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FC Bayern München: The Future of Football

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jamesg237
Latest Reply on 19 August 2014 by Jamesg237
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The Unemployment Challenge

I firstly brought you a story where I took control of my beloved Liverpool Football Club. This story saw little success with the number of reads reaching the thousands but it had a typical first story quality to it and it was abandoned. I then flirted with different teams before bringing you my next story which was a second attempt at managing Liverpool Football Club. This story I feel was the making of my time here with it still, somehow, sitting in the fifth most read story position in the history of FMScout and I have everyone on the site to thank for that. However, typically it came to an end after it becoming too “easy” to win matches which took the fun and challenge away from the save so I had to bring it to an end.

My next story was a very poor attempt with me going against my instincts and venturing into Serie A and taking control of AFC Fiorentina. There were two things wrong with this story with the first being that I wasn’t a fan of the rules within the Italian league, for example, the co-ownership rule. My other mistake was that I attempted to write the story in third person which quickly became a weakness of mine and there wasn’t a chance of me emulating other story writers who can do it so successfully. This story came to an abrupt end, as did my attempts with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid as there was no challenge in managing these teams and I could tell I would get bored very quickly.

I have also taken control of Huddersfield Town and managed to get them to the Premiership at the first time of asking. It was great fun managing them but I wasn’t able to dedicated time to the project so it came to another end. After the failure of so many stories I was desperate to find something that would maintain my interest and which would allow me to emulate my successful Liverpool Football Club story. Along came the unemployment challenge which I had attempted before (without writing a story about it) and failed miserably. However, I was desperate to enjoy FM13 once again so I went for it. I suffered disappointment with HSV before enjoying life with Rotherham United, who I have since started to keep an eye on in real life. This has therefore meant I will be undertaking the unemployment challenge once again with two simple aims there I am confident I can achieve.

Aim One:
To past the number of views my “Liverpool FC – The Future” story currently stands at which at the time of writing this is 66,192 views.

Aim Two:
I will be aiming to make this story last as long as possible. This means that the story will last until I am at the age of needing to retire.
I am confident that with everyone’s support I can achieve these two aims and it will be a very exciting journey from unemployment to management hall of fame status.

Game Set up

The save is going to be set up with the following nations and leagues loaded:

• England: Premier League down to Skrill North/South

• France: Ligue 1 only

• Germany: First Division only

• Italy: Serie A only

• Scotland: Scottish Premiership only

• Spain: Liga BBVA only

• Netherlands:Eredivisie only
Good start, look forward to it.
Another James story. Every story you've done has been great, so the bar is set high. Go get em' tiger!
I liked your last one, hopefully this is even better :D
Good luck James. I remember all of your old stories and they were all excellent. You were one of my inspirations to get into writing and I am glad this story is back. :D
LFC: Thank you. I don't think that the story will start until the actual release of the game but wanted to at least make a start.

Pauker:Thank you for the kind words. I hope this one lives up to expectations.

Walter:My last unemployment challenge helped me start to enjoy the game so I am eager to start it again now on FM14.

Wellsy1498:Well it is nice to know that my stories have been enjoyed. I will be looking to your story for writing tips :)
Love an unemployed challenge!

Good luck James! :)
2013-10-26 12:20#139568 FM-LD : Love an unemployed challenge!

Good luck James! :)

Thank you! Your Barnet story has set a high standard that I hope to emulate!
Loved all of your stories, and it's clear that you're one of our best writers. So I can't wait for this story to start! Good luck :D
2013-10-26 18:33#139617 AlexSonwild : Loved all of your stories, and it's clear that you're one of our best writers. So I can't wait for this story to start! Good luck :D

Thank you for the kind words. I hope this story doesn't disappoint.
Yay you're doing this again, looking forward to it :D
2013-10-26 20:18#139640 Pixel : Yay you're doing this again, looking forward to it :D

I wanted to do it again after having so much fun with Rotherham United back on FM13. I am excited to really get this going so I hope you enjoy it.

Job Offers

Waiting around for a job can be a tedious and time consuming job, especially when you set your past footballing experience to Sunday League Footballer as I have done for this save. Clubs are going to obviously want the person they employ to have more experience, which in this save I won’t have; you can’t blame them but it can get boring when you don’t even get offered an interview no matter how many jobs you apply for. To combat the tediousness I decided to go on holiday with the settings set to bring me back to the game when I had been offered a job from any club. Patience was then the key. Chairman’s and Directors were obviously going to give their managers time before making rash decisions about the man they have at the helm which meant that I was going to have to wait until close to Christmas before a job offer coming my way.

Not only do you need to be patient when it comes to this type of challenge but you also cannot afford to be picky. You can’t head into this type of save expecting to be offered many, if any, jobs above the lower leagues. This was evident in that the only two teams to offer me a job within the first couple of months were Havant and Waterlooville (Skrill South) and Bradford PA (Skrill North). I knew that I couldn’t afford to be picking and I had to realistically choose one of these teams to be my first club or else I would be heading back on holiday with the tedious wait for another job to be offered to me. So I decided to decline the job offers; they simply did not interest me and I had hoped for a bigger club to come in for me. I had experienced this kind of luck with Rotherham United back on Football Manger 2013 who were in League Two when I took over. This meant my ambitions were high and I went back on holiday with the hope of a club coming in for me that wasn’t playing its trade in the Skrill leagues.

Time passed and we eventually came to the turn of the New Year and no more jobs had been offered my way. Well, all apart from one. The date was the 3rd January 2014, it was my third job offer and I decided to attend the interview resulting in me being offered the job and becoming the manager of...
2013-10-26 16:45#139658 Jamesg237 :
2013-10-26 20:18#139640 Pixel : Yay you're doing this again, looking forward to it :D

I wanted to do it again after having so much fun with Rotherham United back on FM13. I am excited to really get this going so I hope you enjoy it.

Seeing as you're the one doing it, I will enjoy it :D
Why do you always leave these cliffhangers with the 3rd team? :P

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