "А позолоти ручку!" Думаю, что было дальше, и так ясно :)
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  • l3nnart's avatar
    well if you give it time, and you've got decent players, your side will become a titlecompedetor in about 2-3 years at most !
  • macdab55's avatar
    with this tactic i won Polish fa cup and league with Polonia Warsaw:satisfied
  • Toutuasse's avatar
    erroxeredicky14 years ago
    Действительно, - отлично, - очень - и - очень - полезно
  • vero216's avatar
    Interesting practice i will give it a try.

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  • Toutuasse's avatar
    tictHineali14 years ago
    Интересно, а сколько времени затрачено?!
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  • Toutuasse's avatar
    Spormaaccemia14 years ago
    И я тоже обожаю группу ранетки!
  • Toutuasse's avatar
    Spormaaccemia14 years ago
  • l3nnart's avatar
    about the striker... better play a FS than a TS... atleast with weaker sides
  • l3nnart's avatar
    i was in a hurry when i posted the tactic, so to be clear about what kind of players are to prefer.

    ST - Needs to be either fast or strong in order to lose the defenders as a lonestriker, both TS and FS works though

    Wingers - Basicley FS:ers, pace, technique and finishing will generate sucsess

    OMC - The playmaker and offensive engine, passing, creativity, anticipation, off the ball, dribbeling technique etc, basicley the more Zidane the better :P

    DMC - play two DMC, an old school destroyer at "defensive midfielder" high workrate, teamwork, tackling, stamina etc. The other one is a "defensive playmaker", doesn't nessicaireley have to be a stong defensive player, as long as he works hard and has a good passinggame.

    CB - One of my defenders are set as "skilled CB" this is not needed if you don't have any skilled defenders, just change it to a regular CB

    FB - they are first and foremost defenders, tackling, positioning, marking etc... still crossing is a BIG plus, as well as some nice pace and technique.

    GK - honestley i really don't know what to look for here.. he plays as a attacking sweeperkeeper so i guess rushing out, anticipation, decisions and then regular goalkeeperskills, i personaly look quite much at arialability aswell

    well there you have it, GLHF :D
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