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FM Scout is "hiring"

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By Updated on Sep 08, 2010   6574 views   17 comments
UPDATE 09.09.2010:
Roles explained below will be constantly available, until further notice.

We are recruiting new members for our FM Scout team. If you love FM and have some free time, here is what you could be doing, should you want to join our team.

story tellers, graphics authors, social networkers, avid watchers of football online, amateur journalists, SI forums regulars...

story tellers: we're looking for inspiring authors who will write their FM stories and provide updates on a regular basis. do you happen to run your own blog about it? even better!

graphics authors: we're looking for all authors of quality FM graphics including facepacks, logopacks, skins, kits and other... to post their material here and maintain any updates; our deal doesn't have to be exclusive if you don't want to

social networkers: we're looking for people who are using sites like facebook and twitter every day, to help us improve our baby presence there

avid watchers of football online: we're looking for such people to revitalize our live scores section and some new sections that will derive from that

amateur journalists: we're looking for people who have a passion for journalism and like to have the chance to interview important personalities around the FM scene

SI forums regulars: we're looking for people who write on the official SI forums often, to shape our 'street' team

If you find yourself on one of the roles listed above and wish to get involved, please get in touch with me now: stam AT fmscout DOT com 

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About Stam

I started FM Scout for fun in the distant 2004. I'm proud of how this place has grown into a vibrant community and I try my best to improve it every year. Husband and father of two.

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Discussion: FM Scout is "hiring"

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • Richie866's avatar
    I have only just came across your wonderfully put across website, I have been a firm follower of the FM series and before CM series (I do not know how i have not seen your site before)

    I would love to share experiences with yourself and other bloggers who enjoy reading fascinating stories.

    So yes, I would love to be a 'blogger' for this website.

  • jordanward's avatar
    It would be amazing if i could tell my own storys.
  • oladmighty_30's avatar
    hello im enginer badmus im from nigeria. (im the c.e.o of beycom technologies company nigeria limited) im manager i have 2 player here in nigeria thay are semi proffessional i really love them to play there proffessional ball in germany league,bcos this player that im talking about they are very strong and fit, talented, skilfull, inteligent, disepline player, but i have spend a lot of money to get video clips for them here in nigeria to send you,but all the one that we are shooting is robush becos here in nigeria we don't have good playing field and even the camera they are useing to shoot is robush, you can't even see the player that playing well and i have spend a lot of money about 15-20,000 US DOLLAS that is why i decid to contact you to talk to you,if you can send 2 visa invitation latter to me here in nigeria, even you will still be there agent and take them to team in germany,i know that you don't no me and my player, i don't disapoint people and im trusted penson, and i know my player they don't disapoint me becos i have been dealing with them now is a long time, and this player that im talking about if you see there playing in the field you will be so glad for knowing player like them, i have my money to spend on them the only thing that we need is the visa invitation latter to get to germany and you will asure me that you will be there agent over there and take them to team, there names are (oladele sanyaolu 18years old deffesiv midfield) (mavellous emeka 19 years old central midfield) even if you want me to come with them i can come, and if you want to see them i can send there picture and there information to your mail address thanks your faithfullness here is my contact address in nigeria. no 13 babalola aroyewun igbogbo ikorodu lagos nigeria E.mail address [email protected] my number +2348031860426 or +2347032520180
  • Sheffield Fc's avatar
    Id love to be a story teller
  • robert_barr1's avatar
    Id be happy to write stories of my experiences for you? please let me know what is involved
  • homerdavides's avatar

    i would like to sand to the comunity two of my goal
    i hope you'll see it
  • samchipman's avatar
    I have a blog of my story on blogger, is it possible to post a link, or copy it over etc. I would be very interested in sharing it
  • Evo's avatar
    would very much like to be a story teller. Thinking about writing a story about my first career on fm2011
  • macdab55's avatar
    I could be story teller
  • lloydinho12's avatar
    Awesome, I look forward to hearing from you soon!
  • Stam's avatar
    Hey Anthony,
    I'm glad to see your comment. I'm currently working hard to make a major change to the site (in fact a series of changes), hoping to unleash the new site by Wednesday. Will contact you soon mate.
  • lloydinho12's avatar
    Hi, I'm a regular frequenter of the site but have only just registered. I'm a massive fan of the game and football in general and would love to help out. I'm especially interested in what you described under 'story tellers,' 'social networkers,' 'avid watchers of football online' and 'amateur journalists'. Feel free to message or email me + keep up the good work on the site :)!


  • Stam's avatar
    feel free to make some recommendations then mate, i'd like to shape a strong staff team this season
  • joannes3000's avatar
    I appreciate the comments, but there are several other worthy writers on the site as well!
  • Stam's avatar
    check your email mate :)
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    yh joannes does a lot of story telling:satisfied and he does them well8)
  • joannes3000's avatar
    Stam, I'd be up for a story teller role on the site.
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