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The Brothers Of Yugoslavia

Started on 19 November 2013 by Couragesand
Latest Reply on 26 November 2013 by Nick
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Couragesand's avatar Group Couragesand
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Darko Ivanović and Momir Ivanović two brothers. The first, Momir was born in Podgorica,Yugoslavia (what is now Montenegro) in January 9 1978 then the younger Darko was born 10 years later in October 26th 1988 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Now serbia).

The split in Yugoslavia caused both of them to be both nationalities but each born in different ones. Momir started coaching while Darko was playing football. They both had different personalities supporting their own countries and watching football on the television was Darko and training while Momir was taking coach courses to improve skill.

What has Begun

On June 23 2013 Momir & Darko got offered jobs for Montenegro and Serbia national head coach jobs respectively as they both desperately needed coaches

As soon as they accepted the job offers Darko called Momir.

Darko: "Momir, I heard you got the Montenegro job congrats to you."

Momir: "Congratulations to you also Darko you had gotten the Serbian job."

Darko: "Momir, we both have big responsibilities to do, world cup qualifying is going on right now, try to make it our current goal right now to make the playoffs or the top place in the group."

Momir: "I understand the responsibility in the job, and may someday either of us meet in a final of a World Cup and see who is the better Ivanović."

Darko: "I accept this challenge Momir, good luck." *hangs up*

Darko = Couragesand
Momir= ebEliminator
Good luck guys
Couragesand wanted me to do a partner story, and I didn't mind, as long as it was an international story. (Don't worry, the Ponte Preta story is still going on.)


Another Point of View

It was strange, but also awesome, to see two brothers getting important coaching jobs at the same time. Even though Darko and I both loved football, a generational gap and a national gap divided us. Yesterday, we were both Yugoslavians, but now, he is Serbian and I am Montenegrin. I was surprised to see him get the Serbian managerial job, but still very proud of him.

Not only will we be rivals on the pitch, we'll be rivals to claim players. Since most uncapped players are both eligible for Serbia and Montenegro, we will have to fight over who gets which players. Hopefully it won't get too bitter. Even though I am Darko's older brother, in a way, Serbia is the older brother to Montenegro, and much bigger, too. Still, the people have their expectations, and it's my job to come good on them.
Good Luck guys, this looks like a great idea and should be a great story! :D

Montenegrin Tactics

I sat at a table in an empty room, mainly because I hadn't signed anyone yet, but I had a good idea of how our top players played and came up with a tactic that would use everyone to the best of their abilities. I want to show that Montenegro can be a top footballing nation, and we will not hole up and play negative football, we will do the opposite. The top players of our country are strikers, so a 4-3-3 is natural to use. Our back eight aren't as good technically, but hopefully their hardworkingness will make up for it.


I've used a relative tactic like this with another team in a save, relatively serbian team. It's a attempt to control the game and have enough support up at attack. It also gives us more help in the defense when we need it with the anchor man role. The Target Man support is very helpful in terms of getting more attacking players up to help rather then a solo attempt.

Ivanovic and Kolarov have much experience that will benefit the team.

I have thought about the roles players have in the team and those two have BPL experience and have been in the team for some time now and can lend a hand with the younger players.

The Ivanović Brothers Fight Over the Same Coach

Momir Ivanović thought he had Velicko Kaplanovic signed as his U19 Manager, but he suddenly quit to take the Serbian U21 job. This caused some tension between the brothers, and both countries in general.

Both nations will have an opportunity to settle any hostilities, as they have agreed to play a friendly on November 15.


There was no such deal I even had asked him.

I was determined to sign him instead of my Momir and I succeeded.

Montenegrin Staff

Only two caps, both Serbian caps by Petar Divic.

Team Selection

Ok so first match selection for a friendly against Slovakia

Sretno ebEliminarot!
Interesting concept with a serious backstory.

The “Once brothers” 30 for 30 from ESPN is another must watch. It’s available on YouTube.
This story and concept has a lot of promise. Hopefully you all keep this up and get a SoTM award.
This is looking pretty awesome

The First Match

I have decisions to make fast as we don't get a 2nd friendly chance next match we have a tough one to qualify for the World cup.

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