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Advice for a tactics newbie?

Started on 3 November 2013 by jameslufc
Latest Reply on 10 December 2013 by Orichieva
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I have just started a game as Leeds and feel that I have a squad capable of a playoff finish, however, I just can't seem to get any tactics to work. I have lost my first 5 games of the season and am 2nd bottom, only scoring 3 goals in those games. I have mainly been trying a 4-5-1 formation, at home trying to play attacking football and retain possession, but away from home playing more direct, counter attacking football. Nothing seems to be working for me though, and could do with some advice, particularly regarding the team and player instruction buttons, which I haven't managed to get to grips with yet. If anyone has any advice or ideas for tactics that could work well for me in the Championship, it would be much appreciated.

Hi mate,
If you are struggling to create a successful tactic, take a look at our "How to create a successful tactic" guide. I really recommend you give it a read, it should help you greatly.

If you're still struggling to create a working tactic, you can also download a tactic that someone else has uploaded.

Hopefully, this will help you and I wish you all the best with Leeds :)
Use the KISS method with tactics , 4-5-1 could be too technical for a side like Leeds and yes read the tactics guide .
Hi James

I am in the Championship with Forest. A team I would rate as level with Leeds' capabilities and player quality. My favourite formation is the 4-5-1. I use it at all the clubs I have managed throughout all my FM saves.

The guides provided here can help greatly.

What you need to be aware of though is your players ability and their quality at the player roles. For example, Guy Moussi and Forest is a DM and has a 3 star rating as a DM and Anchor Man but only 2 star as a DLP. Choosing the right roles for your players in FM is key. In your first season you should focus on generating a tactic around the players at your disposal, once the second season comes, you can dispose of the players and buy those that suit what you want to play.

I find that when playing stronger teams and on away days using the RIGID play style can greatly help your team and can lead to keeping more clean sheets. The DM role is a vital role in keeping the clean sheets in my opinion and you should make him play as a DM defend, he will move back and become almost a 3rd CB. You have a great player there in Rudi Austin.

I will play a bit more in my Forest game and see what else I can conjure up and I will let you know how i get on with it, and offer some more advice if you would like it.

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