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4-2-3-1 wonderful football with a wonder result

Started on 23 January 2009 by FmLover
Latest Reply on 15 February 2009 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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4-2-3-1 Wonderful Football

This is my best tactic ever...

i don't know if this working to you, but i recommend you to try this...

having success with my Newcastle for 5 season..

This Tactic using 1 GK, 2 CB, 2 FB, 2 MC, 3 AM (Center, Right, and Left), and 1 Target striker.

Here it is the type of player you need :

GK : Standard Goalkeeper.

CB : Your right CB's must have a good marking,tackling,jumping,and heading (heading and jumping are very important,because he will give you a goal from a corner)
And your Left CB's must have a good marking,tackling,and pace. (put your best pace defender here)

FB : Tackling,pace,and dribbling is a very needed attributes, as they act to support heavily on defend and will get forward whenever possible. (just make your FB often run with the ball if your team playing at home or facing a team that are slightly/heavily weaker than you)

MC : Right MC must have a good Passing,Creativity,and work rate..tackling and long shot is a bonus (support on attack)
Left MC is support on defend so he must have a good tackling,work rate,and passing..creativity and long shot is a bonus too.

AMC : AM center will act like your second striker so you must have player with a good finishing,passing,creativity,and flair.
AM right and left must have a good dribbling,pace,finishing,flair.. passing and flair is a bonus.

Target Striker : you must have a powerful striker as he will be outnumbered by the opposite team,a tall one is a good idea. Must have a good finishing,heading,and jumping.. pace and off the ball is a bonus.

Download the tactic here :

need your feedback.

Hy FMscout, Hy guys, this is my first post :)

Thank you
quite a well thought out tactic not bad.
Looks good. Welcome FMLover.
Thats fantastic tactic, if used it a lot in FM08, but now I have modifies it in 4-1-2-2-1, (put AMC in DM)... I use it in almost the same way but because I play with West Ham i had to make it more defensive, so I've put strong DM and I push my AMR an AML a little bit more so my striker wouldn't be outnumbered all the time...
I'll post screenshot and result tomorrow..

sorry if the link are not all displayed

try this :

just right click on the link - then choose properties - and copy paste the address in the new tab..

thanks, really need your feedback smile.png
actually, I hate every teams that using this sort of formation
I just can't find the net at all and they're attacking me from everywhere
Roma for example...
please take a look at these screenshots :


Team instruction

FB Tweak (if you playing at home or facing the opponent that are slightly or heavily weaker than you)

Match Stats Newcastle vs Chelsea

Henri Saivet as the best AMC in my squad
great tactic, looks very useful thanks!
where did u get ur background of st james park?????
dat is a bril skin- can you get it for the emirates?
bryn : great tactic, looks very useful thanks!
where did u get ur background of st james park?????
its not st james park its Mcfc's Ground I Think It Is It Looks Like It
ty will use it.
Credit where it's due. A very well-thought tactic! fair play to you :)

ps: it seems to work perfectly against 'big' opponents. however, if you're playing a team that parks the bus in front of the goal (i.e. West Brom) it seems to struggle a bit. need to modify the width and 'focus passing' a bit to get it worked against these so-called lesser teams. a cracking one nonetheless! :yes
U dont need a big powerful striker. I bought Rossi from Villareal when i was man city in my first season, and he scored 42 goals in 53 games using these tactics, Shit hot tactics though
Amazing tactic. thanks loads! i just started using this tactic and after two games ive won 4-1, 3-0.
Thanks for this dude could to please make the images bigger please?

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