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A remake of season 1995/96 for FM2010

By three enthusiasts of CM2

By Updated on Aug 20, 2010   26039 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 2607 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2010-08-20
Released: 18 Aug 2010
See the original thread on the official SI forums.

The original author said:
"We are three enthusiasts of CM2 who have cooperated on this db, eager to recreate the spirit of 1995. By using the db we hereby present, the game will still start in July 2009, but the football world will have been reverted to the season 1995/96. All players and managers are as of 1995: you'll see Newcastle pushing Manchester U for the title, Coventry, Wimbledon and Southampton in the Premiership, Eric Cantona serving his suspension, players like Colin Hendry, Tony Adams, Gary Mabbutt, Dave Watson..."

From left to right... Southampton squad, Chelsea staff, Wimbledon-Manchester City,
Tranmere-Leicester, Wrexham-Chesterfield, AC Milan.

How to avoid 10.3 crash:
Immediately after patching the game to 10.3, the game started to crash when using the db. The db proved not to be corrupted, neither were any of the backups. With 10.2, however, it is still working fine and it has been tested for several seasons without any trouble experienced.
The particular trouble with 10.3 seems to be that of going past the "Create you manager profile" screen, and a method for avoiding this crash has been suggested:
1) After starting this db on 10.3, the game will show you the new manager window.
2) Do NOTHING now, but immediately save your game instead.
3) Click continue and let your game crash.
4) Re-start your game and select the savegame.
5) You now should be able to use this.
Thanks to aggressive minor and Jorgen who suggested this method.

How to play:
Download and extract the file, and then place it in the folder "Editor Data". As mentioned above, it's recommended using version 10.2 for the game.
Start new game > Choose database: Default database + ensure that the season9596 file is chosen as editor data file > Select nations: recommended using the top four English divisions and adding as many extra players as possible from the db (e.g. Large + Players based in: Europe)

We deleted all players in the game, then started to build all the Premiership squads one by one by adding players as listed in the Rothmans Yearbook. After making the Premiership, we started to expand by adding players in foreign countries and the Football League. In the present version there are 794 players in the Premiership, 745 players in Division 1, 590 players in Division 2, 365 players in Division 3, and around 1500 players in foreign countries. I would say that only the top three divisions in England are fully playable, but there are many full size squads in Division 3 and a few European top clubs (maybe 10 in Italy) as well.

All managers in the Premier League and Football League are as of 1995. We have tried to systematically delete all managers of higher reputations who wouldn't be in the frame in 1995, though some managers in non league may still occur in the game. In addition, much of the staff has been retained. Retaining these have been time saving for the still on-going process of adding players and coaches when this work is fully done, the remaining staff can be deleted. Adding staff has been more difficult than adding players, as the most important source, Rothmans Yearbook 1996, isn't always comprehensive in this matter. However, for teams in the Premier League, staff (except scouts) should be as of 1995, including chairmen in most cases.

No new competition rules have been made for this db. That means that there are still 7 subs, not 3, in the match day squads, the Champions League will be with 4 English participants (not only Blackburn, but also Manchester U, Nottingham F and Liverpool!), no Anglo-Italian cup, and so on.

Many thanks to the user munaron on the official SI forums (and his friends) for making this possible!!

Help with further editions:
All info is welcome: manager's preferred formations, squad info for Sampdoria, opinions on Mark Jule's (Chesterfield) technical attributes... Please take contact if you would like to help. There's a plan to make a new edition a few weeks ahead in time.
Head over to the original thread and post in case you want to help.

Download Now
Downloads: 2607 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2010-08-20
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Discussion: A remake of season 1995/96 for FM2010

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • rush2513's avatar
    @Stam the link is dead for this. But what I really want is a database like this for a more modern FM. Do you know of any? Or if this one can be adapted to run on a newer FM? Thanks
  • ei2t's avatar
    Does anyone have an available link?
  • Stam's avatar
    @Mesha7: Thanks for reporting. Fixed download link.
  • Mesha 7's avatar
    Link was deleted :S Does anyone know link where i can download this ?
  • mairbeer's avatar
    Does any one have a live download link?
  • bl4cky's avatar
    Hey Calla83, Ive tried it with the old FM2010 was great!! the kids were raul, del piero, gerrad was 15 i think!. Hopefully there's an updated version for 2011 !
  • CALLA83's avatar
    when football was football!
    has anyone tryed? is it worth a go?
  • bl4cky's avatar
    this would be so much fun ! would love to try it with the new fm2011.
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