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The Rebirth of Lawrence

A story about a man reborn.
Started on 12 November 2013 by roblaw
Latest Reply on 13 November 2013 by Seni
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Why Southampton

I believe this would be an excellent starting club for a good story as the sqaud is full of potential.
It also allows for movement in the transfer market if require.

With this up and coming team I am aiming to challenge for the title. Whilst developing home grown players of my own.

I am aiming to play a 4 -3-1-2 Attacking style whilst focusing on retaining possession & pressing higher up the pitch. As you can see below;

Lawrence's Appointment

The appointment of an unknown manager such as Lawrence will largely go down as a travesty that will leave many Southampton fans devastated and fearing for the worst in the upcoming season. Especially since the circumstance around Mauricio Pochettino's dismissal has yet to be revealed. Although the Southampton Football Club
Chairman has attempted to assure fans that Lawrence is the correct man for the job and that the club isn't in any risk of relegation
Despite Various rumours that Lawrence hasn't even been able to motivate himself to get out of bed in months. Which In its self is a concern.

It now seems like he is responsible for motivating not only himself but an entire squad of players of which even the least experienced of them is vastly more versed in the art of football.

Day 1

This is possibly the hardest day I will experience in my life I though whilst walking into the stadium.
All these new faces and I was in charge of them.I have to hold it together.

With so many fans counting on me, hoping for a good season on the back of the previous managers work.
I have to change my ways,I'll in still that determination into myself & the players.I thought as I walked through the main doors.

I had arrived. Even if I didn't deserve to be here. I am where I am I thought to my self.

First order of Business,
Surely I must meet the team, get a feel for the players. Explain my vision for the club. Do I even have a vision?

I decide it would be a good Idea to stay away from any of the higher ups and walk straight into the changing rooms,

As I walked into the changing rooms I could smell fresh paint & hear chatter of the players whilst they were receiving some final instructions.

from my Assistant.

Already making plans to keep him around even if it was just for the first year or so until I have stamped my own mark on the club.
Then I will no longer require any of his knowledge.

As the lads have now realised that I am in the dressing room it has all gone pretty quiet with that I thought It would be a good time to speak.

"Hi Lads, I guess I better Introduce myself. I'm your new manager, I know you've probably read a bit about me in the news papers although I'd Advise you not to take everything they say so seriously.This season Isn't about me or my lack of experience If you show the same desire you showed last year the results will be the same!
When people comment on how we do in the league and I am sure they will do I'll let them know exactly who they should be praising.Now unless you have any questions I'd like to see you all on the training ground'

My new assistants shouts me over "Robert"

"Yes" I reply as I walk across to speak with him

"I believe you should have a quick glance over the team reports just to get a feel for the team" he quickly shuffles some documents into a pile and passes them across to me

"No thank you, I believe its best if I make up my own mind on who I believe is at what level, If you could please set about organising a friendly between our first team squad and U21s that would be great thank you"

"Are you Serious?" Jesus replies with a slightly confused look on his face.

"Yes I believe it is important to see how they fair when playing against some of the younger players. It will also allow me to see if we have any players of potential in the u21s"

"Oh okay, I guess we better make our way outside then unless you need me to do anything else " Asks Jesus.

Feel free to lead the way. I'm still feeling a little new here. I request whilst taking in the facilities around the club as we walk out onto the training ground.
Maybe try centring the images, other than that looks really good, good luck! :)
Nice start mate, Southampton are a really good choice tbh, good luck!
This team has a great potential! Good luck mate!

Friendlies Part 1

I delighted to be just coming to the end of my first month in changed which has been a delightful experience.It has been great to watch the lads as they have made progress through out pre season, I now know all the players names. Which is always great and have spoken with the captain to let him know what I will require of him this season, Whilst also asking if he has any Idea's himself about what we should be doing to make sure we keep heading in the right direction.

I was so excited when it came to our first match even if it was behind closed doors, I saw this as my opportunity to show the club what I can do for them
and that if we worked together how far we could go.

Our first match was against our Under 21's

Southampton 3 - Southampton 1 U21s

I am very pleased to say that it provided me with a good insight into what we needed to do and how the team would perform in the style I wish to employ;

Seeing Pablo Osvaldo score 2 for the club was particularly pleasing, Whilst I was equally impressed with how they took to playing in a new style.

I also managed to eye up some of our young talents and push them into the first team on the back of this performance in the end the game finished 3-1 with 2 goals from Osvaldo & 1 from Ramirez

Whilst for the under 21's Jordan turnbull came on to score a tap in from a poorly defended corner. As expected we dominated much of the game with 61% Possession. hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Game 2

Exeter City 0 - Southampton 1

We managed to win 1 - 0 courtesy of Rodriguez's stunning strike.

However I must express my concerns over Adam's performance he constantly gave the ball away with many wayward passes.

I also gave one of our younger players ( Callum Chambers ) a run out even if it was only for a few minutes.

Game 3

M.Umm El Fahm 1 - Southampton 2

This game was our first out side of the country.

I am please to announce that we came away with a 2-1 win especially since we played so poorly in the first half.

In this match I handed 2 more under 21's there first starts. In the likes of ; Stephens & Targett whilst Chambers came in again to play at right back.

Though was later subbed off.

After going 1 - 0 down in the first half to a Assaf Hemo Volley from close range. I am proud to say the team came out in the second half and demonstrated why they will be in the premier league next season.

with a goal from Steven Davis although it is the inter play that many of the fans will go away talking about due to a lovely 1-2 that set up the move.

Fox however was determined not to be out done with something of a wonder strike from the edge of the area firing the ball straight passed the opposition goalkeeper.

Game 4

Jerusalem 0 - Southampton 3

Billy Sharp managed to put us in front early on with a goal in the opening 5 minutes of the game.

however it wasn't until the 53rd Minute that the game was put to bed with another good effort from Stephen Davis.Even if it was slightly fortunate to have gone in off the keeper.

Ramirez sealed with win in the 69th minute after mopping up the ball parried by the oppositions goalkeeper.

I am delights that in our first 3 games we have come away with 3 wins. Even if these are only friendlies.

I have already Imposed my self upon the club with my Idea's about youth players making sure that the players that had played well in the u21s
got a chance to impress & believe me when I say they have shown a good account of themselves. Even if things looked a bit rocky at first.
Good results I would say!
very good update mate, looking forward to the league!
Good start. I'll be following with interest, as Southampton are a great team to be. I have two games on the go, and when I'm not playing as Hertha, I'm taking over the world with Southampton

Very interesting starting line up there. I think you're dismissing some very good players. Lambert is monstrous, and Schneiderlin becomes unstoppable very quickly. I'd personally have Lallana over Davis any day too!
A good update Roblaw! Try adding screenshots of your results if possible to spice up the update a bit more, apart from that you're on track!

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