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BayernAmerica's European Lower Leagues

Started on 23 October 2013 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 29 July 2014 by wando
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Want to do a llm save with a country and want to start from lower than what the base files have? No fear this is why it's here!! This is the thread for lower leagues of Europe. I will do as many as I can and will take request. Any questions, issues or would like to help just message me here or PM me!!

Once files are added onto the downloads section I will be liking each country to that specific download page.


:D :D :D :D :D I'll love this, only problem is it won't have the real players :( Nice one Bayern :P
oh yes it will. I remember back in FM13 I had the real players for BFC Dynamo and every player had a facepack.
Will you have accurate stats, especially for Würzburger Kickers?
Yep the team is full in the beta so you are good to go.

Here is BFC Dynamo the team I usually use.

Great! May delay starting my FM14 save, as there is a lot of pre-save stuff, to until this comes and I can use it :D
Yeah. I will be going as Dynamo Berlin. The most controversial club during the reunification
Also,, will it have the regional cup stuff, for example, the Lower Saxony Cup?
One of my goals
UPDATE: Going to add Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
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9 yearsEdited
Österreichische Fußballmeisterschaft (Austria)

The first release in my series of Central European Countries is Austria. This file goes from the Bundesliga (top league) to the Landesliga (Level 4). The Landesliga is unplayable for now.One of the best features is that your reserves won't be wasted since a few reserve teams are in the lower leagues. If there are any questions just ask.


It's only gone and become even better :O
Yep!! The German file will be probably Regionalliga until Oberliga is fixed
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9 yearsEdited
Fußball-Ligasystem in Deutschland (Germany)

Germany is now set. You will have a chance to play in the Bundesliga ll the way down to the Oberliga (14 leagues). There is a level that is inactive that feeds right into the Oberliga. Like the Austrian file you are able to control the u23 squads, for example FC Bayern München II. They can be promoted up to the 3.Liga and having them is very important for youth development. Also included are various media sources such as Sky Deutschland, Kicker, Bild and ESPN. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions just ask.

(Remember to get the best out of the file activate the German National Team!!)

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9 yearsEdited

Here is the Icelandic football league system. It goes from the Úrvalsdeild (premier League) to the 4. deild karla (Division 5). The Icelandic season for all things run from February until September.

Download: Iceland

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