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What the title says
Started on 9 November 2013 by haken89
Latest Reply on 6 February 2014 by serek000
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If there's already a topic with a similar function, I'm sorry but I didn't seem to find it.

Well, I have too many so I'll just stick with the most irritating ones.

- Opposition gets a red card and regardless of my tactics, the opposition scores a few minutes after the incident and generally looks far better with 10 players on the pitch. I do realize my team is being complacent but this pattern of events is repetitive and quite frustraing. I end up hoping the opposition stays with 11 players on the pitch.

- Warning your team of complancecy after you get a lead on a first leg, seeing your players highlighted in green, getting the message that they seem motivated only to concede the most idiotic, most ridiculous goals I think I've ever seen in the second leg.

- Players just refuse to follow your tactic, doing whatever they want, even when I change the fluidity to rigid/very rigid or tell them to be more disciplined. Whether if my winger wouldn't cross because he prefers to beat his man on the corner line or sometimes he just cuts inside (he's a winger, which means if he plays on the left and he's left footed), trying to beat the whole opposition's defense on his own and shoot from an impossible angle, with his weaker foot (after I told him not to shoot as often)

- Free Kicks. What's up with that? Other than the fact I can't tell them how to take their FKs (short/long/shoot), my players can't seem to score on a direct FK. I have two FK takers with 16 FK and I get alot of FK in comfortable areas. Been playing for more than 6 months (game time) and I haven't scored even 1 FK goal. My players weren't close, not by a long shot. they either shoot it miles away, hit the wall or pass is very comfortably to the opposition's goalie.

- Again, the shots in FM 2014 are really weird. I have a pretty decent CM/AMC with 16 long shots, good with both legs but he never scored a long shot and he gets alot of opportunities. He either shoots it strong and away or super weak and right to the opposition's goalie's hands.

- Players on the opposition's corner line will never try to find a diagonal pass backwards or a short cross. Instead, they'll shoot from a very tight, nearly impossible angle.

- The rating system is broken. I've had a player who gave away two goals because of his mistakes and yet my goalie was the one whose rating went low. I'm talking about obvious player mistakes, not some bad long ball my goalie executed.

And the list goes on...

If you have a solution, feel free to post it here. If you think I whine too much, you're more than welcome to let me know that.
Offside is a major problem, there are at list 4 or 5 bad offside calls per game. It kills the game for me.
hectic and understandably very frustrating ,after the patch updates how's it going ?
I hate it when I lose against the team I should really be winning, and then after aggressive post match team talk, everyone is fired up and motivated. Next match, they play even worse and then they are even more motivated. Come on, show something on the field, I don't care about your green feedback!

I know it's not the game's mistake, I just hate it.
This is isn't a bug, but changing the amount you can actually do tactics wise is so annoying, for example I can't tell my winger to cut inside without making him take up a different role.. unless there is some sort of hidden option. That along with the whole tactics system being cleared, just increasing the shouts system is wee bit frustrating
I really dislike the delay in confirmation of changes. For example, i concede an equalizing goal in the 87th minute, i immediately pause (during the GOAL flashing text) and change the mentality to Overload, then resume the game. The change gets confirmed at 92:45, seconds before the final whistle.
2013-12-08 16:33#148385 JustHitTheBall : I really dislike the delay in confirmation of changes. For example, i concede an equalizing goal in the 87th minute, i immediately pause (during the GOAL flashing text) and change the mentality to Overload, then resume the game. The change gets confirmed at 92:45, seconds before the final whistle.

Your name shows a common problem for me - people dawdling on the ball. A problem I've noticed, though it usually works in my favour, is people tackling each other from kick off.
This is by far the worst FM to date. How can Sports Interactive justify releasing a game with so many faults. Where do i start ? Your defenders.. well dont defend, they just stand there like statues as strikers glide past and plant it past the keeper. Full backs are non existant! The keepers dont get to the easiest balls and let in the most ridiculous efforts. The wingers run all the way up the pitch then do nothing ! They do one of two things. 1) Stop turn back on themselves back into their defenders theyve just glided past and stand there waiting to be tackled. 2) go into the box, ignore the 6 free players who have an open net and try shooting from the most outrageous angles known to man. Oh but wait, even if the ball goes to a striker he stands their for ten minutes and waits for the keeper to pounce on it and non of them could hit a barn door. I just had a game, i had 50 shots, 40 on target and scored one, they had 2 shots in the last 10 mins and scored twice! that happens nearly every game. They neer listen to your instructions or tactics and teamtalks never work.And im not a novice FM'er, i had ever CM and FM and know all the previous bugs but this is a disgrace that theyve allowed this to be released and charge people 35 quid for it. i have the 14.1.4 patch and have validated the cache like it says on SI website and its still terrible. No longer an enjoyable game which is a big shame because im addicted to FM. Im sure there are other faults which ive forgot
It seems as though they did an overhaul of the engine, which is probably the reason for the faults being off.. Although I didn't play the last fm so can someone comment/confirm on this? and that coupled with the basic dumbing down of tactics, which doesn't make any sense considering that should be the main part of the game, its took a step back in my opinion made it more 'accesible' (horrible word in gaming) for those who don't want/know about tactics that much. (rant over)
Personally I think FM14 is a massive improvement on FM13, but I hadn't played FM for months before the release of 14, so that might influence my decision.
the tactics overhaul I feel has been too much with shouts and etc ,fm 13 was better definitely a step back ,playing but just not getting used to the new tactics system atm .
Walcott had not scored a single goal for three seasons. Leicester picked him up after I let his contract expire. 5th round of the new season, I face Leicester at home. 2nd minute - Walcott scores. 11th minutes - Walcott scores. Alt+F4, Uninstall FM14.
2013-12-11 14:09#148781 JustHitTheBall : Walcott had not scored a single goal for three seasons. Leicester picked him up after I let his contract expire. 5th round of the new season, I face Leicester at home. 2nd minute - Walcott scores. 11th minutes - Walcott scores. Alt+F4, Uninstall FM14.

Sports Interactive 1-0 Consumers
This is frusrating indeed. I've also noticed that whenever I play possession football, I get better chances which for some reason my players are magically unable to turn these chances into goals which was no problem when I played a more direct-through the flanks football. I usually end up drawing 0-0 or 1-1 with 5+ posts/crossbars and some really clear cut misses and my goals are usually coming from a corner.

On that note, the corners are the main output of alot of team's goals. My DCs are on a hat-trick once per 15 games or so. As much as I love seeing my team score, this is ridiculous. My DCs score more than my attacking players.

Ashamed to say I've been drawn to 'cheating', as in, loading from a saved game when things don't turn the way I wanted during a match. The reason is not the final result of the match, no, it's the injuries. SO MANY INJURIES. I accepted it when two of my key players were injured in the same match, both for more than a couple of months in March which is a busy month. I even accepted it when my rotations got injured one by one, game after game. Now I'm playing with my young and promising regens who were supposed to play for my reserve squad but they also keep getting injured. I'm stuck at the same match for more than 10 restarts because the first 5 tries, the same regen got injured again and again and again and again and again. The other 5 tries, somebody else got injured. They always get injured for 3 weeks minimum, even when the injury doesn't force the player out. 10 straight matches, 10 straight injures (well, actually a little more because sometimes 2 or 3 players are getting injured at the same match). I have 4 physios, all of them with 20 physiotherapy if anyone thought that was the problem.

So, why am I still playing this frustrating game? Because I'm an idiot, that's why.
Relax folks and dont blame your selfs for playing this Fm :)
Things are pretty simple :
1) Sports Interactive does not have competition
2) Like every big (?) company,they care for money and sales
3) Releasing their top product early , knowing that people will buy it , makes them succeed on 2.

So thats why we are having a game which is in a big percentage unplayable yet. What i do ? i continue playing FM13 and wait for their next patch which traditionally is around January where the biggest bugs are fixed due to the never ending whine in their forums :)
I agree with all you who think that FM 14 is by far the most bugged FM game in the last perhaps 10 years. In addition to all the different bugs mentioned above, I also noticed a couple others which really irritate me.

1. As someone else mentioned, free kicks are epically bugged. In one season, I think that I scored 1 or 2 goals directly on free kicks, yet I hit the crossbar perhaps once or twice every game, so I´ve scored 1 or 2 goals directly on a free kick in one season, while I hit the crossbar around 40-50 times. That´s just silly.

2. Way to often (maybe 2-3 times per game) when a wing or back drible along the sideline and have a good opportunity to make a cross (which they both are supposed to do according to individual instructions) instead of making the cross, they try some weird shit, where they try to get a corner by shooting the ball into the opponent, I guess hoping the ball with bounce of and go out for a corner, but this results in either a goal kick or the defender simply brings the ball under control and clears it and only extremely rarely that actually workes out and I get a corner kick out of it. This is really anoying and stupid because they have a good opportunity to make a cross which is exaclty what they are supposed to do, but they simply give the ball away. This happens waaaaay to often. As I mentioned earlier it happens EVERY single game like 2-3 times.. Another silly bug.

3. Last one - the difficulty of the game - is perhaps not a bug per say, but a bit annoying. Its either downright impossible or too damn easy. I have tried different teams in different coutries and most of the time I either won the league with xx points down to number 2 or I got fired within the first couple of months. When I was Mallorca and FC Copenhagen, I got fired after a couple of months because I simple couldnt win a game (which rarely happened in other FM games), but then I played a season with Barca, where I quitted after 20 games in the league, because I won all 20 of them with a sick goal scored/conceded ratio and that frankly got really boring really fast.

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