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anyone us a AMD based system for FM?

Started on 21 October 2013 by safc73
Latest Reply on 29 October 2013 by RedArmy20
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so does anyone use a AMD cpu for fm?? if so how does it compare to intel?
ive used AMD since it's athlon 64bits days. Mostly because its the biggest bang for the buck.

If you can still get a hold of Phenom II series, ex. 955. Then you got a fantastic cpu for a very cheap price and that handles all the games without much fuss.

Obviously recently Intel have the advantage, if your just in for a better overall PC intel will have the edge.

But for the money AMD are still worth it cause u can go with cheaper cpu/mobo setup and put rest on other stuff like more space or better graphics etc.

I have the AMD fx-series, the 8350. Even though dissapointing when they launched it, for normal PC use and gaming it still does very good. At launch it was too expensive, but recently the prices have gone down a lot so more worth it.

If anyone is going for a new build, i do recommend AMD to save a few bucks and put it on a new SSD harddisk. SSD makes a huge difference as well.
how does it perform in FM?
Will perform fine on FM depending on whether you get a good AMD or not. AMDs tend to be better for gaming because of the dedicated graphics cards that are always in them. Intel will likely be slightly better for FM in processing the days in game quicker but the latest AMD chips have made a big improvement. If you get an AMD get an A4 minimum but they're not as fast as an intel i3, preferably get an AMD A8 or A10. Avoid the E series as they're budget processors and you'll regret wasting your money.
2013-10-27 17:37#139804 safc73 : how does it perform in FM?

fantastic, got no problems, all the games ive tried have been great. Games run smooth without any problems of getting drops in fps or lag cause of high load.

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